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Welcome to Yuxi Normal University(玉溪师范学院)

    Yuxi is a quiet city located in China's beautiful Yunnan province. Yunnan is home to 2/3rds of China's minority peoples and some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere on earth!
One hour south of the provincial capital of Kunming, Yuxi sits in the heart of Yunnan and as a result, our students have the luxury of exploring and experiencing a part of China most foreigners will never see.
    Although Yuxi is much smaller than its neighbor, Kunming, it is still close enough to share the conveniences of a mega city without the typical annoyances that typically accompany such a large city. Within Yuxi's quiet city limits, you can still find such conveniences as McDonalds, KFC and even a Wal-Mart!In fact, Yuxi is the first city its size in all of China to host a Wal-Mart.
    Yuxi is truly an exceptional city. You will be challenged to find another place like it anywhere in China. An absolutely beautiful city, nestled in the heart of China's most geographically and ethnically diverse province. In Yuxi, you have the bes..View more

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Welcome to study at Yuxi Normal University(玉溪师范学院)