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The Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy in New Zealand Returned to His Alma Mater


On Oct.21st, Cheng Lei, Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, accompanied by Chen Weirong, Vice President of New Zealand Alumni Association paid a visit to GDUFS on October 21st.  Both are former GDUFS students who majored in English Administration of Foreign Affairs in 1988 and returned to visit their alma mater and meet with fellow students.

GDUFS Party Secretary Sui Guangjun, President Zhong Weihe, and Vice President Xu Guobin,  made time to meet with the alumni together. They also negotiated over such issues as internationalized cooperation between GDUFS and the universities in New Zealand. Jiao Fangtai, Dean of the Office of International Affairs, Xie Weiguang, Secretary-General of Alumni Association, and Pan Xiangyu, Assistant Secretary-General also attended the meeting.

This wasn't the first time Cheng Lei and Chen Weirong visited the campus. They met with Vice President Xu Guobin before. Last time Vice President Xu Guobin updated them on the recent situation of GDUFS and asked Cheng Lei and Chen Wei to convey greetings to the alumni in New Zealand and welcomed them to return to their alma mater in the future.

Cheng Lei(on the right) and Chen WeiRong, accompanied with Xu Guobin etc. are visiting the campus

Cheng Lei and Chen Weirong paid a special visit to the “Alumni House? They recalled their school days with their former counseler Gu Guangcheng as well as other teachers. They said without their alma mater and their wonderful teachers, they would not have been able to achieve their current success. All in all it was a memorable visit.

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