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Enrollment Information for Long-term Students (more than six months)


1. Applying Qualification
Aging from 18 to 60, with Senior High School Graduation Certificate, Healthy.
2. Applying Materials
1) Application form for study at Henan University
(Downloading from: http:// dwhy.henu.edu.cn)
2) Graduation Certificate and School Report, two copies for each
3) Two Pictures ( 3×5cm), Copy of Passport
3. Applying Ways
1) Post the Application Form(s) to: International School For Chinese Language and Culture, Henan University, 85 Minglun Street, Kaifeng, Henan, P. R. China. 475001
2) Sending E-mail to: dwhy@henu.edu.cn
3) Sending Fax to: +86-378-2190-665
4. Applying Time
For Autumn Semester: before August 30th
For Spring Semester: January 31st
Report to Registration on: September 1st to 3rd and Around February 15th each year
Class Dividing Examination 
September 4th or Around February 18th
Examination Form    
Written Examination   
Written Examination
Paying on
September 15th    
February 20th
Study Duration   
September 5th to January 10th (approve. time)    
February 19th to June 30th
5. Tuition and Fee
1) Tuition
11,200 RMB/year
2) Registration and Management Fee
700 RMB/year
3) Student Card
20 RMB
4) Library Card Deposit
100 RMB
5) Physical Examination
280 RMB
6) Residence Permit
400 RMB/year
6. Accommodation
TV, telephone, air-conditioner, individual bathroom, 24-hour hot water, public laundry, public refrigerator etc.
Single Room 60 RMB/day
Double Room 30 RMB/day
Note: One to One Class is available at the cost of: 120 RMB/hour, and will be arranged according to the require(s) of the applicant.

Welcome to study at Henan University(河南大学)