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Welcome to hebei North University(河北北方学院)

Hebei North University is a provincial-administrated multi-faculty university, which can grant Batchlor Acad emic Degree and Master Academic Degree.


The University was founded in May 2003, approved by Ministry of Education and combined from former three provincial-administrated institutions of higher learning in Zhangjiakou: Zhang jiakou Medical College(ZJKMC), Zhangjiakou Teacher’s College(ZJKTC), Zhangjiakou Advanced Postsecondary Agronomy School(ZJKAPAS). It’s only multi-faculty university in the north of Hebei Province. 

The former of Zhangjiakou Medical College(ZJKMC) was Bethune Hygiene Health School with Jinchaji Military Command, promoted to undergraduate college in 1982 and successfully passes undergraduate course teaching evaluation sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The former Zhangjiakou Teacher’s College was founded in 1923 and the former Zhangjiakou Advanced Postsecondary Agronomy School(ZJKAPAS) in 1954. All the three col..View more

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Welcome to study at hebei North University(河北北方学院)