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Neusoft Institute, Guangdong (Neusoft Institute) is a full-time college founded in 2002 with the approval of the Guangdong provincial government and registration with the Ministry of Education. Neusoft Institute is one of the first institutes to be designated as a Guangdong provincial model software institute and a national training base for much-needed professionals. In 2014, Neusoft Institute is approved by the Ministry of Education to offer undergraduate programs. Neusoft Institute, co-founded by Neusoft Corporation and Yida Group, is a full-time undergraduate college which focuses on engineering courses and is supported by management and humanities courses. Neusoft Institute consists of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, the Department of Information Technology and Business Management, the Department of Digital Arts, the Department of English, the Department of Japanese and the Department of International Cooperation, offering 15 undergraduate programs and over 20 Pan-IT diploma programs. Currently we have more than 7000 full-time students.

Located in the center of the Foshan High Tech Industry Development Zone, Neusoft Institute enjoys a beautiful landscape with hills and lakes. The institute is easy to reach, with a 30-minute drive to Guangzhou, the city center of Foshan or the New Baiyun Airport. The institute campus covers an area of more than 42 hectares, and the total construction area is more than 220 thousand square meters. More than 200 multimedia classrooms are equipped with air conditioners. There are a standard Indoor gymnasium, soccer courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, table tennis rooms, basketball courts and a track and field sports field of 400 meters standard track. The newly-built library has a total construction area of 20 thousand square meters. It houses about 500 thousand volumes of printed books and 310 thousand volumes of e-books. The institute has 25 well-equipped labs to meet teaching needs and a digital teaching-support center. The institute is immersed in a rich IT atmosphere with easy access to the internet all over the campus and widely employment of teaching administration applications and modern teaching methods.

Under the background of national innovation and entrepreneurship strategy, to meet the needs of innovative personnel in the era of Industry 4.0, Neusoft Institute has featured in the integration of industry and education by being grounded on the Pearl-River-Delta as well as southern China. The Institute has collaborated with many famous corporations such as Accenture, KPMG, IBM, HP, Citicorp Software, HSBC and Neusoft Corporation, applying ‘new theories, new technology, new facilities, new products and new applications’ from the industries to continually renew classroom teaching. 50% of the labs and training bases collaborate with business and industry, and more than 50% of the full-time teachers have professional experiences. At the same time, the Institute has carried out various international cooperation programs with more than 20 universities worldwide including VIT University and University of Canberra. In the process of rapid development, the Institute has constructed a CDIO integrated training mode with focus on the collaboration with business and industry, the innovation and entrepreneurship, and the internationalization. Neusoft Institute has gain wide recognitions from the society.

In the coming days, Neusoft Institute will adhere to the education philosophy that ‘Education creates students’ value’, to nurture students with solid knowledge, cutting-edge IT technology, and innovative as well as entrepreneurial spirits. Neusoft Institute will keep moving towards the goal of being a distinctive, high-caliber and entrepreneurial applied technology institute.

Welcome to study at Neusoft Institute Guangdong(广东东软学院)