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Undergraduate courses

Explore the range of undergraduate courses we offer. Our university degrees cover a wide range of areas, offering flexibility and choice. You have the opportunity to gain the transferable skills employers really want, such as teamwork, leadership and learning another language. From here you can progress to a Masters, PHD and a fulfilling career in your subject of choice. Click on the letters in the grid to jump down to subjects beginning with that letter, then click on the subject name to find out more about undergraduate study in that area.

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》Accelerated HSK Preparation Class


》Accounting Mathematics

》Achitectural Design and Theories


》Acoustics Engineering


》Acting(Music Performance)

》Active Composition

》Actuarial Science

》Actuarial Science and Risk Management


》Acu-moxibustion and Massage


》Acupuncture & Massage

》Acupuncture & Moxibustion & Tuina

》Acupuncture & Moxibustion & Tuina of Chinese Medicine

》Acupuncture & Moxibustion Manipulation

》Acupuncture & Tuina

》Acupuncture and Massage

》Acupuncture and Moxibustion

》Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Tuina of Chinese Medicine

》Acupuncture and Moxibustion Chinese Massage Therapy

》Acupuncture Program

》Acupuncture Training Course

》Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Chinese Medicial Massage

》Acupuncture-moxibustion and Tuina

》Adjustment & Control of Animal Nutrition

》Adjustment & Control of Animal Nutrition Metabolism

》Administration Management

》Administration of Agricultural Economy

》Administration of Border Defense/ Border Management

》Administration of Forestry Economy

》Administration of Information Science

》Administration of Land Resources

》Administration of Natural Environmental Resources and Urban-Rural Area Planning

》Administration of Public Service

》Administration of Technological Economy

》Administration Science and Engineering

》Administrative Administration

》Administrative law

》Adolescents & Mother and Child Health Care

》Adult Education

》Advanced Analytic Chemistry and Physics

》Advanced Applied Linguistics

》Advanced Chinese

》Advanced Chinese Training Course

》Advanced Computing

》Advanced Control Theory & Application

》Advanced International Acupuncture Training Course

》Advanced Manufacture Technology & Equipment

》Advanced Nursing Science

》Advanced Program of TCM

》Advanced Studies of Medicine

》Advanced Surface Processing Technology & Special Type Sophisticated Processing Technology

》Advanced Theories and Techniques of Immunology

》Advanced Theories of Immunology

》Advanceed Materials and Manufacture Technology


》Advertising and Brand Communication Research

》Advertising and Network Media

》Advertising and Public Relations

》Advertising Communication & Professions

》Advertising Design

》Advertising Studies

》Advertising Theory & History

》Aeronautical and Astronautical Manufacturing Engineering

》Aeronautical and Astronautical Propulsion

》Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology

》Aeronautical Engineering

》Aeronautics and Space Science and Technology

》Aerospace & Nautical Medicine

》Aerospace and Propulsion Theory and Engineering

》Aerospace Electric and Control

》Aerospace Engineering

》Aerospace Information Technology

》Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering

》Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering

》Aerospace Safety Engineering

》Aerospace Vehicle Manufacture Engineering

》Aerospace, Astronautical Engineering

》Aesthetic Culture

》Aesthetic Principle


》Aesthetics of Literature and Art

》Aesthetics of Music

》Aetiological Biology


》Afternoon Systematic Chinese Course

》Agglomerate Physics

》Agglomerate State Physics

》Aggregation Physics

》Aging Biology

》Agri-biological Environment and Energy Engineering

》Agricultural Analysis

》Agricultural Architecture Environment & Energy Engineering

》Agricultural Biological Environment

》Agricultural Biological Environment & Energy Engineering

》Agricultural Biological Technology

》Agricultural Economics and Management

》Agricultural Electrization and Automation

》Agricultural Engineering

》Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control

》Agricultural Entomology and Pest Integrated Management

》Agricultural Hydraulic and Soil Engineering

》Agricultural Informatics

》Agricultural Insect-Pest Control

》Agricultural Irrigation Engineering

》Agricultural Machinery and Autonomy

》Agricultural Machinery Engineering

》Agricultural Mechanization & Automation

》Agricultural Mechanization and Agricultural Popularization

》Agricultural Mechanization Engineering

》Agricultural Natural Environment Engineering

》Agricultural Pest Control

》Agricultural Popularization in Fishery

》Agricultural Produce Processing and Storing

》Agricultural Products

》Agricultural Products Processing & Preservation Engineering

》Agricultural Products Processing and Storage

》Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering

》Agricultural Resource Exploitation

》Agricultural Resources and environment

》Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering

》Agricultural Structure

》Agricultural Structure, Environment and Energy Engineering

》Agricultural Technology Promotion

》Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering

》Agricultural Water Resource and Environment Engineering

》Agricultural Water-Soil Engineering

》Agricultural, Forest Economy Management


》Agriculture and Forest Economics and Management

》Agriculture and irrigation Engineering

》Agriculture and Rural Development

》Agriculture Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering

》Agriculture Economic Management

》Agriculture Electrification and Automation

》Agriculture Entomology and Pest Control

》Agriculture Extension

》Agriculture Hexapod and Vermin Prevention and Cure

》Agriculture Insects and Pest Control

》Agriculture Mechanization & Automation

》Agriculture Remote Sensing and Information Technology

》Agriculture Resources and Environment

》Agriculture, Forestry Economy and Management

》Agricultureal Entomology and Pest Control

》Agriculture-Forest Economic Management


》Agri-Plant Pathology

》Agro Environmental Protection

》Agro-Biological Environment and Energy Engineering

》Agroeconomic Management





》Agrotechny and Store Engineering

》Aircraft Design

》Aircraft Environment and Life Security

》Aircraft Power Engineering

》Ammunition Engineering and Explosion Technology

》An Initial Study on The Book of Changes


》Analysis & Management of Economic System

》Analysis and Integration of System

》Analysis and Management of Economic System

》Analysis of Chinese Herbal Chemistry

》Analysis of Chinese Materia Medica

》Analysis of The Drug Study

》Analytical Chemistry

》Anatomy and Embryology

》Anatomy and Histoembryology

》Anatomy and Tissue Embryology

》Anatomy Training Course

》Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

》Ancient Books of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

》Ancient Chinese Classical Literature

》Ancient Chinese Classics and Archives

》Ancient Chinese Course

》Ancient Chinese History

》Ancient Chinese Literature

》Ancient Chinese Philology

》Ancient History of Chinese Fine Arts

》Ancient Textile Material & Technology


》Animal Biology

》Animal Biotechnology

》Animal Dietology and Feed Science

》Animal Genetic and Breeding

》Animal Genetic Breeding & Propagation

》Animal Genetic Breeding & Reproduction

》Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproductive

》Animal Genetics and Breeding

》Animal Husbandry Science

》Animal Inheritance Breeding and Propagation

》Animal Medicine

》Animal Nutrition

》Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

》Animal Nutrition and Food Engineering

》Animal Nutrition and Immunity Adjustment and Control

》Animal Nutrition Certificate Program

》Animal Pharmacy

》Animal Production and Environmental Control

》Animal Productive Education

》Animal Raw Materials Preservation Mechanism & Technology

》Animal Raw Materials Processing Mechanism & Technology

》Animal Science

》Animals Genetic Breeding

》Animated Cartoon


》Animation Creation

》Animation Creativity & Theory

》Animation Design

》Animation Design and Production Technology

》Announcing & Hosting

》Announcing & Hosting Profession

》Announcing Studies



》Anthropotomy & Tissue Cytology

》Anthropotomy, Tissue & Embryology

》Anti-Calamity and Elimination

》Anti-Disaster Engineering and Protecting Engineering

》Antumn Semester Chinese Language Program

》Apparatus Measurement & Control Technique

》Apparel Design and Engineering

》Apparel Functions & Testing Technology

》Application Economics

》Application Engineering of Transportation Vehicles

》Application of Chinese Traditional Sculpture in Contemporary Realistic Sculpture

》Application of Computer Technology

》Application of Concrete and Realistic Sculpture Language in Modern Times

》Application of Functional and Nonlinear Analysis

》Application of Probability and Statistics Study Direction

》Application of Traditional Mural Painting Language in Modern Public Space

》Application Russian

》Applied and Experimental Mechanics

》Applied Biological Technology

》Applied Biology

》Applied Biology Education

》Applied Bioscience

》Applied Carrier Engineering

》Applied Chemistry

》Applied chemistry (chemical process)

》Applied Chemistry and Materials and Engineering of Polymers

》Applied Communications

》Applied Computation Technology

》Applied Computer Science and Technology

》Applied Computer Skills

》Applied Computer Technology

》Applied ComputerTechnology

》Applied Cryptography

》Applied Design

》Applied Economics

》Applied Electrical Technology Education

》Applied Electrochemistry Engineering

》Applied Electronic Engineering

》Applied Electronic Physics

》Applied Electronic Technology

》Applied Electronic Technology Education

》Applied English

》Applied Environmental Engineering

》Applied Finance

》Applied French

》Applied Geochemistry

》Applied Geophysics

》Applied German

》Applied Japanese

》Applied Korean

》Applied Linguistics

》Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching

》Applied Marine Biology

》Applied Mathematics

》Applied Meteorology

》Applied Physics

》Applied Psychology

》Applied Software Engineering

》Applied Statistics

》Applied Technology of Computer


》Appreciation and Study of Chinese Poems


》Aquaculture and Cultivation


》Aquarium Science and Technology

》Aquatic Active Substance Study

》Aquatic Biology

》Aquatic Chemistry

》Aquatic Creatures Quality Control

》Aquatic Cultivation

》Aquatic Culture

》Aquatic Farming

》Aquatic Food Engineering Technology

》Aquatic Products processing & Preservation Engineering

》Aquatic Products Processing and Storage

》Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Engineering

》Aquatic Products Quality Adjustment & Control



》Arabic Language and Literature


》Archaeology and Museology

》Archaeology and Museum Science

》Archaeology and Natural History

》Archaeology and Science of Museum

》Archaeology and Study of Museum


》Archeology & Museology

》Archeology & Museum Study

》Archeology and Museology

》Archeology and Museum Studies


》Architectural and Civil Engineering

》Architectural Design and Theory

》Architectural Electrics

》Architectural Engineering

》Architectural Engineering and Equipment Engineering

》Architectural Engineering Technology and Management

》Architectural Environment & Equipment

》Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering

》Architectural Environment Art

》Architectural Environment Engineering

》Architectural History and Theory

》Architectural Material

》Architectural Science and Technology

》Architectural Technical Science

》Architectural Technology

》Architectural Technology & Science


》Architecture and Civil Engineering

》Architecture and Urban Culture

》Architecture Design

》Architecture Design & Theory

》Architecture Environment and Plant Engineering

》Architecture History and Theory

》Architecture Science

》Architecture Technique & Science

》Architecture Technology

》Architecture Technology & Science


》Archive Science

》Area Studies

》Arithmetical Mathematics

》Armament Launch Theory and Technology


》Art & Technology

》Art and Design

》Art Education

》Art Layout

》Art of Broadcast and Television

》Art of Broadcasting and Emcee

》Art of Broadcasting and Hosting

》Art of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

》Art of Design

》Art of Digital Media

》Art of Han and Tang Dynasties

》Art of illustration

》Art of Radio & TV Anchoring

》Art of Traditional Ceramics

》Art Studies

》Art Teaching and Practice

》Art Theory

》Artificial Intelligence & Application

》Artificial Intelligence & Mode Identification

》Artificial Intelligence and Information Processing

》Artificial Intelligence Foundation

》Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology

》Artificial Intelligent Electronics


》Artistic Decoration and Design

》Artistic Design

》Artistic Study

》Artistic Theory


》Arts & Design International Foundation Course

》Arts and Mass Media

》Arts of Broadcasting and Anchoring

》Arts of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

》Arts of Mass Communication

》Arts Theory

》Asian and African Language and Literature

》Asia-Pacific International Relations

》Asset Assessment

》Asset Evaluation Theory and Method

》Assets Valuation


》Astronavigation Devices and Control

》Astronavigation Materials and Processing

》Astronavigational Photoelectronic Information Technology


》Astroparticle Physics


》Athletic and Physical Science

》Athletic Medicine

》Athletic Physiology

》Athletic Somatology

》Athletic Training


》Atmosphere Physics and Atmospheric Environment

》Atmosphere Science

》Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment

》Atmospheric Science

》Atomic & Molecular Physics

》Atomic and Molecular Nuclear Physics

》Atomic and Molecular Physics

》Atomic Physics & Molecular Physics

》Atomics and Molecular Physics


》Audition and Speech Pathology

》Auto Engineering

》Automatic Gun and Ammunition Engineering

》Automatic Manufacturing and Control Technology


》Automation Engineering

》Automation Technology of Testing, Control & Manufacture


》Automobile Electronic Engineering

》Automobile Engineering

》Automobile Maintenance Engineering

》Automobile Service Engineering

》Automobile Technical Service and The Marketing

》Automotive Electronics Engineering

》Automotive Engineering

》Automotive Transportation

》Autumn Long-Term Chinese Language Classes

》Autumn Session Chinese Language Program

》Aviation and Space Navigation Manufacturing Engineering

》Aviation Technology

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》Baking Food Science & Functional Additives


》Banking Management

》Basic Chinese

》Basic Chinese Language Class

》Basic Course for Movie ,Animation & Audio

》Basic Discipline of Chinese & Western Integrative Medicine

》Basic Education

》Basic Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine

》Basic Issues of China's Modern & Contemporary History

》Basic Issues of Medern History of China

》Basic Marxist Principle

》Basic Marxist Theory

》Basic Mathematics

》Basic Medicine

》Basic of Combined Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

》Basic of Integrated Traditional & Western Medicine

》Basic of Integration of Traditional Medicine & Western medicine

》Basic Principles of Education

》Basic Principles of Marxism

》Basic Problems of Modern Chinese History

》Basic Psychology

》Basic Psychology Education

》Basic Science of Stomatology

》Basic Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine

》Basic Stomatology

》Basic Theories of Marxism

》Basic Theories of TCM

》Basic Theory of Art

》Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine

》Basic Theory of Clinic TCM

》Basic Theory of Marxism

》Basic Theory of Oral Medicine

》Basic Theory of TCM

》Basic Veterinary

》Basics of Clinical Medicine

》Basics of Integration of TCM & Western Medicine

》Basics Of Marxism

》Basis of TCM


》Beautifulness of Calligraphy Art

》Big Data and Visual Analytics

》Bilingual Program of English and French Studies

》Bio- Material Science

》Bio Technology

》Biochemical Engineering

》Biochemical Industry

》Biochemical Pharmaceutical

》Biochemical Pharmacy

》Biochemical Technology


》Bio-chemistry and Molecular Biology

》Biochemistry and Plant Science

》Biochemistry Engineering

》Biochemistry Theory and Engineering


》Bio-engineering Material

》Bioengineering, Applied Chemistry



》Bioinformation Study & Application

》Biological & Biomimetic Materials

》Biological & Electromechanical Engineering

》Biological & Food Analysis

》Biological & Medical Engineering

》Biological Active Elements & Metabolism Control

》Biological Active Substance Producing & Processing Technology

》Biological Activity Substance & Functional Food Research

》Biological and Nanomechanics

》Biological Catalysis Technology

》Biological Chemical Engineering

》Biological Chemistry

》Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology

》Biological Disasters & Environmental Studies

》Biological Engineering

》Biological Engineering and Biological Technology

》Biological Engineering of Animal Husbandry

》Biological Engineering of Veterinary Science

》Biological Functional Materials

》Biological Functional Materials and Their Application in Analytical Chemistry

》Biological Information

》Biological Information Technology

》Biological Macromolecule Transformation & Application

》Biological Material Engineering

》Biological Materials

》Biological Materials and Organization Engineering

》Biological Materials and Organizational Engineering

》Biological Materials Science and Engineering

》Biological Mechatronical Engineering

》Biological Medical Engineering

》Biological Medicine and Utilization of Marine Resources

》Biological Medicine Engineering

》Biological Metallurgy

》Biological New Energy & New Materials

》Biological Pharmacy

》Biological Physics

》Biological Processing & Biological Separation Engineering

》Biological Processing Engineering of Waste Water

》Biological Project

》Biological Reaction & Reactor Engineering

》Biological Resources & Biological Transformation

》Biological Resources Comprehensive Utilization

》Biological Science

》Biological Science and Engineering

》Biological Science and Technology Base

》Biological System Engineering

》Biological System Thermal Science and Technology

》Biological Technology

》Biological Treatment of Major Human Diseases


》Biology Chemical Engineering

》Biology Chemistry

》Biology Engineering

》Biology Informatics

》Biology Molecular Engineering

》Biology of Resource and Environment

》Biology Science

》Biology Security

》Biology Technology

》Biomass and Chemical Engineering


》Bio-Material Science

》Biomaterial Science and Engineering

》Biomechanical Engineering

》Biomechanics in Biomedical Engineering

》Bio-medical Devices and Engineering

》Biomedical Electronics & Information Technology

》Biomedical Electronics & Information Technology in Biomedical Engineering

》Biomedical Engineering

》Bio-medical Engineering

》Biomedical Engineering Joint Ph.D. Program

》Bio-medical Informatics

》Biomedical Information Engineering

》Biomedical Instrumentation and Engineering

》Biomedical Physics


》Biomedicine Engineering

》Biomedicine Physics

》Bionic Technology


》Biopharmaceutical Engineering




》Biophysics & Molecular Biology



》Bioscience in Agriculture

》Bioscience Science

》Bio-systems Engineering


》Biotechnology & Agricultural By-Products Resources Exploration

》Biotechnology & Substance New Energy, New Materials

》Biotechnology Applied in Food

》Biotechnology Engineering

》Biotherapy for Human Significant Disease

》Border Management Professional


》Boxing Program

》Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

》Bridge and Tunneling

》Bridge Engineering

》British and American Languages & Literature

》Broadcast & Television Journalism

》Broadcast & TV Arts

》Broadcast & TV Directing

》Broadcast & TV Journalism

》Broadcast & TV News

》Broadcast and Television Editing and Directing

》Broadcast and Television Journalism

》Broadcast, Television Editing and Directing

》Broadcasting & Hosting Art

》Broadcasting & News Anchoring

》Broadcasting & Serial Studies

》Broadcasting & Televising News

》Broadcasting & Television

》Broadcasting & Television Composing and Directing

》Broadcasting & Television Journalism

》Broadcasting and Anchoring Art

》Broadcasting and Emceeing Art

》Broadcasting and Hosting

》Broadcasting and Television Edition

》Broadcasting and Television Journalism

》Broadcasting and TV and Radio Anchoring

》Broadcasting and TV Editing

》Broadcasting and TV Editing and Directing

》Broadcasting and TV Journalism

》Broadcasting Art

》Broadcasting Edition & Direction

》Broadcasting Journalism

》Buddhism Language and Literature

》Buddhism Literature

》Building Design Technology

》Building Electric and Intelligent

》Building Environment

》Building Environment & Energy Application Engineering

》Building Environment & Equipment Engineering

》Building Environment and Equipment

》Building Environment and Equipment Engineering

》Building Environment and Equipment Engineering Civil Engineering

》Building Environment and Facility Engineering

》Building Environmental and Equipment Engineering

》Building Intellectualization Engineering Technology

》Building Materials and Engineering

》Building Technology Science


》Business Administartion

》Business Administration

》Business Administration (Specializing in International Trade)

