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Paris No. 7 University of France vice president visited GDIFS again, discussing multi-directional cooperation


On the morning of 3rd December, Frederic Ogee, vice president of Paris No. 7 University of France, Che Weimin, director of international department of Ministry of Education overseas students service center and Zong Huawei, director of overseas degree authentication center visited GDUFS. Presdient Zhong Weihe met the guests at North campus. People who accpanied to intervew were assistant to president and president of internaionl college Chen Linhan, Party Committee secretary He Hongliang, deputy director Wu Junfeng of international department and so on.

Zhong Weihe welcomed Frederic and other guests’ coming, and thanked them for support for GDUFS international cooperation. He introduced that in order to adapt to constructional  demand of economics, culture, education in Guangdong, GDUFS set up advance translation college by integrating high level translation teaching, research resource and teaching resource, which is aimed at cultivating advanced translation talents GDUFS acitively promote education internatinalization development, so far it has established cooperation with 40 contries of over 230 universities. Zhong Weihe hope that Frederic could communicate with more colleges on this visit so as to develop students exchange, teachers exchange and cooperative research cooperation between GDUFS and Paris NO.7 University of Frence.



Frederic thanked for Zhhong Weihe and other people’s welcome. He said that he was happy to have been in GDUFS again . Last time, he was in a rush, so this time he hope that he could spend more time understanding GDUFS and negotiating feasible cooperation. Paris NO.7 University of Frence enjoys a great fame in Frence as GDUFS does in China. So far 26,000 students are studying in the university, and 600 of which are studying Chinese. He hope this 600 ones could study in GDUFS as exchange students and experience real Chinese culture. For time being, there are 4 universities including Paris No. 7 University and 4 colleges have made up university union to share recourse. Till 2017, Paris government will integrate the 8 shools into a university with 120,000 students. At the time, the new university will have more cooperative circles with GDUFS.

 Zhong Weihe is presentiing souvenir to Frederic

Taking photo together.

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