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Henan University of Technology (HAUT), approved by the State Ministry of Education and Henan Provincial Government in May 2004, was established on the basis of the amalgamation of Zhengzhou Institute of Technology and Zhengzhou Polytechnic Institute. Both Zhengzhou Institute of Technology and Zhnegzhou Polytechnic Institute were founded in 1956. Zhengzhou Institute of Technology, initially named Zhengzhou Grain College, was the first college of the State Grain Ministry and one of the earliest engineering colleges in Henan Province. Zhengzhou Polytechnic Institute was one of the first key institutes awarded the National Model Advanced Engineering Institute.


HAUT covers an area of 218 hectares. The new campus, covering 185 hectares, is located in the Zhengzhou Hi-tech Development Zone. The school is well equipped with advanced facilities. The school has accomplished the University Resources Project (URP). The internationally-advanced digital campus system of the new campus has integrated the digital management system, CA system, network teaching system, VOD and video-meeting system, “one card access” system, etc, which provide efficient information service for education, research and management.


HAUT has a faculty with academic prestige and educational experience. There are 1401 full time teachers, among which there is 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 specially-appointed professors of Henan government. 10 supervisors for Ph.D.students.


HAUT provides 47 master programs, 46 bachelor programs composing 6 categories of disciplines, namely engineering, sciences, economics, business, liberal arts and law. HAUT has 6 provincial key-disciplines and a full-time enrolment of over18543 students by the year of 2007. The school establishes the most comprehensive discipline group in Grain, Oil and Food in China, which displays superior advantages and characteristic in the grain industry of China. Based on the application of digitalization, the school also shows superiority in applied research and development in the fields of advanced manufacturing technology, auto-controlling, and the application of new material of special type as super-hard material, abrasive and grinder.


There are 6 national or provincial research agencies such as the Grain Logistics Research and Training Center of China, etc. set in the university, and 25 school-set agencies as Zhengzhou Grain, Oil and Food Engineering Construction Institute. There are over 2.375 million volumes in the library for students. In the last 3 years, HAUT has undertaken 62 projects of National Natural Science Fund Project, National Social Science Fund Project, Key Scientific Research Project and National 863 Hi-Tech Project. The Journal of Henan University of Technology, which has been selected into the China’s Journal Collection, is a nationally renowned academic magazine.


Advocating international academic exchange and cooperation, HAUT has entered into partnership with more than 20 renowned universities internationally. Joint educational programs of different levels and different forms have been developed in the disciplines of business and food science and technology. Besides, HAUT has been keeping very close research relationship with many international research institutes such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN, the France Export Cereals, etc.


Students of HAUT show strong comprehensive quality and creativity. In the 7th and 8th Challenge Cup Competition of College Students Extracurricular Academic Works, they achievement ranks 19th and 15th among China’s Universities. The annual employment rate of graduates ranks the first among the universities in Henan Province in the last 4 years successively, as a result HAUT was granted the Model School for Employment Work by the State Ministry of Education.


All the staff is now working hard for the aim to build Henan University of Technology a qualified education and research orientated, multi-discipline university.


Welcome to study at Henan University of Technology(河南工业大学)