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About Wuhan
Wuhan is a generic name, referring to the three linked mid-Yangtze Rivercities of Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang. Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, is the largest city in Central China. Wuhan has always been known as the "Thoroughfare of Nine Provinces". Wuhan has a long history and rich cultural heritage. The city has a solid industrial foundation, with metallurgy, machinery, light industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics and building materials is its pillar industries. Some promising high-tech sectors are rising, including fiber optics, biological engineering, lasers, microelectronics, and new materials.
Area: 8, 410 square kilometres
Population: 7.8 million
Location: in the middle of Hubei Province of China, East Longitude 113°41′-115°05′, North Latitude 29°58′-31°22′.the east of Jianghan Plain, and the intersection of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and Hanshui River.
Climate: Wuhan belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate. There are sufficient rainfall and sunshine as well as four distinct seasons. Climate here is pleasant generally. In recent thirty years, the average annual rainfall is 1269mm, mainly from June to August; annual temperature is 15.8℃-17.5℃, annual frost free period lasts 211 to 272 days and annual sunlight duration is 1810 to 2100 hours.
Scenery Spots in Wuhan
Chairman Mao Zedong's Villa

The famous villa of Chairman Mao Zedong in Wuhan is strategically located at the scenic bank of East Lake of Wuchang, which consists of Meiling Buildings One, Two and Three. It was once a retreat house for Chairman Mao and other privileged ruling members of the Politburo. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao in a letter nicknamed it "Home of the White Clouds and Yellow Cranes" where he enjoyed the quiet ambiance and great relief it offered. The attractive scenery of tree-lined footpath, dense grove, flying songbirds, and Chairman Mao's favourite pines, bamboo trees and plums seen everywhere can undoubtedly, make one reluctant to leave.Meiling was Mao's summer villa where he lived for a long time and often visited many times besides Zhongnanhai. He came here once a year up to three times a year, at the most, and stayed for one month to as long as six months.
East Lake Scenic Area
East Lake, the biggest scenery tourist attraction in Wuhan and also the largest lake within a city in China, is located on the south bank of the Yangtze River and in the east suburb of Wuchang. It covers an area of 87 square kilometers (33 square kilometers of water area) that is five times greater than the area of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Because of its winding banks and crisscrossing ponds and brooks, it is called "a lake with 99 bays". The East Lake Scenic Area was formed from many famous scenic spots along the bank. The six major ones are Tingtao (Listening to Surging Waves), Mo Hill (Millstone Hill), Luoyan (Diving Wild Goose), Baima (White Horse), Chuidi (Playing Flutes), and Luohong Hills.Among the six scenic areas, Tingtao and Mo Hill scenic areas are the most two notable and are open to visitors.
Local Food
Hongshan Vegetable Bolts

A kind of red vegetable grown in Hongshan District in Wuchang is a speciality of Wuhan. It is crisp and tender with a refreshing flavor. A famous dish called Hongshan Bolts fried with Smoked Pork (Cai4 Tai2 Chao3 La4 Rou4) can be found on every menu in any restaurant. The carefully chosen vegetables are those grown right around the area near Baotong Temple in Hongshan, which are considered to be the most crisp and tender. The bolts and smoked pork are cut into three-centimeter (1.86-mile) long pieces and stir-fried. The finished dish should be fresh and tender.In most of the restaurants you can find the above specialties on the menu. The well-known chain restaurants in the city include Little Blue Whale (Xiao Lan Jing), Wuhan San Wu, Yan Yang Tian, Hubei San Wu, and Fu Sheng. They all have branches established throughout the city.

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