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Our school hold authority worker 2012 funny sports meeting


Party Membership Committee, Labour Union held “ 2012 year Zhengzhou University Authority Worker Funny Sports Meeting” at university playgroud on 25th October, 21 teams from 32 Party branches that Party Membership Committee belongs to took part in the games. Over 500 audiences were watching the games and cheering for the players. The sporting meeting set up” Time train”, “Double back to clamp the ball forward”, “Running around the pole While Single-rope jumping”, “Shipping public grain and cross the cave”, “Passing the Moon on bottom of sea 6 competition events, 30 students of Department of Sports worked as game judges.  

On the sports meeting, all the team worked together, struggled. In the meanwhile, enjoyed the fun of the game, experienced magic of the game, showed all departments team spirit of working together. The palyground became sea of cheering and yelling.

Authority secretary of the party committee Dong Bianjv said, holding funny sports meeting is to further make authority worker culture and sports life active, strengthen their cohesion and centripetal force, and build healthy, lively, effective and harmony working atmosphere. The competition program design should: reflect both universality of workers participation and funny of the activity, and attach more importance to activity’s security and operability; not only reserve the events of the last two sports meetings, but also add new programs so as to make the meeting more novel.

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