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   ECJTU provides versatile diploma and non-diploma education at different levels for those who are interested in Chinese culture, and welcomes students from abroad to study at ECJTU. ECJTU possesses excellent faculty consisting of pioneering young researchers, famous senior scholars and experts. Moreover, the university invites many famous experts to give lectures on subjects other than the Chinese language. The school opens elective courses such as Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese ecnomics, Chinese philosophy and Chinese law for interested international students. According to their different requirements, these courses will also introduce basic knowledge of Chinese social economy, history and culture.
    ECJTU applies itself to train students to understand traditional Chinese culture, to cultivate students with proficient ability in Chinese. As you may know, in today’s world, international experience is a much desired quality. The diploma education includes 30 undergraduate programs for a bachelor’s degree, such as art, ecnomics, law, management, computer science, civil engineering, architecture and so on. Non-diploma education includes Chinese culture and art program, summer (winter) camp for international students, long-term Chinese language students, short-term Chinese language students, etc.
    Besides, if you want to continue your undergraduate studying at ECJTU, your credit hours can be changed into ours, so you can only study some lessons, we recognize the credit hours you have completed in your formal university. These students will get two diplomas and two bachelor’s degrees when they complete all the credit hours and recognized by both part.
    International Cooperation and Exchanges Office is responsible for the management of all international students at East China Jiaotong University.

Welcome to study at East China Jiaotong University(华东交通大学)