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Welcome to Xi`an University of Technology(西安理工大学)

Xi'an University of Technology (XUT) is run by the central and local government. It is a comprehensive public university featuring science and technology. It was known as Shaanxi Institute of Mechanical Engineering before 1994, which was established by combining Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Shaanxi Polytechnic University in 1972.   Today, XUT commits itself to three obligations to society: to cultivate intellectuals, to research and to serve society. Xi'an University of Technology consistently emphasizes closely combining its development with the national economy development and social needs, and manages its teaching goals: standard management and high education quality are its strong features. With a broad overview of today and the future, our university has cultivated thousands of intellectuals with solid theoretical knowledge, excellent practical skills and great enterprise who are playing active roles in their fields both at home and abroad.   Xi'an University of Technology is comprised of 3 campuses: Jinhua, Qujiang and Lianhu Campus, with the total area of 100 ha..View more

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Welcome to study at Xi`an University of Technology(西安理工大学)