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The American API overseas education service institute visited South China Normal University


On the afternoon of 28th November, representative of The American API overseas education service institute Miss Jannet van de Riet visited South China Normal University, college of international culture general Party Committee branch secretary Wu Jian, vice president Qin Honglei and overseas students section of foreign affairs department section chief Ou Yanhui attended the interview, two parties had friendly and effective communication about matter concerned that American students learning Chinese in SCNU and opening English instructed programs.

Wu Jian firstly welcomed miss Jannet’s coming and briefly introduced about general information about SCNU and college of international culture, especially the achievement made in international Chinese education promotion, in the meanwhile, he expressed his hope that further enlarge education market in America through cooperating with American API overseas education service institute, and his welcome that more American students come and study in SCNU. Miss Jannet firstly indicated that she visited SCNU with a hope that increasing understanding of each other, exploring or creating cooperative international programs that American student are interested in and developing various academic exchange. Through frank and constructive discussion, two parties reached primary agreement that American students take long-term or short-term language programs in SCNU and carry out summer camp, and discussed about possibility of setting up English instructed programs, because American students prefer joining in programs set up for Chinese students to taking course set up for them alone, the hoped to learn and study Chinese culture in a deliberateness way.

American API overseas education service institute’s headquarter lies in Austin city, Texas state, America, which sets up offices in 72 cities of 34 nations in the world, it serves students to have internship or study or pay visit to places all over the world.

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