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ESC RENNES visited GDUFS for the fist time to negotiate MBA projects cooperation


“Hope the friendship between the two universities remains foever.” On the morning of 1st, November, vice president of ESC RENNES Jean Michel Viola said so when in his first visit to GDUFS. Yang Bei, Chinese representative of ESC RENNES accompanied to visit. GDUFS vice president Gu Yeli interviewed the guests in conferencer room of the 9th teaching building at North campus, Sun Xiaoqin, president of school of MBA and Wu Junfeng, deputy director of internnational office also attended. Two parties talked about the cooperative projects of School of MBA.


Gu Yeli welcomed Viola and the delegation. He said that GDUFS insisted on intenationalization characteristics educational philosophy, made every effort to realising its domestic status and improment of international influenc. While the key step in education internationalization constructing is that develop wide exchange and deep cooperation with superior universities worldwide. Gu Yeli also pointed out that a delegation led by GDUFS Party Committee secretary Sui Guangjun once visited ESC RENNES on September, thus laying a foudation for the two universities’ futher cooperation, as a result that he hoped to take this chance to cooperate with each other and jointly enhance the international education.

Gu Yeli also mentioned that ESC RENNES was developing very fast and had bright international characteristics in which GDUFS School of MBA had lots of similarities with ESC RENNES, expecially in “Global view, Absolutely English Teaching” in this kind of talents training concepts and mode, the two universites were the same. He also showed the two parties cooperative intention in some other fileds, and hoped that ESC RENNES could keep paying attention to GDUSF’s development, in the meawhile, GDUFS would also try its best to promote the cooperation between the two universities.

Viola hope that the cooperative projects can be take effect.


Viola thanked for GDUFS’s warm reception, he said, “ That most universities cannot make it but GDUFS is that a “ Chemical reaction” produced through a short contact.” He thought that a better overall cooperatoin would come ture through establishing friendship, Sui Guangjun and his delegation’s visiting to SC RENNES created wide cooperative space and chance for the two parties, this was an importand reason that he made a short time return visit to GDUFS. 

Viola mentioned that the two parties had cooperative intention in both double degree and EMBA projects when communicating with Sun Xiaoqin and Zeng Yuran before the meeting, he hoped that these projects ccould be carried out as soon as possible. In addition, he agree with the consistency analysis on two universities’ strategic positioning and sincerely invited represenatives of GDUFS to visit ESC RENNES again. In the end, Gu Yeli presented Viola with souvenir and posted of pictures

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