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Students in Zhengzhou University won province section first prize in “State funding to help me to grow” theme composition activities


The theme composition activities “State funding to help me to grow” held by national students fund administration center fell recently. Zhengzhou University has recived 212 pieces of composition till the end of August. Through judges’ fair, open, justice judging, decided 2 firsit prize, 10 second prize and 20 third prize. “Never forget where one’s happiness comes from” by Wu Han and “Left hand Dream, right hand gratitude” on behalf of Zhengzhou University took part in the competion of Henan division,  outstood in 127 composition from 66 universites and got the first prize.       

Since June when the them coposition “State funding to help me to grow” activity was carried out, Zhengzhou University advertises, according to spirit of “ Notice on developing “State funding to help me to grow” them composition”, state’s student financial assistance policy in the university’s entire 30 schools, fully showed huge achievement in family economy difficulty students’ financial assistance work, strengthen education of student’s appreciation and ambition. Through ways of campus network, pricture exhibition board, departments and school orgnizations to advertise spirit of appreciation and ambition to students. all students of Zhengzhou University took active part in composition activity. It moves forward to incease the understanding to state’s financial asissstance, links coposition slection with students’ thought, promotes family economy difficulty student ideological and moral education, motivates their growth of talents. 

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