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Russia higher education delegation visited Zhengzhou University


24th, October, a 21-people’s delegation consisted of Russia Ural National University, Moscow National Open University, Russia National Geological Exploration University, Moscow National Radio Technology, Electronic and Automatic Universtiy, North Federal University, Ural National University of Economics, Pacific National University, Kazan Federal University and Russia educational research department multi-media center visited Zhengzhou University under the leading of Russia and China culture education development fundation excutive president Cui Shan. Vice president Chang Junbiao met with the delegation at new campus, responsibal person of International Exchange and Cooperation office, Department of Music, School of Fine Arts, Department of Bio-engineering, School of Physical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Machanical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Energy, School of Basic Medicine attended the interview. 


During the talks, vice president Chang Junbiao warmly welcomed Russia higher education delegation’s visit on behalf of Zhengzhou University, and introduced the university’s history, student education, teaching staff, discipline construction, international communication. He said, Zhengzhou University attached great importance to culture education exchange and cooperation with Russia universities, and made great achievement in student and teacher exchange, joint education, scientific research coopeartion and so on. That Russia higher education delegation came to Zhengzhou University for visit and exchange is simbolic that exchange and cooperation between Russia Universities and Zhengzhou University is deepening, hoped both two parties to extend cooperative fileds and improve cooperative level in the current basis.

Miss Cui Shan appreciated our warm reception, she said that 8 Russia universities were arranged to visit Zhengzhou University this time, hoped to promote deeper exchange and cooperation between China and Russia universiteis. Later, North Federal University of Russia, Kazan Federal University and other Russia Universities representatives introduced each university, hoped to establish friendly exchange relationship with Zhengzhou University and develop multifaceted academic cooperation.

After the talks, vice president Chang Junbiao repectively signed letter of intent with North Federal University of Russia vice president, Moscow National Open University vice president, Ural National University of Economics vice president, South Ural National University president representative. Later, responsable person of both parties’ relevant disciplines had communication successively.

During the visit, the delegation looked around Zhengzhou University new campus and watched sand table model

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