》Business Administration and Management

》Business Administration in Forest Economics and Management

》Business Administration in Property Management

》Business Administration(oil&gas)

》Business Administration-Information Management and Information System

》Business Adnimistration

》Business Chinese

》Business Chinese Program

》Business Economics

》Business English

》Business English in the Field of Market Expansion in China

》Business History

》Business Intelligence

》Business Japanese

》Business Management

》Business Planning Management

》Business Studies

》Business, Economy and Society of Contemporary China

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》Calculating Mathematics

》Calculative Mathematics

》Calligraphy and Chinese Painting

》Calligraphy Theory


》Candy-making Engineering

》Cantonese Chinese

》Car Engineering

》Car Service Engineering

》Carbohydrate Biological Technology

》Carbohydrate Engineering

》Carbohydrate Resources Development & Utilization

》Cartography & Geographic Information System

》Cartography & Geographic Information System Engineering

》Cartography and Geographical Information Engineering

》Cartography and Geographical Information System

》Cartography and Geography Information Engineering

》Cartography and Geography Information System

》Cartology & Geographical Information System

》Cartology and Geographic Information Engineering

》Cartology and Geographical Information System


》Catalysis for Industry

》Celestial Survey and Celestial Mechanics

》Cell / Tissue Engineering & Biomaterial in Biomedical Engineering

》Cell Biology

》Cell/Tissue Engineering & Biomaterial


》Ceramic Art

》Ceramic Art and Design

》Ceramics For Life

》Cereals Science & Functional Food

》Cereals, Oil and Vegetable Protein Engineering

》Chain-store Operations Management

》Chart Article Information Technology


》Chemical Analysis

》Chemical Analysis & Testing

》Chemical and Environment Engineering

》Chemical Biology

》Chemical Biology Technology and Engineering

》Chemical Category

》Chemical Craft

》Chemical Engineering

》Chemical Engineering & Pharmacology

》Chemical Engineering & Technology

》Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry of Crafts

》Chemical Engineering and Art

》Chemical Engineering and Craft

》Chemical Engineering and Engineering

》Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biological Engineering

》Chemical Engineering and Process

》Chemical Engineering and Technology

》Chemical Engineering Procedure Mechanism

》Chemical Engineering Science and Techniques

》Chemical Equipment

》Chemical Industry of Forestry Products

》Chemical Industry Separation Engineering

》Chemical Metallurgy and Material Technology

》Chemical Pharmaceutics

》Chemical Process

》Chemical Process Equipment

》Chemical Process Equipments and Control Engineering

》Chemical Process Information Engineering

》Chemical Process Mechanics

》Chemical Processing & Utilization of Agricultural Products

》Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products

》Chemical Processing Equipment

》Chemical Processing Equipment Engineering

》Chemical Processing Mechanics

》Chemical Processing of Forestry Products

》Chemical Protection for Plant

》Chemical Science

》Chemical Technics

》Chemical Technology


》Chemistry & Biology

》Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

》Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Functional Materials

》Chemistry and Physics of Polymers

》Chemistry Base

》Chemistry Craftsmanship

》Chemistry Engineering

》Chemistry Engineering & Technology

》Chemistry of Chinese Herbal Medicine

》Chemistry of Energy

》Chemistry of Materials

》Chemistry of Medicinal Natural Products

》Chemistry Processing Machinery

》Chemistry Techniques

》Chemistry Technology

》Child Health and Maternity and Child Health Care

》Children Health and Mother and Child Care Study Discipline

》Children Hygiene and Health Care for Women and Children

》Children Sanitation and Women-Children Health Care

》China Ancient Literature

》China and Foreign Political Institution

》China Frontier Studies

》China Minorities Language Literature

》China Modern & Contemporary Literature

》China Philosophy

》China Studies

》China Study Program

》China Study Program for Groups

》China's Modern Art

》Chinas Studies on Marxism

》China's Studies on Marxism

》China-Vietnam 2+2 Joint Program

》Chinese Aerobic Dancing

》Chinese Ancient Documents

》Chinese Ancient Drama

》Chinese Ancient History

》Chinese Ancient Literature

》Chinese Ancient Mural Painting

》Chinese Ancient Philology

》Chinese Ancient Poem

》Chinese and English Secretary

》Chinese and Foreign Art Comparison

》Chinese and Foreign Political System

》Chinese and Foreign Political Systems

》Chinese Bibliography

》Chinese Buddhism Art

》Chinese Business Law

》Chinese Business Program

》Chinese Business Study Program

》Chinese Characters

》Chinese Class for Groups

》Chinese Classic Literature

》Chinese Classical Documents

》Chinese Classical Gardening Art

》Chinese Classical Literature

》Chinese Classical Philology

》Chinese Classics

》Chinese Communist Party History

》Chinese Confucianism

》Chinese Contemporary Literature

》Chinese Cooking

》Chinese Course

》Chinese Course of Chinese Medicine

》Chinese Courses for Adults

》Chinese Cuisine Culture

》Chinese Culture

》Chinese Culture and Communication

》Chinese Culture and Society Advanced Program

》Chinese Culture Class

》Chinese Culture Program

》Chinese Culture Training Course

》Chinese Drama History

》Chinese Economic and Trade

》Chinese Economics and Business Advanced Program

》Chinese Economy

》Chinese Education

》Chinese Ethnic Art

》Chinese Ethnic Economics

》Chinese Ethnic History

》Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature

》Chinese Ethnic Minorities Economy

》Chinese Ethnic Minorities in English Series

》Chinese Ethnic Minority Arts

》Chinese Ethnic Minority Economies

》Chinese Ethnic Minority Language and Literature

》Chinese Ethnic Music

》Chinese Ethnical Minorities Languages and Literature

》Chinese Express Class

》Chinese Finance

》Chinese Folk Literature

》Chinese Folk Style Building Art

》Chinese Food and Beverage Art

》Chinese for Complete Beginners

》Chinese for Foreigners

》Chinese Fork Customs

》Chinese Foundation Program

》Chinese Frontiers Study

》Chinese Graduate Students

》Chinese Grotto Art

》Chinese Gynecology

》Chinese Herb

》Chinese Herb Identification

》Chinese Herb Processing Science

》Chinese Herbal Pharmacology

》Chinese History

》Chinese History and Culture

》Chinese Internal Medicine

》Chinese International Education

》Chinese Judicial Procedure

》Chinese Language

》Chinese Language Program

》Chinese Language & Character

》Chinese Language & Culture

》Chinese Language & Literature

》Chinese Language & Philology

》Chinese Language and Characters

》Chinese Language and Culture

》Chinese Language and Culture (Jiaogonglu Campus)

》Chinese Language and Culture Program

》Chinese Language and Culture Program of the Winter School

》Chinese Language and Culture Study

》Chinese Language and Graphonomy

》Chinese Language and Literature

》Chinese language and literature (culture industry management)

》Chinese Language and Literature (Secreta

》Chinese Language and Literature for Teachers

》Chinese Language and Literature of Minorities

》Chinese Language and Philology

》Chinese Language and Scripts

》Chinese Language as Foreign Language

》Chinese Language Course

》Chinese Language Courses Curriculum

》Chinese Language Enhancement Program

》Chinese Language for International Students

》Chinese Language for TCM Practitioners

》Chinese Language Learning

》Chinese Language Literature

》Chinese Language Philology

》Chinese Language Prepare Course

》Chinese Language Program

》Chinese Language Summer Camp

》Chinese Language Summer School

》Chinese Language Training

》Chinese Language Training Program

》Chinese Language Training, Cultural Learning and Sightseeing Course

》Chinese Language Transfer Course

》Chinese Laugnage Program

》Chinese Law

》Chinese Learning

》Chinese Legal History

》Chinese Lexicology

》Chinese Linguistic Literature

》Chinese Linguistics

》Chinese Linguistics & Graphemes

》Chinese Linguistics & Literature

》Chinese Linguistics and Graphemes

》Chinese Linguistics and Philology

》Chinese Listening and Speaking Training Class

》Chinese Literature

》Chinese Literature and Linguistics

》Chinese Literature Education

》Chinese Marxism Research

》Chinese Massage Therapy

》Chinese Massage Therapy Tuina

》Chinese Materia Medica

》Chinese Materia Medica Resources & Development

》Chinese Materia Medica Resources and Development

》Chinese Material Medica

》Chinese Media & Global Corporate Communication

》Chinese Medical History and Literature

》Chinese Medical History and Literature

》Chinese Medicinal Herb Cultivation and Verification

》Chinese Medicine

》Chinese Medicine Bone Traumatology

》Chinese Medicine for Health Care

》Chinese Medicine Recovery Therapeutics

》Chinese Medicine Training

》Chinese Minorities Arts

》Chinese Minorities History

》Chinese Minorities Language & Literature

》Chinese Minorities Linguistics

》Chinese Minorities Literature

》Chinese Minority Art

》Chinese Minority Economics

》Chinese Minority Groups Language and Literature

》Chinese Minority Group's Language and Literature

》Chinese Minority Language and Literature

》Chinese Minority Linguistics

》Chinese Minority Nationality Languages and Literature

》Chinese Modern & Contemporary Literature

》Chinese Modern and Contemporary History

》Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism

》Chinese Modern and Contemporary literature

》Chinese Modern History

》Chinese Modern Mural Painting and Public Art

》Chinese Modern Printmaking

》Chinese Neoteric and Modern History

》Chinese Painting

》Chinese Parmacy

》Chinese Pediatrics

》Chinese Pharmacology

》Chinese Pharmacy

》Chinese Pharmacy Analysis & Identification

》Chinese Pharmacy Engineering

》Chinese Philology

》Chinese Philosophy

》Chinese Philosophy and Culture

》Chinese Politics and Comparative Politics

》Chinese Politics and Diplomacy

》Chinese Popular Literature

》Chinese Preparation

》Chinese Present and Contemporary Literature

》Chinese Program

》Chinese Program for Foreign Enterprises' Staff

》Chinese Qigong

》Chinese Refresher Course

》Chinese Short-term Program in winter holiday

》Chinese Society

》Chinese Study of Marxism

》Chinese Tea Culture and Mengding Tea Art

》Chinese Teaching

》Chinese Teaching for Overseas Students

》Chinese Traditional Folk

》Chinese Traditional Medicine

》Chinese Traditional Music

》Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument Arts

》Chinese Traditional Philology and Textual Criticism

》Chinese Traditional Physical Education

》Chinese Traditional Realistic Painting of Flowers and Birds

》Chinese Traditional Sports

》Chinese Traditional Studies and Sinology

》Chinese Traditional Talents Training

》Chinese Traditional Vet Acupuncture and Moxibustion

》Chinese Training

》Chinese Training Class

》Chinese Training Program

》Chinese Translation

》Chinese Weekend Class

》Chinese Word Philology

》Chinese-English Bilingual Program


》Chinese-Language Program




》Chu Culture Studies

》Cilvil Engineering


》Cinematography and Television

》Circuit and System

》Circuit Desigh and System Integration

》Circuit System

》Circuits and System

》Circulation Economics

》Cirumstance Engineering

》City Construction Planning

》City Entertainment Management

》City Environment & Ecological Engineering

》City Management

》City Planning

》City Planning and Design

》City Planning Engineering

》City Programming and Design

》City-town Planning

》Civil and Commerecial Law

》Civil and Railroad Engineering

》Civil Business Law

》Civil Commerce Law

》Civil Commercial Law

》Civil Construction and Management

》Civil Design

》Civil Engineering

》Civil Engineering & Architecture

》Civil Engineering & Management

》Civil Engineering and Architecture

》Civil Engineering and Transportation

》Civil Engineering Computer Simulation

》Civil Engineering Construction

》Civil Engineering Management

》Civil Engineering Material and Structure

》Civil Engineering Project Management

》Civil Law

》Civil Law and Commercial Law

》Civil Planning

》Civiland Business Law

》Civil-commercial Law

》Civilization Philosophy

》Classic Chinese Texts

》Classic Literature

》Classical Chinese

》Classical Chinese Literature

》Classical Chinese Texts

》Classical Document

》Classical Theory of TCM

》Classical Theory of TCM - Advanced

》Clean Energy & Environmental Conservation

》Clean Energy & Environmental Protection

》Clean Energy Technology and Engineering

》Clean Production & Wastes Recycling Engineering

》Clerical Studies

》Clinic Veterinary Medicine

》Clinical Basics of Integration Medicine

》Clinical Basis of TCM

》Clinical Chinese & Western Medicine

》Clinical Chinese Materia Medica

》Clinical Chinese Medicine

》Clinical Chinese Medicine Basis

》Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience

》Clinical Combination of TCM and Western Medicine

》Clinical Combination of West and Traditional Chinese Medicine

》Clinical Diagnosis

》Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

》Clinical Epidemiology

》Clinical Foundation of Chinese Medicine

》Clinical Genetics

》Clinical Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine

》Clinical Intergrated Traditional and Western Medicine

》Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

》Clinical Laboratory Science

》Clinical Medicine

》Clinical Medicine of Acupuncture and Tuina Massage

》Clinical Medicine of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

》Clinical Medicine of Integration of T.C.M & W.M

》Clinical Oncology of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

》Clinical Oral Immunology

》Clinical Oral Medicine

》Clinical Pharmacology

》Clinical Pharmacy

》Clinical Pharmacy and Apparatus Evaluation

》Clinical Practice

》Clinical Practice of Integration of Traditional Medicine & Western medicine

》Clinical Science of Combined Chinese and Western Medicine

》Clinical Science of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine

》Clinical Science of Stomatology

》Clinical Stomatology

》Clinical TCM

》Clinical Test and Diagnosis

》Clinical Test Diagnostics

》Clinical Veterinary Medicine

》Clothing and Apparel Design

》CNC Maintenance

》CNC Technology

》Coacervation Physics

》Coagulum Physics

》Coal and Coal Mine Methane Engineering

》Coastal and Offshore Engineering

》Cognitive Neuroscience

》Collation and Protection of Ancient Books

》College Education

》Colloid & Interface Science

》Colloid Chemistry

》Color Language of Oil Painting

》Combating Desertification

》Combination of TCM and Western Medicine

》Combined Basic Theory of Chinese & Western Medicine

》Combined Chinese & Western Clinical Medicine

》Commerce Management

》Commercial Economics

》Commercial Law

》Communicate Engineering


》Communication & Information Engineering

》Communication & Information Processing

》Communication & Information System

》Communication and Cultural Studies

》Communication and Information Engineering

》Communication and Information System

》Communication and Transportation

》Communication and Transportation Engineering

》Communication Education

》Communication Engineering

》Communication Engineering and Electronic Informational Engineering

》Communication Engineering in Forest Region

》Communication Information

》Communication Management and Information System

》Communication Science

》Communication Studies

》Communication System

》Communication Technology

》Communication Theory

》Communication Transportation

》Communications & Transport Planning & Management

》Communications & Transportation

》Communications and Information System

》Communications and Transportation

》Communications Engineering

》Communications Information Engineering & Control


》Community Medicine and Sanitary Arrangement

》Community Sports

》Company Finance

》Comparative and World Literature

》Comparative Chinese Language and Foreign Language

》comparative Culture Studies

》Comparative Economic System

》Comparative Education

》Comparative Education Science

》Comparative History and Politics

》Comparative Law

》Comparative Linguistics

》Comparative Literature

》Comparative Literature and Cultural

》Comparative Literature and Language of Chinese and Russian

》Comparative Literature and World Literature

》Comparative Nutrition between Human and Animal

》Comparative Pedagogy

》Comparative Philosophy

》Comparative Politics

》Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Language and Culture

》Compared Literature and World Literature

》Comparison & Research of Chinese & Western Food Culture

》Composing and Composing Technique Theory

》Composite Material

》Composite Material and Engineering

》Composite Material Engineering

》Composite Material Science

》Composite Materials & Engineering

》Composite Materials and Engineering

》Composites Clothing Design and Engineering

》Composites Materials and Engineering

》Composition & Composition Theory

》Composition and Compositional Technique Theory

》Composition and Compositional Theory

》Composition for Post-Movie Production

》Comprehensive Chinese Training Class

》Comprehensive Pilot Class of Civil Engineering

》Comprehensive Utilization of Biological Resources

》Comprehensive Utilization of Resources

》Computational Mathematics

》Computational Dynamics and Engineering Simulation

》Computational Economics

》Computational Intelligence in Optimisation

》Computational Materials Science

》Computational Mathematics

》Computational Mechanics

》Computer & Application Technology

》Computer Apparel Application Technology

》Computer Application

》Computer Application Technology

》Computer Applied Technology

》Computer Architecture

》Computer Control & Auxiliary Testing

》Computer Control System

》Computer Engineering Technology

》Computer Games Studies

》Computer Graphs & Intelligent Control

》Computer Graphs & Virtual Reality

》Computer Information Management

》Computer Information Management and System

》Computer Language Studies

》Computer Network and Safety

》Computer Network Technology

》Computer Networking

》Computer Organization and Architecture

》Computer Science

》Computer Science & Technology

》Computer Science and Control Engineering

》Computer Science and Technology

》Computer Science and Technology (Big Data in E-Commerce)

