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RICS study center of Tianjin University of Technology School of Management was founded



On 24th October, the establishment ceremony of RICS study center of Tianjin University of Technology School of Management was held in lecture hall in No.10 teaching building. CEO of RICS in north Asia Mr. Jason Ho, Manager of RICS in China Li Gang, secretary gerneral of Construction Cost Management Society of China Wu Zuomin and Principal of Tajin University of Technology Ma Jianbiao atteded the ceremony. 

On the establishment ceremony, principal Ma Jianbiao and CEO of RICS in north Asia area inaugurated study center and gave a speech, president Yin Yilin signed cotract with Mr. Jason Ho on the spot.


RICS  study center of Tianjin University of Technology School of Management was the fourth study center which was founded by RICS  and Chinese universities. The center is a combination of academic exchange and education, it was set up sooner after Tsinghua University Tongji Univrsity and Chongqing University did, is playing an improtance role in improving education level, enlarging number of RICS members, improving the inddustiral professional level, developing academic feather and industral potential. The establishment of RICS is aimed at developing high-end profession training and substantial profession education in real estate, building and construction, project management and so on these fileds, providing substantial education and profession exchange opptunity for RICS members and guidance for whom want to join ini RICS, promoting RICS member’s development and building platforms fro Tianjin University of Technology teaching and education. 


Through this cooperation, Tianjin University will continue inheriting the shool motto “Valuing Moral and Capacity, Seeking Reality and Inovation”, in close connection with the demand of regional economy and social development to carry on the practical spirit that shouldering profession development and industry extending its own, and make contrbutions to full use of Tianjin University of Technology’s excellent school running conditions and education resources, improvement of university reputation, and training of professional talents that society needs.



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