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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Confucius Institute in Peru held Chinese culture week


Confucius Institute that Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Peru saint Mary Catholic university cooperately founded held a ever large Chinese culture week, which was warmly welcomed by local people. The held of the culture week also made a China hot spring out in  Arequipa, second city of Peru.

On 22nd, October, “Centry look back” photographing show was brought to the stage at first, the photos displayed all reflects Chinese recent 100 years history change. The photographing show was set up at porch of city government hall, attracted massive citizen’s coming to appreciate the show. In the meanwhile, 6 Chinese films were played in turns in theater hall of city government hall, let the local people have a better understanding and knowledge of China’s apprearence especially China situation since the reformation.


Photographing exhibition

On 27th, Chinese culture week’s last but best activity Chinese culture exhibiton day was brought to the stage on San francisco square. The activity contains Exhibition, calligraphy and handcraft show, traditional program show and food 4 parts. The audience tasted dumplings, beef meatball, dumpkin biscuit and so on Chinese delicious food, at the same time enjoyed Tai Chi show, dance of dai nationality, drum dance and so on these traditonal Chinese performances. Chinese president of confucius institute sent by GUFS and Chinese teachers show their talents, brought local people a marvelous Chinese culture meal.

Huang Huiming is giving a speech


Traditinal Chinese program peformance


Tai Chi Xiu

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