》Computer Science Applied Technology

》Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

》Computer Simulation in Civil Engineering

》Computer Soft Ware and Theory

》Computer Software

》Computer Software and Design

》Computer Software and Theory

》Computer Software Theory

》Computer System

》Computer System & Organization

》Computer System and Architecture

》Computer System and Construction

》Computer System Architecture

》Computer System Configuration

》Computer System Development & Application

》Computer System Organization

》Computer System Structure

》Computer Technology

》Computer Technology and Resources Information Engineering

》Computer-aided Mold Design

》Computers Applied in Textile Products

》Computers Science and Technology

》Computing Electro-Magnetics and Application

》Computing Mathematics

》Concepts Relating to Realistic Painting on Oil Media

》Condense Physics

》Condensed Matter Physics

》Conservation and Utilization of Wild Animals and Plants

》Constitution and Law of Administration

》Constitution and Rule of Law

》Constitution Environment and Equipment Engineering

》Constitution Law

》Constitutional and Administrative Law

》Constitutional Law


》Construction and Civil Engineering

》Construction and Management of Hydraulic Engineering

》Construction Cost Engineering

》Construction Engineering

》Construction Engineering Management

》Construction Engineering Technology

》Construction Environment and Equipment Engineering

》Construction Machinery

》Construction Management

》Construction Operation and Management for Power System

》Constructional Engineering

》Constructional Environment & Facilities

》Constructional Environment and Equipment


》Contemporary Ceramics and Traditional Ceramics

》Contemporary Ceramics, and Contemporary Folk Blue and White

》Contemporary China Studies

》Contemporary Chinese History

》Contemporary Chinese Literature

》Contemporary Chinese Studies

》Contemporary Development of China

》Contemporary Literature

》Contests Organization

》Continuing Education on Chinese Medicine

》Control and Intelligent System

》Control Engineering

》Control Science & Engineering

》Control Science & Theory

》Control Science and Engineering

》Control Science and Technology

》Control Theories & Control Engineering

》Control Theory & Application

》Control Theory & Engineering

》Control Theory and Control Engineering

》Controlling Theory and Controlling Engineering

》Controlling Theory and Engineering

》Convergent Journalism

》Conversational Chinese Enhancement I

》Conversational Chinese Enhancement II

》Cooking Management and Service

》Corporation Management

》Cosmetology of TCM

》Costume & Makeup Design

》Course & Teaching Theory

》Craft Design

》Crash Chinese Course

》Creation of Contemporary Printmaking

》Creation of Sense of Reality in Plastic Art

》Creative Industries

》Creative Management & SME Development

》Credit Management

》Criminal Investigation

》Criminal Law

》Criminal Procedural Law

》Critical and Cultural Theory

》Crop Biotechnology

》Crop Cultivation and Farming

》Crop Cultivation and Farming Science

》Crop Cultivation and Farming System

》Crop Cultivation and Geoponics

》Crop Cultivation and Tillage

》Crop Culture & Tillage Science

》Crop Ecology and Physiology

》Crop Farming and Cultivation

》Crop genetics and breeding

》Crop Information and Science

》Crop Inheritance and Breeding

》Crop Inheritance Breeding

》Crop Pestology

》Crop Protection

》Crop Science

》Cross-Border Ecological Security

》Crude Drug Studies


》Culinary Arts and Nutriology

》Cultivation and Appraisal of Chinese Medicinal Herbs

》Cultivation and Identification of Chinese Herbs

》Cultivation Science and Geoponics

》Cultural and Creative Industries

》Cultural Creative Industry

》Cultural Criticism

》Cultural Heritage and Industries

》Cultural Heritage and Tourism Exploitation

》Cultural Industries

》Cultural Industry Management

》Cultural Policy

》Cultural Relic and Art History

》Cultural relics and Museology

》Cultural Studies


》Culture Industry Management

》Culture of Chinese Minority

》Curricula and Teaching Theory

》Curriculum & Methodology

》Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

》Curriculum & Teaching Theory

》Curriculum and Instruction

》Curriculum and Instruction Theories

》Curriculum and Methodology

》Curriculum and Pedagogical Principles

》Curriculum and Pedagogy

》Curriculum and Pedagogy of Fine Arts

》Curriculum and Teaching

》Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

》Curriculum and Teaching Theory

》Curriculum on Moral and Political Education

》Cybernetic Theory and Engineering

》Cybernetics and Control Engineering

》Cybernetics and Engineering

》Cybernetics Theory and Engineering


D back to top

》Dairy Products Processing


》Dancing Director

》Dancing Editing and Coaching

》Dancing Education


》Decision Science and Decision Support Systems

》Declaration and International Freight Transportation

》Decoration Design

》Decoration Design & Craft Education

》Deep Exploration & Comprehensive Utilization of Agricultural Products

》Deep Processing of Aquatic Resources

》Deep Processing of Food Resources

》Defection Technology and Automatic Equipment

》Defending Veterinary

》Defense Economics


》Demography, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics


》Dental Medicine


》Dentistry and Surgery

》Dermatology & Venereology

》Dermatology and Venereology

》Descendiblity Breeding of Cropper


》Design & Theory of Architecture

》Design and Construction of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure

》Design and Engineering of Industrial Product System

》Design and Manufacture of Machinery & Automation

》Design and Manufacturing of Shipping and Marine Works

》Design and Process for Semiconductor System-on-Chip

》Design and Theory of Architecture

》Design and Theory of Machinery

》Design and Theory of Mechanism

》Design Arts

》Design Biological

》Design for Conceptual Products

》Design of Architecture and Environment

》Design Science

》Design Science & Culture

》Design Studies

》Design Technics

》Design, Manufacture and Automatization of Mechanism

》Design, Production and Automation of Machinery

》Designation Management


》Designing Art

》Designing Studies

》Destination Management

》Detect Technology and Automation Device

》Detecting and Control Technology and Instrument

》Detecting Measurement Technology and Engineering

》Detecting Technology and Automated Equipment

》Detecting Technology and Automation Device

》Detection Equipment and Automation Device

》Detection Guidance and Controlling Technology

》Detection of Earth & Information Technology

》Detection Technology and Automatic Device

》Detection Technology and Automation Devices

》Detection Technology and Automation Equipment

》Detection Technology and Automechanism

》Detection Technology and Instrument

》Detection, Guidance and Control Technology

》DetectionTechnology and Instrument

》Develop Biology

》Develop New Type Food & Functional Ingredients by Using Biotechnology

》Developing History of Marxism

》Development & Educational Psychology

》Development & Utilization & Oils By-Products

》Development and Education Psychology

》Development Biology

》Development Economics

》Development History of Marxism

》Development Studies

》Developmental and Educational Psychology

》Developmental Biology

》Developmental Economics

》Developmental History of Marxism

》Diagnose Theory & Technology of Mechanical & Electrical System Breakdown

》Diagnostics in TCM

》Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine

》Diet Culture

》Difference between Physical Space and Visual Space in Sculpture

》Differential Equations and Control Theory

》Digital Art and Design

》Digital Control & Intelligent Robot Technology

》Digital Design and Art

》Digital Device & Computer Manufacture

》Digital Geosciences

》Digital Material Processing

》Digital Media

》Digital Media Arts

》Digital Media Technology

》Digital Media Technology and Art

》Digital Mine and Resource Exploration

》Digital Multimedia Technology

》Digital Signal & Information Processing

》Digital Technology of the Movie and the Video

》Digital Textile Engineering

》Digital Textile Technology

》Digitized Material Forming


》Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs Administration

》Diplomacy Studies



》Direct and broadcast

》Direct of Broadcast and Television


》Direction:particle physics,plasmas

》Director of Broadcast and Television


》Disaster Mitigating and Protection Engineering

》Disaster Precaution and Reduction

》Disaster Prevention & Mitigation and Shelter Engineering

》Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Engineering

》Disaster Prevention & Protection Engineering

》Disaster Prevention & Reduction, Protective Engineering

》Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Environment Protection

》Disaster Prevention and Protection Engineering

》Disaster Prevention and Reduction and Protection Engineering

》Disaster Prevention and Reduction and Protective Engineering

》Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering

》Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering Protective Engineering

》Disaster Prevention, Disaster Reduction Engineering and Protective

》Disaster Prevention, Disaster Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering

》Disaster Prevention, Reduction and Protective Engineering

》Disaster Proof and Protection Engineering

》Disaster-Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protection Engineering

》Disaster-preventive Engineering and Protection Engineering

》Disasters Prevention Engineering

》Discourse Analysis


》Distance Education


》Documentary Studies


》Dossier Management

》Double Degree Class

》Double Degree of Computer Science and Technology

》Double Masters Degree in Global Media and Communications


》Drama & Chinese Traditional Opera

》Drama & Opera

》Drama & Opera Studies

》Drama & Visual Literature

》Drama and Cinema Literature

》Drama and Film-television Literature

》Drama and Movie Literature

》Drama and Theatre Studies

》Drama and Traditional Opera

》Drama, Film & TV Literature

》Drama, Film and TV Literature

》Drama, Movie & TV Studies

》Drama, Movie and TV Literature

》Dramas & Chinese Operas


》Drawing and Painting

》Dress Design and Culture Education

》Drilling Engineering

》Driving Techniques and Intelligent System

》Drug Analysis

》Drug Control Science

》Drug Pharmacology

》Drugs Analysis


》Dynamic Design of Mechanical System

》Dynamics and Control

E back to top

》Ear Nose and Throat Science

》Early Childhood Education

》Early History of Chinese Fine Arts

》Earth Exploration & Information Technology

》Earth Exploration and Information Technology

》Earth Information Science

》Earth Information Science and Technology

》Earth Measurement and Measuring Engineering

》Earth Probing and Information Technology

》Earth Resource Administration

》Earth science and Information technology

》Earth Survey and Information Technology

》Earth-information Engineering


》E-business Management

》Eco-engineering of Harmful Living Beings Control


》Eco-industrial Engineering

》Ecological Agriculture

》Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology

》Ecological Environment Engineering

》Ecological Science



》E-commerce (International E-Business)

》E-commerce Engineering and Application

》E-commerce Engineering with Law

》E-Commerce 电子商务



》Economic and financial

》Economic Constitution

》Economic History

》Economic Information Management

》Economic Law

》Economic Management

》Economic Management of Agriculture

》Economic of Law

》Economic Policy and Law

》Economic Statistics (Business Data Management)

》Economic Studies

》Economic System Analysis and Management

》Economic Theory

》Economical Law

》Economical Thinking History

》EconomicInformation Management


》Economics and Business

》Economics and Commerce

》Economics and Finance

》Economics and Management

》Economics and Management Integrated Pilot

》Economics and Management of Agriculture and Forestry

》Economics and Management of Forestry

》Economics and Management Research

》Economics in International Trade

》Economics Law

》Economics of Catch Up

》Economics of Defense

》Economics of Education

》Economics of Education & Educational Administration

》Economics of Education and Education Management

》Economics of Labor

》Economics of Law

》Economics of Local Government

》Economics of National Defense

》Economics of population

》Economics of Population, Resources and Environment

》Economics of Regulation

》Economics Program Courses

》Economics Statistics (Financial Statistics)

》Economics with Finance

》Economics(Orientation of International Economics and Trade)

》Economic-Social History


》Economy & Technology of Mineral Resources

》Economy and Administration of Education

》Economy and Society of Contemporary China

》Economy History

》Economy Law

》Economy of Energy

》Economy of National Defense

》Economy of Population, Resources and Environment

》Edible Mushroom Culture Technology

》Edible Oil Engineering

》Edible Science and Engineering

》Editing & Publication

》Editing and Directing of Radio and TV programs

》Editing and Publishing

》Editing and Publishing Science

》Editing of Television and Broadcasting

》Edition and Publication


》Education & Technology

》Education Administration

》Education and Psychology

》Education Economics and Principle

》Education Economy and Management

》Education Engineering

》Education History

》Education in Ideology and Politics

》Education in Ideology Politics

》Education Information Science and Technology

》Education Management

》Education of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

》Education of Decoration Design and Craft

》Education of Humanities

》Education of Machinery Designing Art

》Education of Marxist Theory

》Education of Marxist Theory and Education in Ideology

》Education of Marxist Theory and Education in Ideology and Politics

》Education of Physical Training

》Education of Political Thought

》Education of Science & Technology

》Education of Vacational Technology

》Education Policy Studies

》Education Science

》Education Technology

》Education Technology Science

》Educational Administration

》Educational Economics and Management

》Educational Economy and Management

》Educational Leadership

》Educational Leadership and Management

》Educational Management

》Educational Principle

》Educational Psychology

》Educational Relationship between China and Abroad

》Educational Technology


》Efficient Utilization of Agricultural Wastes

》E-Governance and Regional Resources Management


》Eight-trigram Palm Exercise

》Elaborated Chemical


》Electric and Information Engineering

》Electric Business Auditing

》Electric Chemistry & Energy Chemistry

》Electric Circuit and System

》Electric Devices & Control

》Electric Electronics and Electric Drive

》Electric Electronics and Electric Transmission

》Electric Engine and Appliance

》Electric Engineering

》Electric Engineering and Automation

》Electric Engineering and Management

》Electric Information Engineering

》Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus

》Electric Magnetic Field and Microtechnology

》Electric Power

》Electric Power & Electric Transmission System

》Electric Power Electronics & Electric Drives

》Electric Power Engineering & Automation

》Electric Power System and Automation

》Electric Railway Traction

》Electric Science and Technology

》Electric System

》Electric System & Automation

》Electric Trade

》Electrical and Computer Engineering

》Electrical and Electronic

》Electrical and Electronic Engineering

》Electrical and Information Engineering

》Electrical Appliance and Automation

》Electrical Automation Technology

》Electrical Circuit and System

》Electrical Control Engineering

》Electrical Electronics and Electrical Drive

》Electrical Encapsulation Technology

》Electrical Engineering

》Electrical Engineering & Automatization

》Electrical Engineering and Automaiton

》Electrical Engineering and Automation

》Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Automation

》Electrical engineering and its automation

》Electrical Engineering and Management

》Electrical Engineering and Technology

》Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

》Electrical Enginnering & Automation

》Electrical Information

》Electrical Information & Technology

》Electrical Information Engineering

》Electrical Information Science and Technology

》Electrical Machinery and Appliance

》Electrical Machinery and Electrical Appliances

》Electrical Machinery and Electrical Equipment

》Electrical Machinery and Equipment

》Electrical Machines and Electrical Apparatus

》Electrical Maglev and Super-conduct Engineering

》Electrical Power System and Automation

》Electrical Power, and Electrical Power Transmission

》Electrical Power, Electronics and Electrical Transmission

》Electrical Science and Technology

》Electrical System and Automation

》Electrical Theory and New Technology

》Electrical Transportation Electrification and Automation

》Electrical, Electronics and Transmission

》Electrician Theory and New Technology

》Electricity Engineering

》Electricity Engineering and Automation

》Electricity System and Automation

》Electrification and Automation of Agriculture

》Electrification and Information Engineering

》Electrification Engineering and Automation

》Electrified Business Administration

》Electrified Public Administration

》Electriomechanical Engineering

》Electrochemical Engineering

》Electrochemical Sensor Research

》Electrochemistry Analysis

》Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering

》Electrocircuit and System

》Electrodynamic Electronics & Electrical Transmission

》Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

》Electromagnetic Filed and Microwave Technology

》Electromechanical Engineering

》Electronic & Information Engineering

》Electronic Acoustic Image Technology

》Electronic and Communication Engineering

》Electronic and Information Engineering

》Electronic and Information Science

》Electronic and Information Science and Technology

》Electronic Business

》Electronic Business & Logistics Management

》Electronic Circuits and System

》Electronic Commerce

》Electronic Commerce Information and Management

》Electronic Commercial Affairs

》Electronic Control of Electrical Power Operation

》Electronic Electricity and Electric Transmission

》Electronic Engineering

》Electronic Engineering and Automation

》Electronic Engineering and Management

》Electronic Engineering Theory & New Technology

》Electronic Information

》Electronic Information and Technology

》Electronic Information Engineering

》Electronic Information Engineering(UoG)

