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Teachers of GDUFS won champion of Guangdong area of the national foreign language teaching competition.


The Finals(Guangdong area) of the third “Foeign teachers society cup” national oreign language teaching competitionhosted by Guangdong province Ministry of Education and undertaken by GDUFS was held in academic hall of No.6 teaching building at north campus. Gu Yikui, a teacher from GDUFS school of English literature won the first prize due to his new class design and stable performance in question answering round, Chen Haihui of GDUFS and Huang Duwei of Shenzhen University won the second prize.


The Competition

Deputy research of Guangdong province Ministry of Dducation higher education department Liu Wenping, vice dean of Foreign Language Education Society Huang Wei, Vice president of GDUFS Liu Jianda, director of Teaching Affair Office Zan Wendu, president of School of English Language Wen Binli, vice president of School of Business English Peng Lingling, vice president of School of Education Dong Jinwei attended the competition.

Liu Jianda said in his speech that foeign languge teaching competition provvided a stage on which the English majored teachers showed their talents and skiils, was looking forward the competition to be the uphill fight between the English majored teachers

Liu Jianda spoke on the competition


Class innovation: student centre or teacher dominant

The competition contained teaching report and question answering two parts, the contests must show class teaching designs on envionmental works Silent Spring by Rachel Carson in 10 minites, and answer the judges’ question.

In accord with characteristic of university undergraduate education, many contests abandoned teacher teach this kind of mothed, and adopted student centre mode instead, thorugh which to guide student’s thought to the article so as to reache the gole that making students produced “ critical thinking”

The first Gu Yikui put foward a educational idea of “learning by participation” and show his unique “CAP teaching mode. The so called “CAP” means content, activity and purpose, this three concepts stay close to idea of student centre. He added large amount of discussions and exchange thinkings in his class, while the teacher simply works as “advisor”


Gu Yikui, first prize winner of GDUFS emphasis on student centred education.

In addition, he also added mock debates at the end of the course, let the students state their opinions on environment pollution by successively standing on the government, residents and legal experts side, put what they have learnt into class practice,got ride of tedious class teaching mode used to be. In the follwing question answering part, he said tha the teacher use to work as a leading role. However, in his class he hoped that the teacher simply is orientor who leads student to learn independently, as it is that “to tell someone the way to do is better than to tell him the result.”In the end, he got the highest score and become the champion of the competition due to his fresh course design.

The novel teaching methos emerges one after another, motivating the students’ interests.

In addtition to the innovation of teaching form, in terms of specific teaching method, the teachers of the competition adopted all kinds of novel and interesting ways to motivate students’ interests in studying the text.


The No. 7 contest Chen Haihui showed some picitures about “ environment pollution” to the students in his class, by which motives students’ interests. When comes to text rhetoric learning, she asked students to use simple sentences to experss the same meaning so as to experience the beauty of the language through comparison.

Chen Haihui, the second prize winner of GDUFS takes part in the competition.

Huang Zhuangwei form Shenzhen University won the second prize.


While the No. 10 contestant asked students to walk out campus themselves and conduct a survery on Chinese environment instead of remaining on datas in the books; the No. 4 contest Song Tianjiao by way of asking questions and watching relevant videos at the begining of his class to lead students to have discussion about the text,and asked them to develop a debate according to the ideas in the text so so to cultivate students' critical thinking. The No. 8 contestant asked student to give their own measures for environment protecting in point of view of legislator


Liu Jiandan is gives award to the winners

Result of the competition:  Applying theroy to practice.

Before the competion stats, Liu Jianda said that the competition was helpful to improve teachers’ teaching levels and promote perfection and updating of the teaching method; it is beneficial to promote exchange, communication and dvelopment of advanced teaching ideas and finally promote the talent education.

The champion of the competition winner Gu Yikui said that what he had learnt in the competition was much more than that he did in his whole teaching career. Firstly, his capble of dealing with complex situations got improved. In aspect of teaching, to be one who have never learnt teaching method, he had a clear recognization on teaching framwork and bettter understand the functions of activities in teaching. He also believed that it was necessary to emphasis student centre on technical ability teaching, this could improve the participation degree of students,and truly held them to improve their skills.

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