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Welcome to ational Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts(中国戏曲学院)

The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts was established in 1955. It changed into the present name and recruited the first undergraduates in 1978. Until the end of 2007, there were 2486 students in this university, among which 2037 were undergraduates. 400 teachers and professors are in register, and 228 of them devote into the undergraduate education.   At present, there are 10 educational departments, 3 master’s degree points, 10 bachelor’s majors and 23 diversified majors. The major of Theater and Opera has been pointed as a key discipline area of Beijing.   The university has been working on the cultivation of senior theatre talents, and continued to optimize the structure of education. In order to adjust the social needs, the university has added several majors, such as Art Design, Recording, Animation and Musicology. In 2006, the master’s degree points on Art and Musicology were established. After 30 years’ construction, a comprehensive educational system has come into been.   The university spares no effort to improve the structure of the teaching ..View more

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Welcome to study at ational Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts(中国戏曲学院)