》Electronic Information Material & Device

》Electronic Information Materials and Components

》Electronic Information Project

》Electronic Information Science

》Electronic Information Science and Technology

》Electronic Information Technology

》Electronic Information Technology and Equipment

》Electronic Information Technology and Instrument

》Electronic Information(Computer technology)

》Electronic Informational Science and Technology

》Electronic Informtion Engineering

》Electronic Packaging Technology

》Electronic Publishing Tenet & Multi-Media Technology

》Electronic Science and Technology

》Electronic Service

》Electronical and Information Science and Technology

》ElectronicInformation Engineering


》Electronics and Communication Engineering

》Electronics and Electric Transmission

》Electronics and Information Engineering

》Electronics and Information Science and Technology

》Electronics and Information Technology

》Electronics and Power Drive

》Electronics and Technology

》Electronics Engineering

》Electronics Engineering and Automation

》Electronics Information Engineering

》Electronics Science and Technology

》Electronnics and Informaton Science and Technology

》Electrotechnics Theory and New Technology

》Elementary Chinese

》Elementary Chinese Language Program

》Elementary Chinese program

》Elementary Chinese Training Course

》Elementary Education

》Elementary Mathematics

》Elementary School Education

》Elementary Veterinary Medicine

》Elements of Marxism

》Embryonic Physiology and Perinatal Medicine

》Emergency Medicine

》Emgency Medicine

》Endocrinic & Metabolic Disease


》Energy & Environmental System Engineering

》Energy and Environment Engineering

》Energy and Environment System

》Energy and Environmental Engineering

》Energy and Environmental Materials and Technology

》Energy and Environmental System Engineering

》Energy and power engineering

》Energy and Power Systems

》Energy and Resource Engineering

》Energy and Thermal Engineering

》Energy Botany

》Energy Chemical Technology

》Energy Economics

》Energy Economy and Environmental Politics

》Energy Engineering

》Energy Engineering and Automation

》Energy Information System

》Energy Resources and Automation

》Energy Resources and Environmental Geochemistry

》Energy Science

》Energy System Planning and Integration

》Energy, Power Systems and Automation


》Engineering & Control

》Engineering Analysis and Account Mechanics

》Engineering and Automation

》Engineering and Project Management

》Engineering Automation

》Engineering Biological

》Engineering Communication

》Engineering Computation Simulation and Software Technology

》Engineering Design

》Engineering Dynamics

》Engineering Environment Control

》Engineering for Hydrology and Water Resources

》Engineering Heat Physics

》Engineering International Construction and Project Management

》Engineering management

》Engineering Mechanics

》Engineering of Bridges and Tunnels

》Engineering of Communications and Transportation

》Engineering of Crops, Fat and Plant Protein

》Engineering of Grain and Control

》Engineering of Harbors, Water Channels & Coasts

》Engineering of Heating, Gas, Ventilation & Air-conditioning

》Engineering of Water Resources

》Engineering Structure Analysis

》Engineering Surveying and Geodesy

》Engineering Surveying and Mapping

》Engineering Test and Intension Analysis

》Engineering Thermal Physics

》Engineering Thermal Physics Process and Information

》Engineering Thermophysics


》English (business)

》English (normal)

》English and Communication Studies

》English and Finance

》English and International Business

》English Education

》English Interpretation

》English Language

》English Language & Literature

》English Language and Applied Linguistics

》English Language and Culture

》English Language and International Business

》English Language and Literature

》English Linguistics & Literature

》English Literature

》English Study

》English Translation

》English Written Translation

》Engvironmental Engineering

》Enterprise Administration

》Enterprise Culture

》Enterprise Information Systems & Engineering

》Enterprise Management

》Enterprise Managerialics

》Enterprise Project Management

》Entertainment Industry Management

》Entrepreneurial Management


》Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

》Environment & Conservation Law International Law

》Environment & Energy Engineering

》Environment & Engineering Geophysics

》Environment & Resources Protection Law

》Environment & Trade

》Environment and Ceramics

》Environment and Energy

》Environment and Engineering Geophysics

》Environment and Labor Hygiene

》Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law

》Environment and Resource Exploration Engineering

》Environment and Resource Protection Law

》Environment and Safety Engineering

》Environment and Urban-Rural Planning

》Environment Chemical Engineering

》Environment Design

》Environment Engineering

》Environment of Chemical Engineering

》Environment Protection National Resources Protection Law

》Environment Protection Technology and Equipment

》Environment Remediation and Resource Recycling

》Environment Repair and Resources Regeneration

》Environment Resources and Urban Planning Management

》Environment Science

》Environment Science & Engineering

》Environment Science and Engineering

》Environment Science and Technology

》Environment, Resource and Development Economics

》Environment, Resources and Rural & Urban Planning

》Environmental & Engineering Geophysics

》Environmental Analysis

》Environmental and Resource Law

》Environmental and Resource Protection

》Environmental and Resource Protection Law

》Environmental Art

》Environmental Art and Design

》Environmental Art Design

》Environmental Biology

》Environmental Biotechnology

》Environmental Chemical Engineering

》Environmental Chemistry

》Environmental Construction and Equipment

》Environmental Design

》Environmental Ecology

》Environmental Economics, Population and Recourses

》Environmental Engineering

》Environmental Engineering and Management

》Environmental engineering,

》Environmental Geotechnical Engineering

》Environmental Law

》Environmental Management

》Environmental Management and Economics

》Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

》Environmental Microbes

》Environmental Planning and Management

》Environmental Pollution Control Engineering

》Environmental Protection

》Environmental Protection Equipments Engineering

》Environmental Protection Law

》Environmental Resource & Economic Development

》Environmental Resources & Rural and Urban Area Planning

》Environmental Science

》Environmental Science and Engineering

》Environmental Science and Technology

》Environmental Science in Building and Equipment Engineering

》Environmental Technology

》Enzyme Engineering & Technology

》Epidemics and Health Statistics


》Epidemiology and Health Statistics

》Epidemiology and Hygienic Statistics

》Epidemiology and Medical Statistics

》Estate Management


》Etection technology & automation

》Ethic Education


》Ethics Education

》Ethnic Cultural Industry

》Ethnic Ecology

》Ethnic Law

》Ethnic Medicine

》Ethnic Politics

》Ethnic Politics & Public Administration

》Ethnic Sociology

》Ethnic Traditional Sports

》Ethnical and Traditional Athletics

》Ethnical Economy & Management


》Ethnic-tradition Physical Education





》Etiological Biology

》Etiological Microbiology

》European Language and Literature

》European Studies

》Events Management

》Everyday Life

》Evidence - based Medicine

》Evidence Law

》Evidence-based Medicine

》Evironmental Engineering

》Evolution and Application of "Printmaking"

》Evolution History of Marxism

》Evolutionary Biology

》Examine Technology and Automatic Equipment

》Executive Administration

》Executive Management

》Exegetical Study

》Exhibition and Business Travel

》Exhibition Arts & Technology

》Exhibition Economics and Management

》Exhibition Economy and Management

》Exhibition for Product Design

》Exhibition Management

》Exhibition Planning Management

》Experiment Class for Liberal Arts

》Experiment Class for Science

》Experiment Movie Creation

》Experimental Art

》Experimental Class of Humanities

》Experimental Class of Social Sciences

》Experimental Class of Social Sciences-Psychology

》Experimental Movie

》Exploitation of Nontraditional Mineral Resources


》Exploration Engineering of Mineral Resource

》Exploration Technology and Engineering

》Explosion & Combustion,Theory & Application

》Expression and Theory of Flower-bird Painting

》Extensive Chinese Language

F back to top

》Facade Engineering

》Facial Features of TCM

》Facility Agriculture

》Facility Agriculture Sciences and Engineering

》Fallow Management

》Farm Products Processing & Storing Engineering

》Farming Mechanization Engineering

》Farming of Wildlife

》Fashion & Accessory Design

》Fashion & Apparel Design

》Fashion Culture Study

》Fashion Design

》Fashion Design and Engineering

》Fashion Design and Innovation Project

》Fashion Design Theory & Application

》Feed Engineering

》Feed Engineering Technology

》Female Studies

》Fermentation Engineering

》Fermentation Process

》Ferrous Metallurgy

》Fertilizer Science

》Fiber Products Processing Theory & Technology

》Fiber Resources Utilization

》Field Trip

》Field Trips For Learning Chinese History And Scenic Spots


》Film & Serial Editing Art

》Film & TV Engineering

》Film Aesthetics

》Film and Drama Literature

》Film and Television Animation

》Film and Television-Oriented Photography

》Film Art & Technology

》Film Art History

》Film History

》Film Literature

》Film Science and Technology

》Film Studies

》Film Studies and Arts

》Film Study

》Film/Cinema (including film philosophy)


》Film-TV Arts & Technology


》Finance Accounting and Management

》Finance and Banking

》Finance and Investment

》Finance Engineering

》Finance Management

》Finance Management Engineering

》Finance MBA in English

》Financial Accounting

》Financial Administration

》Financial Affairs Management

》Financial and Accounting Education

》Financial Engineering

》Financial Engineering and Risk Management

》Financial Insurance

》Financial Management

》Financial Management 财务管理

》Financial Mathematics

》Financial Science


》Financing & Banking

》Fine Arts

》Fine Arts of Modern and Contemporary China

》Fire-Fighting Engineering

》Fiscal Science

》Fishery Economics & Management

》Fishery Economics and Management

》Fishery Resource

》Fishery Resources

》Fishing for Aquatic Animals & Plants

》Fishing Science

》Five Sense Organs of TCM

》Flash Creation

》Flight Vehicle Design

》Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering

》Flight Vehicle Environment and Life Protection Engineering

》Flight Vehicle Environment and Life Support System Engineering

》Flight Vehicle Manufacture Engineering

》Flight Vehicle Manufacture Project

》Flight Vehicle Manufacturing Engineering

》Flight Vehicle Propulsion Engineering

》Flora Reserve



》Fluid Dynamics

》Fluid Machinery

》Fluid Machinery and Engineering

》Fluid Mechanics

》Fluid Mechanics and Engineering

》Flying Techniques

》Folk Instrumental Music

》Folk Literature

》Folk Science of Literature and Art


》Folklore Studies

》Folklore Study


》Font Design

》Food & Medicine Packaging

》Food Biotechnology

》Food Economy Management

》Food Engineering

》Food Enterprises Culture

》Food Fat, Vegetable Protein & Functions

》Food Functional Factor Research & Testing

》Food Grain, Vegetable Fat & Plant Protein Engineering

》Food Hygiene and Nutrition

》Food Immunology - Sensitizers in Eggs & Peanuts

》Food Macromolecule Structure & Function

》Food Marketing

》Food New Technological Processing Mechanism

》Food Nutrition

》Food Nutrition & Food Safety

》Food Nutrition & Functional Factors

》Food Nutrition and Hygiene

》Food Nutrition and Safety

》Food Preservation Mechanism

》Food Processing & Nutrition

》Food Processing and Engineering

》Food Processing and Security

》Food Processing New Technology

》Food Processing Technology

》Food Quality & Safety

》Food Quality & Security

》Food Quality and Safety

》Food Quality Control & Management

》Food Quality Improvement & Food Safety

》Food Quality Testing Technology

》Food Resource Development & Utilization

》Food Safety

》Food Safety - Sensitization of Food Ingredients

》Food Safety & Quality Control

》Food Safety and Nutrition

》Food Safety and Quality Administration

》Food Safety Assessment

》Food Science

》Food Science and Engineering

》Food Science and Technology

》Food Sciences

》Food Separation & Reformation Engineering Technology

》Food Special Flavour

》Food Standard & Quality Control

》Food Technics Education

》Food Technology & Trade Barriers

》Food Testing

》Food Trade & Environment

》Food, Axunge and Botanic Protein



》Foodsteff Science

》Foodstuff Quality and Security

》Foodstuff Science

》Foodstuff Science and Project

》Foodstuffs Engineering

》Foot Reflexology Massage Course

》Forage and Animal Germplasm Resource

》Foreign & Chinese Political System

》Foreign Language & Literature

》Foreign Language and Applied Linguistics

》Foreign Language and Literature

》Foreign Languages

》Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics

》Foreign Languages and Literature

》Foreign Languages and Literature & Applied Linguistics

》Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

》Foreign Linguistics and Applies Linguistics

》Foreign Marxist Study

》Foreign News

》Foreign Philosophy

》Foreign Studies on Marxism

》Forensic Medicine

》Forest Bioengineering

》Forest Chemical Engineering

》Forest Cultivation

》Forest Economics and Management

》Forest Engineer Equipment

》Forest Engineering

》Forest Engineering Automation

》Forest Fire Prevention

》Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding

》Forest Management

》Forest Protection

》Forest Resource Protection and Recreation

》Forest Resources Conservation and Tourism

》Forest Silviculture

》Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding


》Forestry Chemistry Processing Engineering

》Forestry Cultivation

》Forestry Economics & Management

》Forestry Engineering

》Forestry Genetics and Growth

》Forestry Protection

》Forestry Resources Protection and Leisure

》Forestry Studies

》Forging and Control

》Forming of Materials & Control

》Formula of TCM


》Foundation Plastic of Buildings and Teaching

》Foundation Program

》Foundation Program for Special Subjects

》Free Sparring

》Freezing and Low Temperature and Engineering


》French & English

》French and English

》French and European Art History

》French Language

》French Linguistics and Literature

》Frontier Management

》Fruit & Vegetable Processing Mechanism & Engineering

》Function Materials

》Functional & Intelligent Materials

》Functional Apparel Study

》Functional Aquatic Products Exploration

》Functional Carbohydrate

》Functional Fiber & Functional Textile Products

》Functional Food Additives & Ingredients

》Functional Food Ingredients & Additives

》Functional Food Research

》Functional Macromolecule

》Functional Macromolecule Materials

》Functional Materials

》Functional Paper Products & Special Type Paper Products

》Functional Peptides in Whey

》Functional Surface Activity, Medicine Molecule Design & Application

》Fundamental Chinese Language Class

》Fundamental Mathematics

》Fundamental Principles of Education

》Fundamental Principles of Marxism

》Fundamental Psychology

》Fundamental Stomatology

》Fundamental Veterinary Medicine

》Furniture Design

G back to top

》Game Studies

》Garden & Park

》Garden & Park Designing

》Garden Architecture

》Garden Plant and Ornamental Horticulture

》Garden Plant and View

》Garden Plants and Ornamental Gardening

》Garden Plants and Ornamental Horticulture


》Gardening Plant and Ornamental Horticulture

》Gardening Plant Germplasm Resources


》Garment Design & Engineering

》Garment Design and Technique Education

》Garments Design & Technology


》Gathering & Transformation of Microelements in Gardening

》Gathering & Transformation of Microelements in Gardening Agricultural Products


》Gemology and Material Crafts

》Gemology Art Design

》Gemstone and Material Technology

》Gender Studies

》Gender/Sexuality and Literature

》Gene Engineering

》Gene Expressing System

》General & Fundamental Mechanics

》General Administration

》General and Fundamental Mechanics

》General Chinese

》General Chinese Foundation Program

》General Chinese Program

》General Dynamics and Dynamics Foundation

》General Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

》General Mathematics

》General Mechanics and Fundamental Mechanics

》General Mechanics and Mechanics Fundament

》General Medicine

》General Physics Theory

》General Plant Pathology

》General Psychology

》General Surgery

》General Veterinary Science


》Genetic Breeding of Forest Trees


》Genetics and Tree Breeding

》Genome Medicine



》Geodesy and Survey Engineering

》Geodesy and Surveying Engineering

》Geodetection and Information Technology

》Geodetic Engineering

》Geodetic Measurement Engineering & Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

