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Our university increassed 3 post-doctoral scientific research flow stations


A few days ago, human resource social security department and national post-doctoral management committee jointly anounced 2012 year new, aditional and confirmed post-doctoral stations name list, there are 301 new stations, 219 additional and 229 confirmed flow stations set up in the whole nation. This time our university added Chemistry, Ecology, and World History stations, confirmed biology, Chinese history flow stations

Our university set up post-doctoral scientific research station of biology in 1991, enrolling and educating post-doctoral researchers, one of the units which earlier carry out the post-doctoral training. So far, the university has Biology, education, psychology, theory, economics, sports, the Chinese Language and Literature, Marxist theory, physics, Chinese history, philosophy, mathematics, geography, chemistry, ecology, history of the world, 15 post-doctoral research flow stations. In 21 years, our university has trained 346 postdoctoral fellows, 243 outside stations and 103 remained postdoctoral staff. Most post-doctors who leave the stations after completed training enter into colleges and research institution, and become teaching and research elites in every units. The additional post-doctoral scientific flow stations will effectively enhance our university Postdoctoral health development

Post-doctoral flow stations has become our university’s attracting, educating, selecting talents important base, reserved of the large number of young high-level personnel, optimized school teaching staff. The postdoctoral has become an important force in the university research team, and played a positive role in promoting school development.


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