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On 8 January, HEU signed the agreement with the contest organizing committee of ACM/ICPC for officially assigned with the host right for the World Finals 2010.

Harbin Engineering University has committed to provide all resources necessary to accomplish this task, whether financial, staffing, facilities, and accommodations. ACM/ICPC organizing committee shall provide instructions on technology and organization, besides financial supports with the sponsorship IBM.

Until now, HEU Contest Steering Committee with the University is committed to the work in following three aspects:

1. to organize a fine Asian regional contest in 2008, and to send delegations to observe the world finals in 2008 and 2009 in order to gain organizing expertise.

2. to enhance promotion by sending invitations to worldly well-known colleges and universities and to broaden ACM/ICPC influence in order to attract more participations.

3. to make well-planned preparation including contest process, finance, personnel, infrastructure, accommodation and cultural entertainment.

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