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Welcome to Tianjin Foreign Studies University(天津外国语大学)

TFSU is an institution of higher learning, with the discipline of Foreign Language & Literature taking the lead and Humanities, Economics, Administration & Management, Law, Education, Art, and Engineering balancing the overall disciplinary structure. The university now has two campuses occupying a total area of 69.34 hectares: the Machang Road campus is included in the Ten Sites of Tianjin and features quintessential classical European-style buildings and the Binhai Campus is located in the picturesque university garden of Dagang District, Tianjin Binhai New Area(TBNA). Currently, TFSU has an enrollment of over 10,000 full-time degree candidates (over 1,000 graduate students included) who come from 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. International Students from 48 countries are currently studying in various departments of TFSU. Of the teaching staff, 50% have had the experience of either studying or working overseas (the number reaches 90% in some programs). Every year, some 100 international experts and foreign teachers are invited to work in the ..View more

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Welcome to study at Tianjin Foreign Studies University(天津外国语大学)