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Vice-Principal Changyong Wang led a six-member delegation to visit America.


23rd to 28th September, Vice-Principal Changyong Wang led a six-member delegation to visit Mandal College and the Massachusetts Maritime University, the members of the delegation are Maritime Academy Dean Ran Dai, the Transportation Management Dean Jing Lv, vice president Linxin Shen, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, Weihua Luo and international cooperation and exchanges, Deputy Director Chuanyong Yang.


On 24th, Sept. delegation visited Mandal Colllege located in city Buffalo. President of Mandal College Dr. Juraseks, vice president Dr. Douglas Howard, John Crawford, Matthew Carver, Dean of Teaching Affairs Office Dr. Norman Muir and so on main leaders attended ceremony of welcome for delegation. On the basic of the original cooperation projects, Both sides negotiated  “1+2+1” Undergraduate double degree program of Business Administration, “3+1” program of English language and Business Administration as well as students exchange programs related to. Changyong Wang and Dr. Jurasek one behalf of each other’s school signed cooperative agreement.    


During the visit, the delegation saw stdents of ours who are taking the program in Mandal College, and had coversation with them to understand their study, and living conditions. Changyong Wang said that the school was very concerned about students participating in the project, hoped students cherish the chance to learn something, and made contribution to nation’s construction. Weihua Luo expressed his greeting to the students on behalf of school of foreign language, and said the school of foreign language is their home, if there was any question, the school will try their best to help. Jing Lv also encouraged students from school transportation management participating in the exchange and study to adjustand get used to their life as soon as possible, and complete their study.


Changyong Wang with all members of delegation looked around Mandal College’s teaching, accommodation and facilities, had a specific understanding of the college.25th, the delegation visited Harvard University and the Massachusetts institute of technology in Boston.


26th, the delegation visited Massachusetts Maritime University, it arranged a Morning exercises rank ceremony for delegation as to show their welcome, and held special ceremony such as guard of honor scorts the Chinese national flag, the military band played the national anthem of China.

After the morning exercises, President Richard Gurnon of Massachusetts Maritime University personally kept the delegation accompany to look around main venues and facilities, including teaching building, library, classroom, museum “Kennedy” training ship, and introduced relevant conditions about teaching and living management.

Having been showed around, both parties negotiated the cooperation in Richard Gurnon’s office, and fully discussed about developing navigation technology professional “2+3+0.5” double undergraduate program as well as school of transportation management“3+1”and students exchange program, and reached an agreement. Changyong Wang and Rchard Gurnon on behalf of each other’s school signed the agreement on developing developing navigation technology professional “2+3+0.5” double undergraduate program.


On this visit, the delegation complete the scheduled tasks successfully, expanded the origl cooperative program, making a new breakthrough in international cooperation in navigation technology specialty, and laying a way to promote school’s internationalization construction.

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