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Tianjin University of Technology overseas Confucius Classroom open successfully


A few days ago, the Poland Warsaw” Vistula University Confucius Classroom” undertaken by Tianjin University of Technoloy successfully opened classes. The classroom was launched on May, 2012, it is globle first Confucius classroom charactirized by martial art promotion.


Vistula University Confucius Classroom put martial art into Vistula University syllabus as PE elective course, and become part of the student credits. So far the eletive course has 50 students. Outstanding graduates of the 2010 session of Tianjin University of Technology School of Management, Main Athletes of Tianjin University of Technology martial art team, Champion of the 8th College Students Game He Xijing, were appointed to be coaches of Confucius Classroom martial art course.


The open of martial art motivated local students interests in Chinese langauge learning. Since two weeks when the new term started, actual number of Chinese language students reached 50, Chinese language was also in the Vistula University Department of English language studies elective list, and was become part of the student credits, that means that the infulence of Tianjin University overseas Confucius classroom enlarged







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