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Zhengzhou University confucius institute scholarship students go to beijing for culture study.


Zhengzhou University school of international education organized 20 confucius institute scholarship students from Thailand, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan to go to Beijing to carry out culture study activities. The scholarship students visited Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Tiananmen Square, the National Palace Museum, Wangfujing Street, the Badaling Great Wall and the Olympic Sports Center, the Bird's Nest. In the National Palace Museum, the students carefully listened tour guide’s explain, they were both surprised on exquisite artifacts and amazed at wisedom of ancient chinese people. As the saying goes, "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man". On the greatwall, the students were moved by the difficulty that ancient chinese people have in building such a huge engineering while heading to the top. Confucius institute scholarship students also went to China Hanban, headquater of confucius insitute, watched display areas of character, opera, paper-cut, music in Chinese culture experience center, the physical display with multi-media technic and sound, light effect attracts every student’s great interest.   

It is reported that there are 387 coufucius institute have been set up in 108 countries and areas in the world, each one takes their advantages and formed teaching methods of their own characteristic, becoming important places for people of all countries to learch Chinese and understand Chinese culture.  

The confucius institute scholarship students who attended the study tour indicated that the Beijing culture tour opens their eyes, deepens their understanding of Chinese history and culture, also it strengthens their sense of pride to be confucius institute scholarship students, and motivates their desire and passion to study Chinese language well. 

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