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Application Requirements


1.Courses in Chinese language and culture and other non-degree programs:Those who have completed the schooling equivalent to Chinese senior high school may apply for the courses in Chinese language and culture,and other non-degree programs.

2.Advanced visiting scholars programs:Those who hold a Master's degree are eligible to continue their studies in a specific subject for one or two years under the guidance of an advisor at Northwest University.

3.Undergraduate programs:Applicants for admission to the programs of Chinese Literature ,Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy must pass HSK(Hanyu Shuping Kaoshi meaning Chinese Proficiency Test) Band 6 (Those who apply for other field of studies are required to pass HSK Band 3),and submit official transcripts of their senior high school scores and graduation certificates.In addition, they have to take an entrance examination related their areas of specialization.

4.Master's and doctoral programs:Applicants must pass HSK Band 7,and submit official transcripts of their study records and diplomas at undergraduate or graduate level,and letters of recommendation preferably from two professors. An entrance examination is required to test the level of the applicant's area of specialization.

Application Procedures

Applicants can request an Application From for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China from the College of International Cultural Exchanges at Northwest University,complete the from and return it to the College.The College will mail to the qualified applicants the Admission Notice and JW 202 From issued by the State Education Commission,with which they can apply for visas and acquire a Physical Examination From for Foreigners at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General in their countries.

 Those who wish to participate in short-term study programs,field work,study tours or programs for special purposes should contact the College of International Cultural Exchanges for more information.The program will not be put into operation until the applicants reach the minimum number of 10. 

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