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10 studnets from school of literature obtain HK Peng Ying Xian museum 200,000 grants


17th Oct. school of literature Peng Ying Xian museum grants opening ceremony was held in our university school of literature. Vice chairman of Peng Lai Xian museum Hong Shaolin, Peng ying xian museum director of education, Mr. LiBingLun, chairman Ms. Zhu Yuling, Mr. Ye Mantang, The Taoist Cultural Center, senior director, Mr. Chen Jingyang, vice preisent of school of literature Chen Shaohua, deputy director of students work department Zhou Xian, deputy secretary of school of literature Huang Chuwen attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by secretary of school of literature league committee Zhang Qi, 10 students who got the grants also attended the ceremony.


Hong Shaolin gave a speech on behalf of Peng Ying Xian museum, he explained that the museum did a lot of Charity work in HK recent years for the purpose of promoting the Taoism, and carrying forward the traditional culture, the special trip from Hong Kong to the Mainland this time was out of patriotism on one hand, and on the other hand is to promote Taoism sprit of benefiting the world, redeeming the people, to bring love to country and people. He hoped the students who got supported could study without worrying about, also spread their caring heart when walking into society, hoped to move on the cooperation with school of literature to help more students. 


Chen Wenhua on behalf of school of literature gave a speech. He first expressed his thanks and respect for the Peng Ying Xian museum’s donation. He said that the museum charity as if salutary influence, not only supports students of difficulty, but also resonates with teachers who stick to education front. He hoped the students who got the grants to turn dripping grace into power of self-improvement, work hard to learn, turn it into courage of overcoming difficulties, advancing despite difficulties, to reward the society’s care with excellent grades


Later, Huang Chuwen on bahalf of school of literature formaly made assignment with Hong Shaolin and Li Binglun from Peng Ying Xian museum, and accept the museum’s cheque. Peng Ying Xian museum gives financial supports of total 50,000 yuan to 10 2012 students every year,  that is 200,000 yuan in 4 years. Chen Shaohua on behalf of school of Literature a pennant as appreciation 

After the ceremony, representatives of Peng Ying Xian museum had a cordial conversation with students who got financial support, and had launch together.

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