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GDUFS College of International Students invited American professors to deliver a career development lecture


On the afternoon of 5th December, College of International Students invited professor Andy Curtis from American Anaheim University to deliver a academic lecture themed “Teachers' professional and course teaching material synchronous development”, the lecture was the 15th activity of College of International Students education’s “World culture workshop” teachers training series.


teachers are listening carefully

All GDUFS’ teachers, forein teachers who teaching English-instructed bachelor degree programs and Prof. Cheng Liying of Queen University of Canada who comes to attend GDUFS second applied language forum attended the activity.
In the lecture, Andy Curtis pointe out that so far teaching criterion settng revolve around Plan, Teach/Act, Reflects three rounds, it concernes about students’ Achievement but ingnores teachers’ demand and teacher’ career development. he explained urgency in teachers growth’and development at information era, the teacher need to dicuss problems in teaching together, it has direct influence on effect of teaching innovation if teaches’ career development is ingnored.




Andy Curtis is giving his speech.

When dicussing the problem in “How to estalish effective learn-type class question when facing international students”, Andy Curtis believed that students should overcome their own national culture bound and learn different solutions step by step. 

Some teachers for college of international student eduction reflected: “ I used to suppose that my development shoud make a room for students demand and university’s overall demand, but now I think that the it makes education have originality and development when organicly combine with this three. 

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