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 About Harbin
Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, is the core of politics, economics, culture, science and tech. and transportation in the northeast of China.  Harbin possesses of the luxuriant mineral resources, 63 varied categories of mineral resources, the explored 25 species of which are utilized for industry.

Area: 53,068 square kilometers
Population: in excess of 10 million, and over 4 million in the city center alone
Location: located in the belt within 125°42′E to 130°10′E and 44°04′N to 46°40′N and situated in the northeast of China and in the south of Heilongjiang Province
Harbin is infamous for its very cold winters — it is at the same latitude as Montreal, and winter temperatures as low as -38.1°C have been recorded. Bring more clothes than you will think you will need so that you can layer. Average daytime summer temperatures are in the mid 20s(°C) with a few weeks reaching low 30s, while the coldest part of winter averages a chilly -17°C. Harbin can be a great place to visit in the summer. The weather is cool and it seems to be perpetually breezy, and most of Harbin's streets are lined with trees.
Scenery spots
Ice Lantern and Sculpture
Makingice lanterns and sculptures in winter is a folk art long enjoyed by thelocal people. Ice sculpting has become a major seasonal event enjoyed by residents. Each year, in the depths of winter, tourists descend ontothe city to view the spectacular works of ice art created by local andforeign ice sculptors. This annual event starts on January 5th at Zhao Lin Park, which is named after an anti-Japanese general buried in the park. The festival runs for two months. Scattered in the park are sculptures of various motifs, which ingeniously combine ice and snow with the illuminating effects of lighting to create a winter fantasy land at night. One can see lively human and animal figures, imposing buildings and ancient castles, awe-inspiring icebergs and caves, plus various kinds of ice lanterns and lights hanging high and low, making the whole park looklike a crystal palace.
Sun Island and Song Hua River
SunIsland lies on the other side of the Song Hua River. During summer, the whole island is covered with thick plants and lush foliage. The island boasts white sand and water, fun for swimming and lazing on the beach.Artificial flower terraces and artistic sculptures juxtapose theunspoiled rustic surroundings. Tucked in the grove are several resorts.Located on the southwestern part of the island is the Sun Island Restaurant, which from afar looks like a cruise ship docked on the wharf.During winter, the river is frozen to a thickness of 70-80cm,becoming a winter playground. Popular activities include winter swimming, skating, ice sailing, sledding, and sleighing.
The Forest Botanical Garden
The botanical garden includes garden of sample trees, garden of medical herbs, geographic area of forest plants, area of aquatic plants, experimental area of poplars, area of valuable timber forest, area of industrial plants and fruit trees. Being the only national forest park located in a city, the garden is among China's large-scale botanical gardens. Inside the garden are the pine genera, birch genera, willow genera, maple genera, composite genera, honeysuckle genera and ginseng genera, etc. they constitute a forest family of 114 families and over 200 genera. The bush, arbor, flowers and trees, herbs, liana deciduous trees and evergreen trees have formed a harmonious forest melody.

Local Snacks
Lie Ba

Lie Ba is a kind of large Russian bread. The weight of this round shaped bread can be as much as 2.5 kilograms. Its golden, crack crust and slightly sweet taste will definitely excite your appetite. The breads baked by Qiu Lin Shopping Mall and Huamei Western Food Restaurant are recognized to be the most delicious.
Red Sausage and Air-Dried Sausage
Ranking with Lie Ba as a typical Harbin snack, the Harbin red sausage and air-dried sausage are also regarded in great honor by locals. After enjoying this flavor, do not forget to take some with you as a present to your friends.
Songren Xiaodu (pinenuts tripe)
You can find this local pork dish at Zheng Yang Lou. The mixture of the two materials aims to enhance the flavor of pork with the refreshing pinenuts.
How to get to Harbin Engineering University
From Harbin Airport

a. Take the airport bus and get off at the terminal station,and than take Bus No.82 to the Harbin Engineering University Stop.
b. Take a taxi,about 35mins and 100-120rmb which is 15 to 17dollars.
From Harbin Railway Station
a. Take Bus No.11,No64,No107 to the Harbin Engineering University Stop.
b. Take a taxi,about 10mins,10rmb which is 1.5dollars.
From Weihai Bus Station
a. Take Bus No.12,30mins or more ,
b. Take a taxi,about 15-25rmb which is about 2 to 4dollars

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