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Chinese Navigation Society academic annual conference in 2012 was Held at Dalian Maritime University


2nd to 3rd Nov. Chinese Navigation Society academic annual conference in 2012 was Held at Dalian Maritime UniversityChinese Navigation Socity executive vice chairman Liu Gongchen, vice chairman of Chinese Navigation Socity and President of Dalian Maritime University Wang Zuwen, Science Soiety of Dalian, Liaoning Martime Bureau secretary of Party committee Lin Bo, The traffic department of transportation cadre management college secretary of party committee Pang Song, Guang Dong Navigation Bureau secretary of Party secretary Chen Biwu attend the conference.


Liu Gongchen said in his speech that Chinese Navigation academic annual conference is a platform for massive navigation science and technology workers’ academic exchange, with the help of the platform, learn to always serve the navigation science and technology workers, serve navigation science and technology development, serve directions and strategy of navigation productivity development, insist on developing multi-levels, wide navigation culture exchange, increasingly strengthen Chinese Navigation Society’s influence in international navigation science and technology fileds, show new image of China’s navigation science workers and China’s harbor-shipping enterprise’s aggressive spirit while developing massive navigationors and navigation science workers’ innovative spirit.


Liu Gongchen said, the academic exchange mechanism that Chinese Naviation Society founded had ove ten years history, for over ten years, many people who attended annual academic exchange conference became famous scholars in domestic navigation even internation navigation filed, some of them became leading person in the unit which thay are working for, many research achievements published on the conference were of great use in coporations or units producation and scientific research after application and dissemination


Wang Zuwen, Lin Bo, Li Min spoke on the conference, congratulated this annual conference a complete successChina institute of navigation secretary-general ZhaoDongYe hosted opening sitting

Dalian Maritime University vice president Pan Xinxiang hosted subject report on Some Problems of Marine Economic Rights and Blue Ocean Culture and Marine Culture; the four fellows exchanged ideas on the topics that The Reflection of Human Resource Mangement Theory in Navigation Business, Ship Docking Method in Speed Control, China’s ship Recycling Industry Developmental Situation and Strange Ship AIS Signal Appears in Each World Warter Area; the representatives attended the conference divided into Navigation Shipping Practice, Navigation Security and Environment Pollution Protection and Control three groups, and made exchange speech.


As reported, the conference collected academic papers 360 pieces, 78 among which were selected excellence. The organizing committee selects the special award 1 article, 1 first prize artical,2  second prize of article , 3 third prize article




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