》Geodetic Surveying & Surveying Engineering

》Geodetics and Survey Engineering


》Geo-Exploration and Information Technology

》Geographic Data System

》Geographic Information System

》Geographical Cartography & Information System

》Geographical Information Engineering

》Geographical Information Science

》Geographical Information Science and Technology

》Geographical Information System

》Geographical Science


》Geography Information System

》Geography Science

》Geo-Information Science and Technology

》Geo-information System

》Geoinformational Science & Technology

》Geological Engineering

》Geological Environment and Engineering

》Geological Information Engineering

》Geological Information Science and Technology

》Geological Information System

》Geological Resource and Geological Engineering

》Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

》Geological Sources and Geological Engineering


》Geology Engineering

》Geomechanics and Geo-environmental Mechanics


》Geophysical Engineering

》Geophysical Prospecting and Information Technique



》Geosciences Information Engineering

》Geotechnical and Solid State Electronics

》Geotechnical Engineering

》Geotechnical Engineering and Architecture



》German Language

》German Language and Literature

》German Linguistics and Literature

》German Study

》Germplasm Resources



》Global Business Journalism

》Global Economy

》Global Environment Changing

》Global History

》Global Local MBA

》Globe Survey & Information Technology

》Globe Survey & Survey Engineering

》Globe Survey and Information Technology

》Golf Management


》Government Administration

》Government Economics

》Government Economics and Management

》Governmental Affairs Administration

》Grain, Oil and Protein Engineering

》Granule Physics & Atomic Nucleus Physics

》Grape and Grape Wine

》Grape and Grape Wine Engineering

》Graphic Communication Engineering

》Graphic Design

》Graphic Information System

》Graphic Space Expression

》Grass Cultivation Science

》Grass Science

》Grass Sciences

》Grassland Science


》Green Chemistry

》Green Chemistry & Sophisticated Organic Synthesizing Technology

》Green Technologies

》Ground Engineering

》Ground Water Science and Engineering

》Ground Weapon Mobile Engineering

》Groundwater Science and Engineering

》Growth Biology

》Guidance and Control

》Guidance and Control Equipment

》Guided navigation, Guidance and Control


》Gynecology & Obstetrics

》Gynecology Of TCM


H back to top

》Halobios Study

》Harbor & Waterway and River-harnessing Engineering

》Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering

》Harbors, Coast and in-shore Engineering

》Harbors, Water Channels and Coast Engineering

》Healing Medicine and Physical Therapy

》Health and Social Behavior

》Health Care Administration and Management

》Health Care and Rehabilitation

》Health Care of Women and Children

》Health Cultivation Course

》Health Management

》Health Policy and Hospital Management

》Health Toxicology

》Healthcare Economics

》Hear Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Engineering

》Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering

》Heat and Power Engineering

》Heat energy

》Heat Energy & Dynamical Engineering

》Heat Energy & Power Machinery

》Heat Energy and Power Engineering

》Heat Energy Engineering

》Heat Power and Dynamical Engineering

》Heat, Gas, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning Engineering


》Heating, Gassing, Ventilating & Air- Conditioning Engineering

》Heating, Gassing, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning Engineering

》Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

》Heating,Gas Supply,Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

》Heat-Power and Dynamics Engineering


》Herbal Diet Training Course

》Herbal Prescriptions

》Herbal Promotion & Marketing

》High Education Studies

》High Molecular Materials

》High Polymer Chemistry

》High Polymer Chemistry and Physics

》High Polymer Material and Engineering

》High Pressure Science and Technology

》High Voltage and Insulation Technology

》Higher Education

》Higher Education Management

》Higher Education Science

》Higher Education Studies

》Higher Education Teachers

》High-molecular Material and Engineering

》High-molecular Material Physics

》High-Performance Embedded Computing

》Highpolymer Chemistry and Physics

》High-polymer Material & Engineering

》Highpolymer Materials and Engineering

》High-tension and Insulative Technology

》High-voltage and Insulation Technology

》High-Voltage Electricity and Insulation Technology

》Highway and Railway Engineering

》Highway, Bridge & Ferrying Engineering

》Highway, Railway and Waterway

》Histology and Embryology

》Historic Buildings Protection Engineering

》Historic Geography

》Historic Philology

》Historic Preservation Projects

》Historical Architecture

》Historical Bibliography

》Historical Documentation

》Historical Documentation Studies

》Historical Geography

》Historical Literature

》Historical Literature Theory

》Historical Philology

》Historical Theories and Historiography

》Historical Theories and History of Historical Science

》Historical Theories and History of Historiography

》Historical Theory and Historiography

》Historiography and History

》Historiography and Theory and History

》Historiography of Maritime History

》Historiography Theory and Historiography

》Historiography Theory and History


》History & Theory of Applied Linguistics

》History & Theory of Architecture

》History and Development of TCM

》History and Literature of Chinese Medicine

》History and Theory of Architecture

》History and Theory of Design Art

》History Education

》History of Ancient China

》History of Art

》History of Calligraphy and Painting Identification and Collection

》History of China's Painting Concept

》History of Chinese Calligraphy and Calligraphy Culture

》History of Chinese Communist Party

》History of Chinese Culture

》History of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

》History of Chinese Grammar

》History of Chinese Literature Criticism

》History of Chinese Minorities

》History of Chinese Radio & Television

》History of Communist Party of China

》History of Development of Marxism

》History of Economic Ideology

》History of Economics

》History of Education

》History of Educational Technology

》History of Empires and Colonialism

》History of Fine Arts of New China

》History of Geology

》History of International Relations

》History of Law

》History of Marxism

》History of Marxism Development

》History of Marxism Philosophy Development

》History of Marxist Development

》History of Modern and Contemporary China

》History of Modern China

》History of Music in China

》History of Science and Technology

》History of Specialized Field

》History of the Chinese Communist Party

》History of the CPC

》History of Western Music

》History of World

》History Science

》History Studies


》Horticulture and Gardening

》Hospital Management and Health Policy

》Hotel and Restaurant Management

》Hotel Management

》How to Identify and Domesticate Chinese Medicinal Herbs

》HR Management

》Hsitory of the World

》HSK Intensive Course

》HSK Preparatory Class

》HSK Training Course

》HSK Training Program

》HSK Tutorial

》Human Anatomy

》Human Anatomy & Histo-embryology

》Human Anatomy and Embryology

》Human Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

》Human and Sociological Science of Sports

》Human Athletics Science

》Human Body Science of Sports

》Human Geography

》Human Kinesiology Science

》Human Movement Science

》Human Resource

》Human Resource Dorelopment and Education

》Human Resource Management

》Human Resources Management

》Human Rights

》Human Settlement

》Human Sociology of Physical Education

》Human Sociology of Sports

》Human Sports Science

》Human Tourism Resources Development

》Humanality Sociology of Sports

》Humane and Sociological Science of Sports

》Humane Geography

》Humane Sociology of Sports

》Humane Studies on P.E

》Humanistic Education

》Humanistic Social Science of Sports


》Humanities of PE

》Humanities of Sports

》Humanity Geography

》Human-Machine Interaction Engineering

》HVAC Engineering

》Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering

》Hydraulic Engineering

》Hydraulic Engineering and Hydro-Power Engineering

》Hydraulic Structure Engineering

》Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineering

》Hydraulics and River Dynamics

》Hydraulics Structure Engineering

》Hydro Structure Engineering



》Hydro-electric Construction Engineering Administration

》Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

》Hydrographic and Resources Engineering

》Hydrography and Water Resources



》Hydrology and Water Resource

》Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering

》Hydro-machinery & Engineering

》Hydrophile Colloid Producing & Application

》Hydropower Engineering

》Hydro-structure Engineering

》Hygiene Toxicology

I back to top

》IC Design and Integration System

》IC Engineering

》IC System Design

》Iconographical and Nuclear Medicine

》Iconology & Nuclear Medicine

》Idea logical & Political Education

》Identification in Food

》Identification of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

》Ideological & Political Education

》Ideological and Political Education

》Ideological and Theoretical Education

》Ideological Education

》Ideological-Political Education


》Ideology and Political Education

》Ideology and Politics

》Ideology Education

》Ideology History of Economics

》Idustrial Design

》Illumination and Space Design

》Image and Nuclear Medicine

》Image Form of Chinese Figure Painting and Expression Techniques

》Image Medicine & Nuclear Medicine

》Image Processing & Visualization of Science

》Imaging & Nuclear Medicine

》Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

》Imaging Technology

》Immune Pharmacology


》Implantology Engineering

》Impulse Power and Plasma

》Indian Language and Literature

》Indian Literature

》Individual Chinese Ancient Literary Theory and Criticism

》Indonesian Language

》Indonesian-Malay language

》Industrail Design Engineering

》Industrial and Commercial Management

》Industrial Automation

》Industrial Catalysis

》Industrial Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry

》Industrial Catalyzing

》Industrial design

》Industrial Design Engineering

》Industrial Design History

》Industrial Designing

》Industrial Designing Engineering

》Industrial Ecology

》Industrial Ecology and Environment Management

》Industrial Economics

》Industrial Engineering

》Industrial Engineering and Management

》Industrial Engineering of Manufacturing

》Industrial Management

》Industrial Micro-organism

》Industrial Microorganism Breeding

》Industrial Product Design

》Industrial Product Design and Pattern Study

》Industrial Studies

》Industries System Supervision & Diagnose

》Industry and Business Administration

》Industry Catalysis

》Industry Design

》Industry Economics

》Industry Engineering

》Inflammable & Explosive Materials and Safety


》Information & Communication Engineering

》Information & Communication Intelligent System

》Information & Communications Engineering

》Information & Computing Science

》Information Acquisition and Detection Technology

》Information and Arithmetic Science

》Information and Calculational Science

》Information and Communication Engineering

》Information and Communication Engineering Control Science

》Information and Computational Science

》Information and Computing Science

》Information and Computing Science Engineering

》Information and Comupting Science

》Information and Data Processing Science

》Information and Science of Computation

》Information and Statistics

》Information and Telecommunication Engineering

》Information Antagonizing Technique

》Information based Manufacuture Engineering

》Information Configuration of Computer

》Information Countermeasure

》Information Countermeasure/Warfare technology

》Information Design

》Information Display and Opt-Electronic Technology

》Information Display and Optical Technology

》Information Electronics & Engineering

》Information Engineering

》Information Engineering and Electronics

》Information Engineering for Power Equipments

》Information Engineering Materials and Devices

》Information Engineering of Psychology

》Information Equipment & Part Manufacture Technology

》Information Management

》Information Management & E-government

》Information Management & Electronic Business

》Information Management & Information System

》Information Management and E-commerce

》Information Management and Electronic Government Affairs

》Information Management and Information System

》Information Management System

》Information Pharmacy

》Information Physical Engineering

》Information Resource Management

》Information Safety

》Information Science

》Information Science and Computation Science

》Information Science and Technology

》Information Sciences

》Information Security

》Information Security Technology

》Information System & Information Management

》Information System & Management

》Information System and Information Management

》Information System Security

》Information Technologyin Light Industries

》Information Warfare Technology

》Informational and Calculating Science

》Informational and Computational Science

》Innovation Engineering and Management

》Innovation Management

》Innovation Management and Development of Small-and Middle-Sized Enterprises

》Innovation Management and Development of Small-and-Middle-Sized Enterprises

》Inorganic and Non-metallic Materials Engineering

》Inorganic Chemistry

》Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering

》Inorganic Nonmetal Materials Engineering

》Inorganic Nonmetallic Material

》Inorganic Non-Metallic Material Engineering

》Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials

》Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering

》Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering

》Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials Science and Technology

》Inserted Operation System & Application

》Inspect Technology and Automatization Equipment

》Inspect Technology and Robotization Equipment

》Inspection Technology and Instrumentation

》Insructional Technology and Assessment of Foreign Language

》Institutional Economics

》Instructional Technology

》Instrument and Meter Engineering

》Instrument Engineering

》Instrument Science and Technology

》Instrumentation Engineering

》Instrumentation Science and Technology

》Instruments and Meters Engineering


》Insurance Marketing

》Insurance Studies


》Integrate Circuit Design

》Integrate Circuit Engineering

》Integrated Automation of Metallurgy

》Integrated Basic TCM and Western Medicine

》Integrated Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine

》Integrated Chinese-Western Clinical Impressions

》Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine Basics

》Integrated Circuit Design

》Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System

》Integrated Circuit Engineering

》Integrated Circuit System Design

》Integrated Circuits Design

》Integrated Circuits Design and Integrated System

》Integrated Clinical TCM and Western Medicine

》Integrated Clinical Western and Chinese Medicine

》Integrated CM& Western Clinical Medicine

》Integrated Coastal Zone Management

》Integrated Electronic Circuits Design

》Integrated TCM Nursing and western Medicine

》Integratin of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

》Integration of Chinese & Western Medicine Basis

》Integration of Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine

》Integration of Machinery Technology

》Integration of TCM and Western Medicine

》Integration of TCM Nursing and Western Medicine

》Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

》Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine

》Intellectual Property

》Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management

》Intellectual Property Law

》Intellectual Property Management

》Intellectual Property Rights

》Intellectual Rights Management

》Intellectual Science and Technology

》Intelligence Science

》Intelligence Science and Technology

》Intelligent Information Processing

》Intelligent Materials & Structure

》Intelligent Materials Applied in Packaging

》Intelligent Science and Technology

》Intelligent Sense and Media Calculation

》Intelligent Structure and System Information

》Intelligent Traffic Engineering

》Intelligent Transportation and Information System Engineering

》Intelligent Transportation Engineering

》Intensive Chinese

》Intensive Chinese Course

》Intensive Chinese Language

》Intensive Chinese Language Program

》Intensive Chinese Program

》Intensive Chinese Training Class

》Intensive Chinese Training Program

》Intensive HSK Preparation Class

》Intensive Program of Chinese Language

》Intentional Economics and Trade

》Intercultural Communication

》Interflow of Goods and Material Engineering

》Interior Design

》Intermediate Chinese

》Intermediate Chinese Language Course

》Intermediate Chinese Language Program

》Intermediate Chinese Training Course

》Internaiton Trade

》Internal Chinese Medicine

》Internal Medicine

》Internal Medicine of Chinese Medicine

》Internal Medicine of TCM

》Internatinal Economics and Trade

》International Accounting

》International Acupuncture Training

》International Business

》International Business and Trade

》International Business Economics

》International Business English

》International Business Law

》International Business Management

》International Business with Communications Studies

》International Business国际商务

》International Chinese Business Program

》International Chinese Education

》International Commerce

》International Communications

》International Communications Studies

》International Communications Studies and Chinese Language

》International Development

》International Economics and Trade

》International Education

》International Education of Chinese

》International Electronic Business

》International Finance

》International Foundation Chinese Language Program

》International Foundation Program

》International Higher Education

》International Hotel Management

》International Human Resource Management

》International Issues & News Report

》International Journalism

》International Law

》International Logistics

》International Management

》International Marketing

》International Marketing and Planning

》International MBA

》International MPA

》International Nursing

》International Political Economy

》International Political Sociology

》International Politics

》International Politics and Administration

》International Politics and Economics

》International Regional Economic Co-operation

》International Relations

》International Relations & China’s Diplomacy

》International Relations & Mass Media

》International Relations & Technology Development

》International Relations & Trans-culture Communication

》International Relations and World History

》International Relations Program

》International Relationship

》International Secretary

》International Students-Chinese Students Mixed Program

》International Studies

》International Summer Camp

》International Summer Program for Ceramics

》International Tourism and Travel Management

》International Trade

》International Trade and Business

》International Trade and Economics

》International Trade and Investment

》International Trade in the Field of Chinese Business

》International Trade of Agricultural Products and Policies

》International Trade/Risk Management

》International Travel

》Internet & Information Management System

》Internet & Information Safety

》Internet Engineering

》Internet Motion Control System

》Internet of Things

》Internet of Things Engineering

》Internet Technology & Information Safety

》Interpreting and Translation

》Interpreting and Translation, Mandarin and English

》Introduction to China

》Introductory Chinese

》Introductory Mathematics

》Introductory Stomatology


》Investment Economics

》Investment Studies

》Irish and British Art

》Iron and Steel Metallurgy

》Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

》Irrigation and Hydropower Engineering

》Irrigation and Hydropower Works

》Irrigation works and Hydroelectric Engineering

》Irrigation Works Structure Engineering

》Italian Language

J back to top

》Janpanese Language

》Janpanese Language and Literature


》Japanese Language

》Japanese Language and Literature

》Japanese Linguistics

》Japanese Literature

》Japanese Studies

》Jewelry and Materials Technology

》Joining Technique of Materials


》Journalism Photography

》Journalism and Communication

》Journalism and Mass Media

》Journalism Management

》Journalism of Broadcasting and Television

》Journalism of Radio & Television

》Journalism of Radio and TV

》Journalism of Telecast

》Journalism Professions

》Journalism Theory

》Judicial Science

》Judicial Study


》Juristic Theory

》Juvenile Hygienics and Maternal and Child Hygiene

K back to top

》Knowledge Management

》Korean Language

》Korean Language and Literature

》Korean Languages and Literature

L back to top

》Labor & Social Security

》Labor and Social Guarantee

》Labor and Social Insurance

》Labor and Social Security

》Labor and Social Security Law

》Labor and Social Welfare Management

》Labor Economics

》Labor Health and Environmental Health

》Labor Hygiene and Environmental Hygiene

》Laboratory Medicine

》Labour and Social Security

》Labour and Social Welfare

》Labour Economics

》Land Resource and Spatial Information Technology

》Land Resources Management

》Land Surveying


》Landscape & Architectural Design

》Landscape & Gardening

》Landscape (urban landscape)

