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NWPU signs a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the No. 20 Research Institute of CETG


It was reported that a grand signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between NPU and No. 20 Research Institute of CETG was held in the meeting room on the third floor of “Yong” building. Mr. Song Baowei, the Assistant President chaired this ceremony. Among the participants are Li Yue, Director of the research institute, Zhang Shanghai, the chief scientist of CETG, Assistant Director Zhang Tianqing, , Zhang Huiling and Ma Jianchao, the vice chief engineers. NPU President Chen Xiaozhu and school leaders at all levels attended the ceremony.

Having introduced the basic information of each side and recalled the history of cooperation, both sides hoped that there would be more communication and cooperation to push the co-construction and co-development in the future

At the ceremony, Mr. Zhou Deyun, the head of Electronic Information School made a detailed introduction on the research of the airborne electronic information system in the fields of avionics fire control, technology for command and control, telecom navigation, data link communication technologies, target identification technique, and against radar and information technology and etc. Liu Weiguo, the vice head of Electronic Information School and Du Chenglie from Computer School made a complementary introduction about this research development.


In order to further implement the relevant content of the agreement, the leaders and experts from both sides decided to arrange a deeper technical exchange among the technical personnel in recent days.

After the talks between both sides, Mr. Zhang Tianqing confirmed that in order to satisfy the national needs of science and technology advance, the theme of this agreement is to develop all-around cooperation in the aspects of discipline construction, scientific research, personnel training, technical innovation and achievements transformation to make greater contribution in the development of the aviation electronic science and technology in China.


Li Yue considered this agreement as the milestone in strengthening both sides’ future cooperation. He also pointed out that the principle of complementary advantages, equality and mutual benefit and common development would be the guarantee for long-term interest and cooperation on both sides.

President Chen Xiaozhu, gave her congratulations to this successful agreement. She said that both sides had the same dream and same wish of contributing to the national defense construction. Based on the good cooperation history and neighborship, she hoped that there would be more new ideas and patterns in institutional innovation and reform in that case all-around cooperation would be made and more contributions to the national informatization strategy would be achieved.


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