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China University of Geoscience wrote “Revelation”


“Our research has prooved directly the first time that ancient ocean surface tempreture reached 40 degree, instead of the hypothesis that “less than 30 degree” American journal Science published papers witten by students and teachers from China University of Geoscience, human beings drew thermograph for the earth 250 million years ago when biological mass extinction, providing nowdays global warming research with new information

It is said that the first writter of this research achievement published on magazine Science was a 27-year-old professor Sun Yadong, and other 5 teachers and students of China University of Geoscience. Prof. Lai Qulong majored in the University’s Paleontology and Stratigraphy is teamleader of the research team. Lai explained that the team started cellecting rock sample at the border land between Guizhou and Guangxi, then using chemical reagant to disolve the rock, through sevral times selction, selected fishes called conodont to do experiment,in the whole process 2 tons of rock sample was brough back. 


"10 kilograms of rock can be resloved through at least on year’s soaking, then pick out pinpoint sized conodonts from various mineral impurity, then doing oxygen isotope experiments on conodonts, and finaly get the tempreture data." Prof. Lai’s another doctral students Yan Chunbo is the fourth writter of the paper. Yan said, selecting conodonts is very boring, they usually spend hours watching through the microscope, pick out the suitable ones according to the number of conodonts. On the last stage of the research, order to increase the amount of samples, Sun Yadong spent 400 hour in a month observing in the microscope, on average 13 hours per day, finally selected 5000 conodonts. the day before, the journalist experienced seeing the world in the microscope in the lab, having staring at the sample for 2 minites, the journalist’s eye obviously felt scratchy when getting back on.   

“According to the experiment,at that time, the temperature of the ocean surface reached 40 degree, the tempreture of the land could probabaly reach 50 degree, in the past no one could say that tempreture in ancient time reached such a high degree, now the experiment have got the evidence.” Prof. Lai explained, the research has meaning of revelation for current global warming problem, if the tempreture could reach such a high degree, it will take billions years for biosphere to recover. 

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