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Welcome to Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade(福州外语外贸学院)

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Located at Changle City, a gateway to Fuzhou, a historical city and a seaside culture center, Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade was established and funded by Fuzhou Yingte Investment Group Co., Ltd. and its Chairman Mr. Wu Qinming in 2004. It was upgraded to a full-time public undergraduate institution of higher learning upon the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2011 and granted undergraduate degree program in 2015. It became one of the pilot schools transforming as a whole to application-oriented universities in 2016. It is also an initiator and Vice Chairman of Non-profit Private University Alliance.

The University adheres to the educational philosophy, “Benevolence in Mind, Expression and Action” and the school motto, “Be Thoroughly Acquainted with Chinese and Foreign Civilization and Put What have been Digested into Practice” and cultivates fine school spirit, “Uphold Morality, Study Diligently, Seek Truth, Make Innov..View more

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International Economics and Trade Bachelor's Degree RMB16000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Fuzhou University of International Studies an..(福州外语外贸学院)