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Welcome to Wuhan University of Science and Technology(武汉科技大学)

Wuhan University of Science & Technology, key university with central and provincial administrative condominium, lies in Wuhan City, known as the national thoroughfare. It can be traced from Craftwork School launched in 1898(in the end of Qing Dynasty) by Zhang Zhidong, Governor General of Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi. It was renamed in 1958 as Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel, and in 1995, Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel, Wuhan Junior College of Construction and Wuhan Junior Medical College of Metallurgical Industry, were incorporated into Wuhan University of Metallurgic Science and Technology. The present name came into being in 1999.   Our university covers an area of 1,803,900 square meters (2705.81 mu). The total building area of our university is 1,039,400 square meters. The total number of various all-day students is 24764. We have fine school-running conditions here. We have a large group of teachers who are highly qualified and well-structured, with high academic standard and noble morality. Among them are 1510 professional teachers. Of all the teachers, 78.96% hold either..View more

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Welcome to study at Wuhan University of Science and Technology(武汉科技大学)