》Landscape Architectural Design

》Landscape Architecture

》Landscape Architecture and Design

》Landscape Architecture Design

》Landscape Architecture Planning and Design

》Landscape Architeture and Design

》Landscape Building Design

》Landscape Design

》Landscape Engineering

》Landscape Gardening

》Landscape Planning and Design

》Landscape Plants and Ornamental Horticulture

》Landscape Science

》Landscaping & Design

》Language and Form of Ink and Water Figure Painting

》Language and Literature

》Language and Literature of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

》Language and Literature of Chinese Minority

》Language Cognition & Instructional Psychology

》Language Information Processing and Knowledge Engineering

》Language Pedagogy

》Language Theory

》Languages & Literature of Chinese National Minorities


》Law and Economics

》Law and Social Work

》Law Culture

》Law History

》Law of Economics

》Law Suit

》Law Theories

》Lawn Science

》Lawsuit Law

》Leadership Education

》Learning Science & Technology Design

》Leather Chemistry and Engineering

》Leather Science and Engineering

》Lectures on Chinese Rhetoric

》Legal History

》Legal Language

》Legal Psychology

》Legal Theory

》Leisure Sports

》Leisure Study

》Lexigraphics of Chinese Language

》Library and Information

》Library and Information Studies

》Library Science

》Library, Archive and Information Management

》Library, Information & Archives Management

》Life Preservation and Healthcare

》Life Science and Technology

》Light Chemical and Food Science

》Light Chemical Engineering

》Light Chemical Engineering and Technology

》Light Chemical Industry Technological Equipment

》Light Chemical Materials & Technology

》Light Chemical Products Exploration

》Light Chemistry Engineering

》Light Industrial Biotechnology

》Light Industrial Engineering

》Light Industries

》Light Industries Devices Intelligent Control System

》Light Industries Process Comprehensive Automation

》Light Industries Process Control & Optimization

》Light Industries Process Information Technology & Application

》Light Industry and Chemical Engineering

》Light Industry Technology and Engineering


》Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

》Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Communication

》Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Language

》Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages

》Linguistics and Applied Linguistics of Foreign Languages

》Linguistics and Chinese Linguistics

》Linguistics and Literature of Chinese Minority

》Linguistics of Chinese

》Linguistics of Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics


》Literary and Artistic Science

》Literary and Artistic Study

》Literary and Artistic Theories

》Literary Anthropology

》Literary Studies

》Literary Theory


》Literature & Chinese Language Education

》Literature and Art

》Literature and Art Studies

》Literature and Arts

》Literature and Arts of Broadcast, Movie and Television

》Literature and Linguistics

》Literature Anthropology

》Literature art studies

》Literature Criticism and Writing

》Literature of Drama, Film and Television

》Literature of Drama, TV & Film

》Literature of Theatre & Television

》Literature, Arts and Media

》Litigation Law

》Local Government

》Locomotive and Vehicle Engineering

》Locomotives and Vehicle Engineering

》Logical Studies


》Logistic Engineering and Management

》Logistic Technology and Equipment


》Logistics Engineering

》Logistics Engineering and Management

》Logistics Management

》Logistics Management and Engineering

》Long-term Chinese Language Training

》Long-term ChineseTraining

》Low Carbon Buildings

M back to top

》Machatronics Engineering

》Machine and Electronic Engineering

》Machine Building and iAutomation

》Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation

》Machine Design & Theory

》Machine Design and Manufacturing

》Machine Design and Manufacturing and Automation

》Machine Design and Manufacturing Automation

》Machine Design and Theory

》Machine Design, Manufacturing and Automation

》Machine Electronic Engineering

》Machine Engineering and Automation

》Machine Manufacturing and Automation

》Machine Theory and Design

》Machinery and Electronic Engineering

》Machinery Building & Automation

》Machinery Design

》Machinery Design and Manufacture and Automation

》Machinery Design and Theory

》Machinery Design, Manufacturing and Automation

》Machinery Electronics Engineering

》Machinery Engineering & Automation

》Machinery Manufacture and Automation

》Machinery Manufacture Design and Automation

》Machinery Manufacturing and Automation

》Machinery of Chemical Engineering Process

》Machinery Production and Automation

》Machinery Theory and Design


》Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics

》Macromolecular Materials and Engineering

》Macromolecule Chemistry and Physics

》Macromolecule Liquor & Theory Study

》Macromolecule Materials and Engineering

》Macromolecule Nanometer Materials

》Macromolecule Structure, Function & Produce

》Macromolecule?Materials & Engineering

》Magnetic & Microwave Technology

》Magnetic and Microwave Technology

》Maine Geology

》Making and Automatization of Mechanism

》Man- Machine and Environmental Engineering


》Management and Accounting

》Management Decision and System Theory

》Management Economics

》Management Engineering

》Management In Business Administration

》Management Information and Information System

》Management of Administration

》Management of Agricultural Economy

》Management of City Resources and Planning

》Management of Cultural Industries

》Management of Cultural Industry

》Management of Engineering

》Management of Farming & Forestry Economy

》Management of Farming and Forestry

》Management of Farming Economy

》Management of Fauna and Flora

》Management of Fauna and Flora Reserve

》Management of Forestry Economy

》Management of Human Resources

》Management of Industry and Commerce

》Management of Information System

》Management of Land Resources

》Management of Public Administration

》Management of Public Affairs

》Management of Public Culture

》Management of Public Services and Facilities

》Management of Public Utilities

》Management of Recourses Environment & Urban Rural Planning

》Management of Resources

》Management of Resources and Environment and Planning in Urban and Rural City

》Management of Science, Technology and Education

》Management of Social Medicine and Affairs

》Management of Tea Culture Industry

》Management of Wildlife and Nature Reserve

》Management Planning of Environmental Resources

》Management Science

》Management Science & Engineering

》Management science and Engineering

》Management Systems Engineering

》Managerial Science & Engineering

》Mandarin Chinese Teaching & Testing

》Mandarin Training Program

》Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering

》Man-machine Environment Engineering

》Manpower Resource Management

》Manufacture and Automation

》Manufacture Engineering of Aeronautics and Astronautics

》Manufacture Engineering of Aerospace Vehicle


》Manufacturing Automation

》Manufacturing Engineering

》Manufacturing Engineering and Automation

》Manufacturing Engineering Artificial Intelligence Testing and Instruments

》Manufacturing Engineering of Aerospace Vehicle

》Map & Geological Information System

》Map Cartography & Geology Information Engineering

》Map Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering

》Map Cartography and Geographical Information System

》Mapping Engineering

》Mapping Technology and Instruments

》Marine Affairs

》Marine and Ocean Engineering

》Marine Biology

》Marine Biotechnology

》Marine Building and Environment

》Marine Chemistry

》Marine Creatures Polysaccharide Chemistry

》Marine Electrical and Electronic Engineering

》Marine Engine Engineering

》Marine Engineering

》Marine Environmental Management

》Marine Fishery Science and Technology

》Marine Functional Food

》Marine Geology

》Marine History

》Marine Management

》Marine Oil-gas Engineering

》Marine Organism Polysaccharide Chemistry

》Marine Pharmacy

》Marine Physics

》Marine Resources and Environment

》Marine Science

》Marine Technology

》Marine Traffic Engineering

》Marine Transport and Logistics Economics

》Maring Engineering


》Marketing and Logistics Management

》Marketing and Sales

》Marketing Education

》Marketing Management

》Marketing Planning and Business Management


》Martial Arts

》Martial Arts & Shadow Boxing

》Martial Arts and National Traditional Sports

》Marxian Economic Theory

》Marxism & Ideological Education

》Marxism & Political Education

》Marxism & Political Science

》Marxism Abroad

》Marxism and Moral Education

》Marxism Basic Principle

》Marxism Basic Theory

》Marxism Convention

》Marxism Fundamental Theories

》Marxism History

》Marxism in China

》Marxism in Chinese Society

》Marxism Nationality Theory and Policy

》Marxism Philosophy

》Marxism Phylogeny

》Marxism Research Abroad

》Marxism Research in China

》Marxism Studies Abroad

》Marxism Theory

》Marxismin Chinese Society

》Marxist Chinanization

》Marxist Development History

》Marxist in Foreign Countries

》Marxist Philosophy

》Marxist Philosophy Abroad

》Marxist Theories and Policies towards Ethnic Minorities

》Marxist Theory

》Marxist Theory and Ideological & Political Education

》Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education

》Marxist Theory in China

》Marxist Theory in Other Countries

》Mass Communication

》Mass Communication & International Relations

》Mass Media

》Mass Media Studies

》Mass Sports


》Master of International Business

》Master of International Finance

》Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languaegs

》Materia Medica Resources and Developmenet

》Material & Engineering

》Material and Physics

》Material and Structure Impact Dynamics

》Material Chemical Engineering

》Material Chemistry

》Material Chemistry and Physics

》Material Chemistry Engineering

》Material Composition Test in Chemistry

》Material Computing Science & Virtual Engineering

》Material Engineering

》Material Engineering & Science

》Material Engineering of Inorganic Nonmetal

》Material Flow Engineering

》Material Formation and Control

》Material Forming and Control Engineering

》Material Language Expression

》Material Language of Modern Sculpture

》Material Metallurgy

》Material Molding and Control Engineering

》Material Phisics and Chemistry

》Material physics

》Material Physics and Chemistry

》Material Processing

》Material Processing and Control

》Material Processing and Control Engineering

》Material Processing Engineering

》Material Processing Technology

》Material Science

》Material science and engineering

》Material Sciences

》Material Shaping and Control Engineering

》Material Studies

》Material Surface Engineering

》Material Tribology


》Materials Abrasion & Surface Engineering

》Materials Abrasion Tenet & Wear-Resistance

》Materials Chemistry

》Materials Engineering

》Materials Flow Management

》Materials Forming and Control Engineering

》Materials Mechanics and Engineering

》Materials Mold ing and Control Engineering

》Materials Nondestructive Testing & Evaluation

》Materials Physical Chemistry

》Materials Physics

》Materials Physics and Chemistry

》Materials Processing and Control

》Materials Processing and Control Engineering

》Materials Processing Engineering

》Materials Science

》Materials Science and Engineering

》Materials Science and Project

》Materials Science and Technology

》Material-shaping and Control Engineering

》Materical Physics and Chemistry

》Maternal & Children Health Care

》Maternal and Child and Adolescent Health

》Maternal and Child Medicine

》Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

》Mathematic Geology

》Mathematical Calculations

》Mathematical Economics

》Mathematical Economics and Finance

》Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

》Mathematical Physics

》Mathematical Statistics


》Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

》Mathematics and Information Technology

》Mathematics Education

》Mathematics of Computation

》Mathematics with Engineering



》Means of Transport Applied Engineering

》Measurement & Automation

》Measurement & Control Technology and Apparatus

》Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments

》Measurement & Test Techniques and Instrument

》Measurement and Control Technique and Equipment

》Measurement and Control Technique and Instruments

》Measurement and Control Technology

》Measurement and Testing Technologies and Instruments

》Measurement Control and Instrumentation

》Measurement Control Technique and Instruments

》Measurement Control Technology & Instruments

》Measurement of Electrical information

》Measurement Science and Technology

》Measurement Techniques and Equipment Testing

》Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation

》Measurement Techniques and Measuring Instruments

》Measurement Technologies and Automatic Device

》Measurement Technology & Instrumentation

》Measurement Technology & Instruments

》Measurement Technology and Automatic Device

》Measurement Technology and Instruments

》Measuring & Control Technology and Instruments

》Measuring & Testing

》Measuring and Control Material and Engineering

》Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentation

》Measuring and Controlling Technology

》Measuring and Controlling Technology and Apparatus

》Measuring and Testing

》Measuring and Testing Techniques & Instrument

》Measuring and Testing Techniques and Automation Devices

》Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments

》Measuring and Testing Technology Instrument

》Measuring Engineering

》Measuring Technology and Automation Devices

》Measuring Technology and Instrument

》Mechacial Engineering

》Mechanic and Electronic Engineering

》Mechanic Design, Manufacture and Automation

》Mechanic Electronic Engineering

》Mechanic Engineering

》Mechanic Manufacture & Automation


》Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

》Mechanical & Electronic Engineering

》Mechanical & Theory

》Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

》Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

》Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

》Mechanical and Electronic Integration

》Mechanical CAD/CAE

》Mechanical Design

》Mechanical Design & Automation

》Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation

》Mechanical Design & Theory

》Mechanical Design and Automation

》Mechanical Design and Theory

》Mechanical design manufacturing and automation

》Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

》Mechanical Designing

》Mechanical Electronics Engineering

》Mechanical Engineering

》Mechanical Engineering and Automation

》Mechanical Layout and Construction and Automation

》Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

》Mechanical Manufacturing Technology & Automation

》Mechanical Modern Design Method

》Mechanical Theory

》Mechanical Theory and Design

》Mechanic-Electronic Engineering


》Mechanics and Engineering of Aeronautics and Astronautics

》Mechanics Design and Theory

》Mechanics Engineering

》Mechanics-electronics Engineering

》Mechanization of Farming

》Mechano-electronics Engineering

》Mechatronic Engineering

》Mechatronics Engineering

》Mechatronics Technology


》Media and Social Studies

》Media Economics

》Media Economics and Drama Studies

》Media Industry System

》Media Information

》Media Management

》Media Management and Administration

》Medical Biochemistry

》Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology

》Medical Biofluid Mechanics and Engineering

》Medical Botany

》Medical Cell Biology

》Medical Chemistry

》Medical Diet Program

》Medical Education

》Medical Enterprise Management

》Medical Eurisprudence

》Medical Examination

》Medical Genetics

》Medical Iconography

》Medical Image and Nuclear Medicine

》Medical Imaging

》Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

》Medical Imaging Science & Nuclear Medicine

》Medical Informatics

》Medical Information Engineering

》Medical Information Retrieval

》Medical Information Training Course

》Medical Inspection

》Medical Intership

》Medical Jurisprudence

》Medical Laboratory

》Medical Laboratory Science

》Medical Laboratory Tests & Analyses

》Medical law

》Medical Marketing

》Medical Molecular Biology

》Medical Molecular Genetics

》Medical Neurobiology

》Medical Neurologic Biology

》Medical Physiology and Chronobiology

》Medical Psychology

》Medical Science

》Medical Technology

》Medical Testing

》Medical Verification


》Medicament Preparation

》Medicaments Analytics

》Medicinal Biology

》Medicinal Botany

》Medicinal Chemistry

》Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products

》Medicinal Engineering

》Medicinal Plant Cultivation

》Medicinal Plants Resources and Utilization

》Medicinal Preparation

》Medicinal Resources Chemistry


》Medicine Analytics

》Medicine Chemistry

》Medicine Management

》Medicine Project

》Medicine Resources and Exploitation

》Medicines Preparation

》Membrane Science and Technology

》Mental Disease and Mental Health

》Mental Health Education

》Mental Materials Engineering

》Mess Media

》Metabolic Engineering of Industrial Microorganisms


》Metabolism & Metabolism Engineering

》Metabolism Engineering

》Metal Material Engineering

》Metallurgical Energy Engineering

》Metallurgical Engineering

》Metallurgical Physics and Chemistry

》Metallurgical Resource and Ecological Environment


》Metallurgy Engineering

》Metallurgy Engineering Control

》Metallurgy of Iron and Steel

》Metallurgy Physical Chemistry

》Metals Metallurgy

》Metastable Materials Science and Technology


》Meterial Chmeical Engineeering

》Meterials Chemistry

》Meterials, Rock and Deposite Science

》Methodology of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

》Methodology of Western Art History

》Methods and Theory of Architecture Design


》MICE Economy & Management

》Micro and Solid Electronics

》Micro System and Nanometer System

》Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy


》Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy

》Microbiology Materials

》Micro-Capsule Technology & Edible Film

》Micro-Capsule Technology & Edible Film Technology Applied in Food

》Micro-electro-mechanical Engineering

》Microelectronic and Solid State Electronics


》Microelectronics and Engineering

》Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

》Microelectronics Fields and Microwave Technology

》Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering

》Microelectronics Science and Engineering

》Micrograms and Biochemical Pharmaceutics

》Microorganism and Biochemistry

》Microorganism Metabolism Control & Metabolism Products

》Microorganism Pharmacy

》Microorganism Resources

》Microphysics and Atomic Physics

》Military Law

》Military Prevention Medicine

》Military Preventive Medicine

》Military Thought

》Milky Condition & Suspension System

》Mine Building Engineering

》Mine Environment Engineering

》Mine Surveying & Remote Exploring

》Mine-assessing Technology and Engineering

》Mineral Deposits Searching and Prospecting

》Mineral Engineering

》Mineral Exploration and Survey

》Mineral Materials

》Mineral Processing Engineering

》Mineral prospecting and Exploration

》Mineral Resource Engineering

》Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration

》Mineral Resources Engineering

》Mineral Survey and Exploration

》Mineral, Rock and Deposit Science


》Mineralogy Petrology & Deposits

》Mineralogy Petrology & Mineral Deposit Geology

》Mineralogy Petrology Ore Deposit

》Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposit

》Mineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology

》Mineralogy-Petrology & Ore Deposit

》Minerals General Survey and Reconnaissance

》Minerals Investigation and Exploration

》Minerals Processing Engineering

》Mining Engineering

》Mining Equipment and Control Engineering

》Mining Information Engineering

》Mining Resource Prospecting and Exploration

》Minority Education

》Minority Language Course

》Mircobe and Biochemical Medicine

》Missile and Rockets Flight and Control Engineering

》Missile Guidance & Control Techniques


》Mobile Media Studies

》Mobile Weapon System Engineering

》Mode Identification & Optimizing Control

》Mode Identification and Intelligent System

》Mode Recognition and Intelligence System

》Model CAD/CAM

》Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature

》Modern and Contemporary Chinese

》Modern and Contemporary Chinese History

》Modern and Contemporary Chinese History Research

》Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

》Modern and Contemporary Histories of China

》Modern and Contemporary Literature

》Modern and Cotemporary Chinese Literature

》Modern Art and Criticism

》Modern Art Conception and Technique

》Modern Artistic Expression of Chinese Painting and Research on Material Language

