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College of Automation Engineering 自动化学院
List of Subjects
1 Electrical Engineering and Automation (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Detection (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Guidance and Control Technology (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Electrical Engineering and Automation in Civil Aviation (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Biomedical Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Navigation Guidance and Control (Master)   Apply
7 Control Theory and Engineering (Master)   Apply
8 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems (Master)   Apply
9 Power Electronics and Power Drive (Master)   Apply
10 Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus (Master)   Apply
11 Precision Instruments and Machinery (Master)   Apply
12 Control Theory and Control Engineering (Doctor)   Apply
13 Navigation (Doctor)   Apply
14 Guidance and Control (Doctor)   Apply
College of Automation Engineering is a multi-discipline teaching and research college which has a widespread and profound influence in the fields of automatic control, navigation and guidance, electrical engineering, measuring and testing. It has four departments and one institute: Department of Automatic Control; Department of Electrical Engineering; Department of Measuring and Testing Technology; Department of Biomedical Engineering and Institute of Navigational Control. On October 20, 2000, the establishment of the college was regarded as a new milestone with the staff’s arduous struggle and exploit.
At present, it is home to 3 mobile post-doctoral research stations, 3 authorized first-level doctoral programs with 11 second-level doctoral programs, 13 authorized master programs, and 4 bachelor’s programs. Among them, there is one ministerial key laboratory of aviation technology, 2 provincial key programs and 2 national defense key programs. The teaching power in the college is strong and solid forming a group of staff with reasonable structure, concerned effort and innovative spirit. In the recent years, it has made great achievements in the fields of teaching and scientific research. A considerable number of research fields have ranked in the first place in domestic academic world or reaches the international standards. It has won various awards in different ranks and become famous of its domestic kind.
In the past 50 years, it has cultivated more than 10,000 undergraduates and 1000 graduates. Most of them have become the academicians, academic leaders and even the famous professors and scholars at home and abroad. Moreover, there are also a great number of them working as the backbone in the enterprises and institutions who contribute a lot to the national economics and national defense.
The College actively participates in academic exchange and international cooperation. It has hosted lots of domestic and international conferences and invited a great quantity of international experts and professors to speech in the college. It has established a long-term relationship with many universities throughout the world. Since 1981, the College has sent a lot of teachers abroad to go further study and most of them have now become the backbone in teaching and scientific research.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4 years
Master’s students: 2-3 years
Doctoral students: 3 years
Application time
For Bachelor Degree Students in Aeronautical Engineering:
The Application dates are from March 15th to Sept. 10th.
For Bachelor Degree Students
The Application dates are from March 15th to August 30th.
For Master and Ph.D. Degree Students
The Application dates for the spring semester are from September 15th to December 31 of the year prior to enrollment, and for the fall semester, from March 1 to August 10 of the year of enrollment.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree
Under the age of 25, a high school graduate or with equivalent qualification, able to take courses in Chinese (passing the 4th level HSK), or to major in either Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering taught in English medium
For Master’s degree
Under the age of 40, a B.S. degree or equivalent qualification, able to take courses in English or in Chinese (reaching the 4th level HSK), two letters of recommendation from persons of at least associate professor status.
For Doctoral degree
Under the age of 45, a M.S. degree or equivalent qualification, able to take courses in English or in Chinese (reaching the 4th level HSK), two letters of recommendation from persons of at least associate professor status.
Tuition fees
Application fee
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree

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