》Modern Chinese

》Modern Chinese History

》Modern Chinese History Research on Fundamental Issues

》Modern Chinese Literature

》Modern Educational Technology

》Modern Environment Art Design Theory Study

》Modern History of China

》Modern Integrated Manufacture Technology & System

》Modern Literature

》Modern logistics

》Modern Packaging Design

》Modern Reconstruction of Mural Painting in the East and West

》Module Identification and Intelligence System

》Mold Design and Manufacture

》Molecular Biology

》Molecular Neurobiology

》Molecular Plant Pathology

》Molecular Science and Engineering

》Molecule Nutrition

》Molecule Nutrition Study

》Monetary Finance

》Mongolian Language & Literature

》Monitoring Technology and Automatic Equipment

》Monitoring Technology and Automation

》Monitoring Technology and Equipment

》Moral and Political Education

》Moral Education

》Motivation Power Machine and Engineering

》Motive Power Machine and Engineering

》Motor Ship Engine Engineering

》Movements of Scientific Socialism and International Communism

》Movie Studies

》Movie Writing and Directing







》Multi-media Art Design

》Multi-molecular Materials & Engineering

》Multinational Enterprises Management

》Municipal Engineering


》Museum Studies


》Music and Dance

》Music Curriculum and Pedagogy

》Music Education

》Music Performance

》Music Performance Dancing

》Music Performing

》Music Production

》Music Psychology

》Music Studies

》Music Theory


》Musicology (Music Education)

》Musicology Education

N back to top

》Nano Fibers & Hybrid Materials

》Nano Material and Nano Tecnology

》Nano Materials and Technology

》Nanomaterial Science and Nanotechnology

》Nanomaterials and Technology

》Nanometer Electrics & Nanometer Materials

》Nanometer Material Chemistry

》Nanometer Materials & Nanometer Technology

》Nanometer Materials and Technology

》Nanoscience and Technology

》Narrative Culture

》National & Traditional Athletics

》National Defense Economics

》National Economic Management

》National Economics

》National Economy Studies

》National Finance

》National Folklore of Northeast

》National Governance and Examination System

》National Minority Economics

》National Musicology

》National Tradition Gym

》National Traditional Physical Education

》National Traditional Sports


》Natural Biological Active Substance

》Natural Calamities Prevention and Protection Engineering

》Natural Calamity Precaution and Protection

》Natural Disaster Prevention and Alleviation Engineering

》Natural Geographic Science

》Natural Geography

》Natural Medicine

》Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry

》Natural Pharmacology

》Natural Resources Exploration & Products Deep Processing

》Natural Resources Management and Town Planning

》Natural Resources of Land Management

》Natural Resources Prospecting Engineering

》Natural Resources Science

》Nature, Transformation & Application of Food Protein

》Nautical Science

》Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

》Naval Architecture and Ocean Environment Protecting

》Naval Electrical Power and Automotive Technology


》Navigation & Marine Medicine

》Navigation Guide and Control

》Navigation Technology

》Navigation, Guidance and Control

》Nervous Biology

》Nervous Medicine and Nerve Hygiene

》Net Engineering


》Network Economics

》Network Engineering

》Network Project

》Network Resources Development

》Networking Engineering



》Neurology of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine



》New Energy Material

》New Energy Materials & Devices

》New Energy Materials and Devices

》New Energy Science and Engineering

》New Energy Science and Technology

》New Environment Protection Biological Materials

》New Environment Protection Materials

》New High Technology Applied in Fruit & Vegetable Preservation

》New Media

》New Type Catalysis Technology

》New Type Electric Machinery Transmission System

》News & Media

》News Study

》Newspaper & Magazine Theory

》Night and Weekend Chinese Language Program


》Non-Electrical Volume Determination

》None-linear analysis

》Non-ferrous Metallurgy

》Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy

》Non-metallic Inorganic Materials Engineering

》Non-organic and Non-metal Material Engineering

》Nonprofit Management

》Nonprofit Organization Management

》Non-traditional Security Management

》Non-universal Language

》Non-woven Materials and Engineering

》Nosology & Pothophysiology

》Nuclear Energy Science & Theory

》Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering

》Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology

》Nuclear Engineering and Technology

》Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

》Nuclear Physics

》Nuclear Science and Engineering

》Nuclear Science and Technology

》Nuclear Technology and Application

》Nuclear Technology Application

》Nucleus and Molecule Physics

》Numerical Control

》Numerical Control Equipment Application and The Maintenance

》Numerical Mathematics


》Nursing of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine

》Nursing Science


》Nutrition & Food Hygiene

》Nutrition and Food Hygiene

》Nutrition and Food Sanitation Medicine

O back to top

》Observation and Control Technique and Instruments

》Observation, Control Technology and Instruments

》Observation, Guidance and Control Technology

》Obstertrics and Gynecology


》Obstetrics & Gynecology

》Obstetrics and Gynecology

》Occupation Disease and Environmental Sanitation

》Occupational and Environmental Health

》Occupational Health & Environmental Health

》Occupational health & Environmental Hygiene

》Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Hygiene

》Ocean and Naval Engineering

》Ocean and Naval Structure Design and Architecture

》Ocean Architecture and Environment

》Ocean Engineering

》Ocean Engineering and Technology

》Ocean Engineering Structure

》Ocean Oil-gas Engineering

》Ocean Resource and Environment

》Ocean Science

》Ocean Technology


》Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

》Oil & Gas Well Engineering

》Oil and Well Engineering

》Oil Biochemistry

》Oil- Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

》Oil- Gas Well Engineering

》Oil-Gas Development Engineering

》Oil-Gas Drilling Engineering

》Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering

》Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

》Oil-Gas Well Engineering

》Old People Medicine


》Ology Socialism and International Communism Movements

》Olymer Materials and Engineering


》One-to-one Chinese Language Program

》One-to-One Chinese Tutorial Course


》Opera Composing

》Opera Instrumental Music

》Opera Performance

》Opera Physical Education

》Operation Research and Cybernetics

》Operational Research & Control Science

》Operational Research & Control Theory

》Operational Research and Cybernetics

》Operational Research and Theory of Cybemetics

》Operations Research and Cybernetics

》Operations Research and Management Science

》Operations Research and Mathematical Statistics


》Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology of Chinese Medicine

》Ophthalmology and Otolaryngoloy of Chinese Medicine

》Ophthalmology and Otolaryngoloy of TCM

》Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology

》Optical Electronics and Information Engineering

》Optical Engineering

》Optical Information Engineering

》Optical Information Science and Engineering

》Optical Information Science and Technology


》Optics Engineering

》Optoelectronic information science and engineering

》Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering


》Optometry and Ophthalmology

》Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

》Oral Basic Medicine

》Oral Basic Sciences

》Oral Chinese

》Oral Clinical Medicine

》Oral Medicine


》Ore-processing Engineering

》Organic Chemistry

》Organic/Inorganic Nanometer Materials

》Organizational Economics

》Organosilicon Chemistry and Materials

》Ornament Plant

》Ornamental Horticulture

》Ornamental Plants and Horticulture


》Orthopedics and Traumatology of Chinese Medicine

》Orthopedics and Traumatology of TCM


》Overseas Chinese Education

P back to top


》Package Engineering

》Package Process & Equipment

》Packaging and Environment Engineering

》Packaging Design

》Packaging Design & Technology Study

》Packaging Engineering

》Packaging Process & Devices

》Packing Engineering



》Painting and Art Design

》Painting and Ceramics

》Painting and Chinese Painting

》Painting History of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

》Painting Initiative and Formal Language

》Paleontology and Stratigraphy

》Paper Manufacture Engineering

》Paper-making Engineering

》Particle and Nuclear Physics

》Particle Physics & Atomic Nucleus Physics

》Particle Physics & Nuclear Physics

》Particle Physics and Atomic Nucleus Physics

》Particle Physics and Atomic Physics

》Particle Physics and Nucleus Physics

》Part-time Comprehensive Chinese Training Class

》Pathogenic Biology

》Pathogenic Organisms

》Pathogeny Biology


》Pathology and Pathological Physiology

》Pathology and Pathophysiology

》Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Management

》Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Management

》Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System

》Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

》Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control

》Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

》Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Navigation, Guidance and Control

》PC Education

》PE & Training

》Pedagogic Principles


》Pedagogy Technology


》Pediatrics of TCM


》Peking Opera Performance

》Penal Law


》Performance Broadcast & TV Directing

》Performance Music

》Performing Arts



》Personality and Psychological health

》Pest Control


》Pesticide Chemistry

》Pesticide Residue Analysis

》Pesticide Science

》Pesticide Study

》Petroleum and Gas Storage and Transportation

》Petroleum and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

》Petroleum Engineering

》Petroleum Geology and Engineering

》Petroleum Mineral Machinery


》Petrology, Mineralogy and Materials

》Pharmaceutical Administration

》Pharmaceutical Analysis

》Pharmaceutical Analysis and Pharmacology

》Pharmaceutical BioInformatics

》Pharmaceutical Biological Informatics

》Pharmaceutical Botany

》Pharmaceutical Chemistry

》Pharmaceutical Design Gene Engineering

》Pharmaceutical Engineering

》Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology

》Pharmaceutical Informatics

》Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biochemistry

》Pharmaceutical Preparation

》Pharmaceutical Science

》Pharmaceutical Technology

》Pharmaceutical Toxicology

》Pharmaceuticals Engineering


》Pharmaceutics and Drug Analysis

》Pharmaceutics Engineering

》Pharmaceutics Preparation







》Pharmacology and Microbiology

》Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica

》Pharmacology of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine


》Pharmacy Administration

》Pharmacy Chemistry

》Pharmacy Design Target

》Pharmacy Dosage

》Pharmacy Engineering

》Pharmacy Explore & Adoption

》Pharmacy Management


》Pharmic Chemistry


》Philology of Ancient China


》Philosophy of Foreign Countries

》Philosophy of Management

》Philosophy of Marxism

》Philosophy of Science

》Philosophy of Science & Logics

》Philosophy of Science and Technology

》Photo Electronic Technology

》Photoelectric Information Engineering

》Photoelectronic Information Technology and Instrument Engineering

》Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

》Photogrammetry and Remote Control

》Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

》Photographic Surveying and Remote

》Photographical Survey and Remote Sensing


》Photo-information Science and Technology


》Phycical Educaion and Training

》Phylogeny of Marxism

》Physic Chemistry

》Physical and Anthropic Sociology

》Physical and Humanistic Sociology

》Physical Chemistry

》Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy

》Physical Culture Education

》Physical Education

》Physical Education and Sports Training

》Physical Education and Training

》Physical Education for Community

》Physical Education Teaching

》Physical Electronic Technology

》Physical Electronics

》Physical Geography

》Physical Geography Exploration Instruments and Method

》Physical Humanities

》Physical Oceanography

》Physical Pedagogy

》Physical Training


》Physics and Chemistry of Material

》Physics Chemistry

》Physics Education

》Physics Electronics

》Physics of Condensed Matter




》Planetary Geology and Chemistry

》Planning & Management of Resources

》Planning and Management for Traffic Transportation

》Plant Biology

》Plant Biotechnology

》Plant Control Chemistry and Biology

》Plant Molecular Genetics

》Plant Nutriology

》Plant Pathology

》Plant Protection

》Plant Quarantine and Biological Safety

》Plant Resource Science

》Plant Science

》Plant Science and Technology

》Plantar Reflexotherapy Program

》Planting and Identification of Chinese Herbal Medicine

》Plasma Physics

》Plastic Arts

》Poisonous & Harmful Substances

》Poisonous & Harmful Substances Identification in Food

》Political & Ideological Education

》Political and Administrative Science

》Political and Economy

》Political and Ideological Education

》Political and Moral Education

》Political and Thought Education

》Political Arithmetic

》Political Economics

》Political Education

》Political Education of Ideology

》Political Finance

》Political Ideology

》Political Science

》Political Science and Administration

》Political Science and Public Administration

》Political Science Theory

》Political Sociology

》Political System

》Political Systems of China and Foreign Countries

》Political Theory

》Politico-moral Education


》Politics & Public Administration

》Politics and Administration

》Politics and Economics

》Politics and Public Administration

》Politics Education

》Politics Science

》Politics Theory

》Polymaterials & Engineering

》Polymer Chemistry

》Polymer Chemistry and Physics

》Polymer Material and Processing Engineering

》Polymer Materials

》Polymer materials and engineering

》Polymer Materials Engineering

》Polymer Science

》Polymer Science & Engineering

》Polymer Transformation & Processing

》Polymeric Chemistry & Physics

》Polymeric Materials and Engineering



》Popular Culture

》Popularity of Art

》Population and Resources Economics

》Population Study

》Population, Resources and Environmental Economics

》Port Channel & Coast Engineering

》Port, Coast and Offshore Engineering

》Port, Fairway and Coast Engineering

》Port, Waterway and Coastal Engineering


》Powder Material Science & Engineering

》Power & Power Transmission

》Power Electronic and Power Drive

》Power Electronics & Power Transmission

》Power Electronics and Drives

》Power Electronics and Driving System

》Power Electronics and Electric Drives

》Power Electronics and Electric Power Drives

》Power Electronics and Electric Transmission

》Power Electronics and Electrical Drive

》Power Electronics and Electrical Transmission

》Power Electronics and Power Drives

》Power Electronics and Power Transmission

》Power Engineering

》Power Engineering and Automation

》Power Engineering and Engineering Heat-Physics

》Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

》Power Engineering and Technology

》Power Engineering Management and Informatization

》Power Engineering Measurement and Control & Stimulation

》Power Machinery and Engineering

》Power Mechinery and Engineering

》Power System and Automation

》Power System and Control

》Power System Engineering & Automation

》Power Systemandits Automation

》Power-driven Machinery & Engineering

》Practaculture Science

》Practical Chinese

》Practical Chinese Course

》Practical Chinese Course for Wives of Foreign Expatriates - Beginner level

》Practical Mandarin Course

》Practice of International Trade

》Practice of Law and Justice

》Prataculture Science

》Pre-Bachelor Program

》Precautionary Veterinary Medicine

》Precise Instrument and Machine

》Precision Instrument and Machinery

》Precision Instruments

》Precision Instruments and Machinery

》Precision Instruments and Mechanics

》Precision Machine & Mechanism

》Preclinical Combination of TCM and Western Medicine

》Pre-college Program Courses

》Predictive Control and Instrument

》Preparation Science of Chinese Medicines

》Preparatory Classes and Bachelor Programs

》Preparatory Course

》Preparatory Course for Degree Study

》Preparatory Programs for Chinese Medicine

》Preparatory Undergraduate Training


》Preschool Education

》Pre-school Education

》Preschool Education Science

》Prescriptions of TCM

》Preservation of Cultural Relics

》Preventative Medicine

》Prevention & Control of Plant Insects and Pests

》Prevention and Control of Mountain Disaster

》Preventive Medicine

》Preventive Veterinary Medicine

》Pri-clinical Medicine

》Primary Education

》Primary Education (Chinese, Mathematics, English)

》Primary Products Processing and Storage Engineering

》Primary Program of TCM

》Primary School Education

》Principle of Education

》Principle of Marxism

》Principle of Pedagogy

》Principle Theory of Marxism

》Principleing Engineering

》Principles and Methodology of Sports Education

》Principles of Education

》Principles of Education Science

》Principles of Marxism

》Principles of Pedagogy

》Printing Engineering

》Printing Engineering & Media Technology

》Printing Quality Testing & Control

》Printing Technology

》Printing Technology & Materials

》Probability & Mathematical Statistics

》Probability and Statistics

》Probability Statistics

》Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

》Probability Theory and Statistics

》Procedural Equipment and Control Engineering

》Procedural Law

》Process Equipment and Control

》Process Equipment and Control Engineering

》Process System Engineering

》Process Testing & Control

》Processing & Comprehensive Utilization of Characterized Agricultural Products

》Processing & Storage Engineering of Agricultural Food

》Processing & Storage Engineering of Aquatic Products

》Processing & Storage of Agricultural Products

》Processing & Storage of Aquatic Products

》Processing and Safety of Food

》Processing and Storage Engineering of Agricultural Produce

》Processing and Storage Engineering of Farm Products

》Processing and Storage of Agriculture Products

》Processing and Storage of Aquatic Products

》Processing and Storage of Farm Products

》Processing Equipment and Control Engineering

》Processing Equipment and Controlling Engineering

》Processing Units and Control Engineering

》Produce Process and Storage Engineering

》Producing Functional Food Ingredients & Additives with Enzyme

》Product Design

》Product Design and Manufacture

》Product Design of Domestic Ceramics

》Product Quality Engineering

》Product System Design & Theory

》Products Design

》Products System Design Theory

》Profession Technology Education

》Professional Accounting

》Professional Educational Techniques

》Professional Political Science and Public Administration

》Professional Technological Education

》Professional Training Programs

》Project Costing

》Project Management

》Project Management and Sustainable Innovation Development

》Project Mechanics

》Project Pricing

》Projects Administration


》Propagation Quarantine

》Property Management

》Propulsion Theory and Engineering of Aeronautics and Astronautics

》Propulsion Theory and Enginnering of Aeronautics and Astronautics

》Prospecting & Exploration of Mineral Resources

》Prospecting and Engineering

》Prospecting Technology and Engineering

》Prosthetic Dentistry


》Protected Agricultural Science & Engineering

》Protected Agriculture

》Protected Cropping

》Protected Horticulture Engineering

》Protected-land Agriculture Science and Engineering

》Protection & Utilization of Fauna and Flora Resources

》Protection & Utilization of Plant Resources

》Protection &Utilization of Forest Resources

》Protection and Utilization of Wild Animals and Plants

》Protection and Utilization of Wild Plants

》Protection and Utilization of Wildlife

》Protection Engineering

》Protection of Animal Genetic Resources


》Psychiatry & Mental Health

》Psychiatry & Psychiatric Health

》Psychiatry & Psychohygiene

》Psychiatry and Mental Health

》Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene


》Psycholinguistics/Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

》Psychological Health Education


》Psychology and Applied Psychology


》Psychosis & Mental Health

》Pubilc Service Management

》Public Administration

》Public Administration in Ethnic Minority Regions

》Public Administration in Ethnic Regions

》Public Administration in International Development

》Public Adminstration

》Public Affairs Management

》Public Art and New Media

》Public Art and Space Design

》Public Art Design

》Public Arts

》Public Business Management

》Public Economic Management

》Public Economic Policies

》Public Economics

》Public Finance

》Public Governance

》Public Health

》Public Health and Preventive Medicine

》Public Health Inspection

》Public Health Laboratory

》Public Health Laboratory Medicine

》Public Health Management

》Public Health of Veterinary Science

》Public Management

》Public Medicine and Health Management

》Public Nutrition

》Public Policy

》Public Project Management

》Public Relations

》Public Relations and Communications

》Public Safety and Emergency Response and Management

》Public Security

》Public Service Administration

》Public Service Management

》Public Sphere

》Public Utilities Management

》Public Works Organization and Management

》Publice Administration


》Pulp and Paper Engineering

》Pulp Making & Paper Making Engineering

》Pulp-Making & Paper-Making Mechanism & Technology

》Pulp-Making Mechanism & Technology

》Pulsed Power and Plasma

》Pure & Applied Mathematics

》Pure and Applied Mathematics

》Pure Mathematics

》Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Q back to top

》Qigong Course

》Qigong Program

》Qigong Training Course

》Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products

》Quality and Safety of Food

》Quality Control and Reliability Engineering

》Quantative Economics

》Quantitative Economics

》Quantum Information & Quantum Calculation

》Quarantine of Plants and Animal

》Quaternary Geology

R back to top

》Radiation and Environmental Protection

》Radiation Medicine

》Radiation Protection and Environmental Engineering

》Radio & Television Art Aesthetics

》Radio & Television Art Theory

》Radio & Television Arts

》Radio & Television Editing & Directing

》Radio & Television Editing and Directing

》Radio & Television History

》Radio & Television Journalism

》Radio & Television Language Art

》Radio & Television Production

》Radio & Television Science

》Radio & TV

》Radio & TV Arts

》Radio & TV Directing

》Radio & TV Editing

》Radio & TV Journalism

》Radio &Television Editing & Directing

》Radio and Television Arts

》Radio and Television Communications

》Radio and Television Editing and Directing

》Radio and television journalism

》Radio and Television Science

》Radio and TV Art

》Radio and TV Directing

》Radio and TV Journalism

》Radio Medicine

》Radio News

》Radio Physics

》Radio Studies

》Radio, Television & Opera Studies

》Radio-and-Television Journalism


》Radiology and Nuclear Medicine



》Rail traffic signal and control

》Raising of Special Money Animal

》Raw Pharmacognosy

》Raw Pharmacology

》Real Estate

》Real Estate Economics

》Real Estate Management

》Real Estate Management & Valuation

》Real Estate Operation and Management

》Real Estate Trade & Management

》Realistic Factors of Oil-painting Language in 16-17th Century Europe

》Realistic Factors of Oil-painting Language in 16-18th Century Europe

》Realistic Factors of Oil-painting Language in 16-19th Century Europe

》Realistic Factors of Oil-painting Language in 16-20th Century Europe


》Recording Arts

》Recycling Engineering of Materials

》Refined Chemicals

》Refrigerating & Low Temperature Engineering

》Refrigeration & Cryogenic Biology

》Refrigeration and Cryogenics Engineering

》Regeneration Material Engineering

》Regional & National History

》Regional and Industrial Economy and Management

》Regional Cultural History

》Regional Culture & Chinese Literature

》Regional Economics

》Regional Economy & Natural Resources Management

》Regional Economy Study

》Regional Food Processing Industry Developing Strategies

》Regular Chinese Language Program


》Rehabilitation & Therapeutics

》Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

》Rehabilitation and Theurapeutics

》Rehabilitation Medicine

》Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy

》Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiatry

》Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy

》Rehabilitation Therapeutics

》Rehabilitation Therapy

》Rehabilitation Treatment

》Relationship between Creation and Fundation Program Teaching

》Religious Studies

》Remote Sensing Geology

》Remote Sensing of Resource and Environment

》Remote Sensing Science and Technology

》Renewable Resource Science and Technology

》Renovation Engineering of Historic Cities and Buildings

》Research & Development of Food Resources

》Research & Development of Functional Food

》Research & Development of Functional Ingredients

》Research & Development of Functional Lipid

》Research & Development of Healthy Food

》Research & Development of New Type Compound

》Research & Utilization of Food Resources

》Research and Creation of Art Media of Open Space

》Research and Cybernetics

》Research and Exploration for Minerals

》Research Methods on Communication

》Research on Apartment Building

》Research on Art Archeology

》Research on Art Language of Contemporary Environmental Sculpture

》Research on Chinese Religious Art

》Research on Colors of Printmaking

》Research on Creation Language

》Research on Cross-cultural Art

》Research on Design of Communication Tools

》Research on Development of Marxism in China

》Research on Digital Media Art

》Research on Etching Language

》Research on Experiment Art

》Research on Expression Mode of Modern Painting

》Research on Expressive Language of Concrete Oil Painting

》Research on Form and Conception of Public Space and Sculpture

》Research on Freehand Figure Painting

》Research on Graphic Design

》Research on Higher Art Education

》Research on Ideological and Political Education

》Research on Image of Landscape Painting

》Research on Ink and Water Figure Painting

》Research on Interior Design

》Research on Jewelry Design

》Research on Landscape Design

》Research on Landscape Painting Creation

》Research on Language of Heavy Color Painting Form

》Research on Language of Wood Engraving

》Research on Latin-American Art

》Research on Local Painting History of Ming and Qing Dynasties

》Research on Local Tradition and Modern Sculpture

》Research on Marxism Localization in China

》Research on Marxism with Chinese Perspectives

》Research on Material Art Language

》Research on Media Art

》Research on Modern Printmaking Language

》Research on Mural Paintings of Chinese Temples

》Research on Non-material Cultural Heritage and Folk Art

》Research on painting

》Research on Product Design

》Research on Product Design and Brand Strategy

》Research on Publicity of Contemporary Sculpture

》Research on Russian Art History

》Research on Sculpture Language in Public Art

》Research on Sinicism of Marxism

》Research on Sketch and Outline Drawing

》Research on Sketching of Chinese Landscape Painting

》Research on Space Visual Art

》Research on Spirit of Landscape Painting

》Research on the Sinicization of Marxism

》Research on Theory and Management of Cultural Heritage

》Research on Theory and Practice of Design Education

》Research on Visual Communication

》Research on Visual Vulture of Han and Tang Dynasties

》Research on Western Art Critics

》Research on Western Art History

》Research on Western Modern and Contemporary Art

》Research on Western Modern Art

》Research on Western Modern Art History

》Research on Writing Language of Landscape Painting


》Resource and Development of TCM

》Resource and Environment Geography

》Resource and Environment Protection

》Resource Economy and Management

》Resource Environment & Town and Country Planning

》Resource Environmental and Urban-Rural Planning and Management

》Resource Exploration Engineering

》Resource Management

》Resource Prospecting Engineering

》Resource Recycling Project

》Resource Recycling Science and Engineering

》Resource Science of Chinese Materia Medica

》Resource-Environment and Urban Planning

》Resources and Environment

》Resources and Environment Science

》Resources and Exploitation of Chinese Materia Medica

》Resources and Urban Planning

》Resources and Urban-and-rural Planning and Management

》Resources Development and Planning

》Resources Economics

》Resources Environment and Urban & Rural Planning

》Resources Environment and Urban Planning Management

》Resources Exploration Engineering

》Resources Industrial Economy

》Resources Management Engineering

》Resources Science and Engineering

》Resources, Environment & Urban-rural Planning Management

》Respiratory Therapy and Critical Care

》Revegetation Engineering

》Risk Management and Insurance

》Road and Railway Engineering

》Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering

》Road, Bridge and River- Ferry Engineering

》Road, Bridge and River-Ferry Engineering

》Roads, Bridges and River-crossing Engineering


》Rock & Soil Engineering

》Rock and Mineral Materials

》Rock and Soil Engineering

》Rural Commerce and Finance

》Rural Development

》Rural District Development

》Rural Education

》Rural Finance

》Rural Regional Development

》Rural Sociology

》Russia Language and Literature


》Russian and English

》Russian Language

》Russian Linguistics and Literature

》Russian Literature

》Russian-Chinese Translation

S back to top

》Safety Analyses and Evaluationonal System

》Safety and Quality of Farm Products

》Safety Engineering

》Safety Engineering in Urban Construction

》Safety Management

》Safety Management and Engineering

》Safety Science and Engineering

》Safety Techniques and Engineering

》Safety Technology and Engineering

》Safety Technology and Engineering of Chemical Industry

》Safety Technology and Science

》Sanitary Inspection

》Sanitation Inspection and Quarantine

》Sanskrit and Pali Language

》Satellite Communications

》Satety Science & Engineering

》Scenery Gardens

》School Curriculum and Teaching

》School Sports Study

》Science & Technological Philosophy

》Science and Educational Administration

》Science and Engineering

》Science and Technology Education

》Science and Technology Management

》Science and Technology of Electronic Information

》Science and Technology of Remote Sensing

》Science and Technology of Renewable Resources

》Science and Technology of Rubber

》Science and Technology Philosophy

》Science Education

》Science Engineering

》Science Management & Engineering

》Science of Educational Technology

》Science of Fisheries Resources

》Science of Kinetic Human Body

》Science of Animated Cartoon

》Science of Archives

》Science of Business Administration

》Science of Ceramic History

》Science of Chinese Pharmacology

》Science of Education

》Science of Educational Leadership

》Science of Educational Technology

》Science of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law

》Science of Fisheries Resources

》Science of Foreign Affairs

》Science of Forest Plant Resource

》Science of Forestry Cultivation

》Science of Forestry Management

》Science of Forestry Protection

》Science of Fruit Trees

》Science of Genome and Biological Informatics

》Science of Grass Industry?

》Science of Human Body in Sports

》Science of Law

》Science of Legal History

》Science of Library, Information and Archival

》Science of Litigation

》Science of Management

》Science of Management and Engineering

》Science of Military Law

》Science of Nature Reserve

》Science of Orthopedics

》Science of Pharmaceutical Analysis

》Science of Physical Culture and Sports

》Science of Physical Education and Training

》Science of Prescription

》Science of Procedure Laws

》Science of Public Management

》Science of Radio & Television

》Science of Raising Special Economic Animals

》Science of Religions

》Science of Remote Sensing and Technology

》Science of Resource and Environment

》Science of Tea

》Science of Teaching Technology

》Science of Vegetables

》Science Sociology

》Science, Technology and Education Management and Knowledge Innovation

》Sciences and Engineering on Agricultural Establishment

》Sciences of Arts

》Scientific and Engineering Computing

》Scientific and Technological Philosophy

》Scientific Education

》Scientific Evaluation of Clinical Drugs and Equipment

》Scientific Philosophy

》Scientific Socialism

》Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement


》Sculpture and Ceramics

》Sculpture Creation

》Sculpture Material Language and Conceptual Expression

》Secretary Education

》Securities Investment

》Security and Emergency Information Technology

》Seed Engineering

》Seed Science and Engineering

》Seed Science and Technology

》Seeds Science and Technology

》Sense of Public Space of Plastic Art


》Sensor Measurement Technology and Engineering

》Sensor Network Technology

》Separation & Purification Technology of Natural Vegetable

》Separation & Purification Technology of Natural Vegetable Active Composition

》Separation & Testing Technology

》Separation Process

》Serial History & Theory


》Service Trade

》Services Science

》Servicing of Car Project

》Shadow Medicine and Nucleus Medicine

》Ship and Ocean Engineering

》Ship Building and Oceanography Engineering

》Shipping and Ocean Engineering

》Shipping Finance

》Shipping Management

》Ships and Marine Structures Design and Manufacture

》Short-Term Chinese Culture Program

》Short-term Chinese Language and Culture Program

》Short-term Chinese Language Program

》Short-term Oral Chinese Program

》Short-term Program in Summer Holiday

》Short-term Programs for Special Groups

》Short-term Regular Chinese Program

》Short-term Special Chinese Language & Culture Program

》Short-term Summer Chinese Course

》Short-term Training of TCM

》Short-term Training Program

》Short-term Training Program for Chinese Teachers

》Short-term Winter Chinese Course

》Sichuan Language

》Sichuan Majiang

》Sichuan Opera

》Signal and Information Engineering

》Signal and Information Processing

》Signal and Signal Disposal

》Signal and Signal Processing

》Signal Treatment of Thermal Engineering

》Signals & Information Management

》Signals and Information Engineering

》Signals and Information Processing

》Signals and Information Treatment

》Silicate Materialsl Special Ceramics

》Silk-screen Printmaking Language and New MAedia


》Silviculture and Forest Protection

》Simulation and Robotics

》Simulation of Fabrication Processes and Environment Behavior of Composite Materials

》Simulation Science and Technology

》Singing Performance

》Sinicized Marxist Theory

》Sino-Australia Joint MBA Program

》Sino-foreign Political System


》Small & Medium Size Enterprises Management

》Smart Technology Building Facilities

》Social & Public Work

》Social and Administrative Pharmacy

》Social and Leisure Sports

》Social Development of Contemporary China

》Social Economics

》Social Guarantee

》Social Health and Administration of Heath career

》Social Iatrology and Management of Sanitation

》Social Language Studies

》Social Medical and Sanitarian Service Administration

》Social Medicine

》Social Medicine and Health Care Management

》Social Medicine and Health Management

》Social Medicine and Health Service Management

》Social Medicine and Sanitation Management

》Social P.E

》Social PE

》Social Physical Education

》Social Policy

》Social Position and Modern Painting

》Social Projects and Management

》Social Psychology

》Social Science

》Social Security

》Social Sports

》Social Welfare

》Social Work

》Social Work and Administration


》Sociology and Educational Culture Studies

》Sociology of Law

》Sociology of PE

》Sociology Work

》Software Engenieering and Management

》Software Engineering

》Software Engineering and Management

》Software Implementation

》Software Programming

》Software Technology

》Software Theory and Engineering

》Soil and Water Conservation

》Soil and Water Conservation & Deforestation Combating

》Soil and Water Conservation and Combating Desertification

》Soil and Water Conservation and Desert Prevention and Control

》Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating

》Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control

》Soil Engineering

》Soil Resource Administration

》Soil Resources Management

》Soil Sciences

》Solar Energy

》Solar Technology and Engineering

》Solid Dynamics

》Solid Earth Physics

》Solid Geophysics

》Solid Mechanics

》Solid State Physics

》Somatic Science

》Sophisticated Chemicals & Natural Substance Chemistry

》Sophisticated Chemistry Engineering & Technology

》Source and Identification of Chinese Materia Medica

》Sources and Development of Chinese Materia Medica

》Southern Medicine Science

》Southern-style Boxing

》Space Engineering

》Space Exhibition Design

》Space Exploration and Information Processing Technology

》Space Geophysics

》Space Information Science and Technology

》Space Information Technology & Application in Civil Engineering

》Space Physics

》Space Science and Technology

》Spanish Language

》Spanish Language and Literature

》Spanish Literature

》Spatial Information and Digital Technology

》Spatial Information Science and Technology

》Spatial Information Technology

》Spatial-Informatics & Digitalized Technology