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Comprehensive Cudgel Class in China

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Introduction This comprehensive class of cudgel helps foreign wushu lovers to master the skills of practicing different types of cudgel in China such as Shaolin staff, lance, short staff, etc.

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Compared to the elementary class for Chinese cudgel play, you will get a general view of the major types of cudgel such as long cudgels, two-section cudgel and three-section cudgel in China, and then learn the techniques in cudgel play.
Teaching Objects
This comprehensive class for cudgel in China is most popular for those foreign wushu lovers over 16 years old that are interested in Chinese martial arts weapons and its techniques.
Class Content
1. General view of main types of cudgel play of Chinese martial arts.
2. Practice of basic skills in cudgel play including chopping, swinging, jabbing, hanging, jumping, leaping, smashing, pointing, blocking, sheltering, holding, piercing, floating, carrying, poking, and lifting.
3. System study of main routines in cudgel play such as Qimei, Shaolin, Panlong (coiled dragon), Jiuzhou (nine-continent), Liuhe (six-combination), Tianqi, etc.
Class Size
Classes will be given in small group with 3-8 people in one group.
Course Time and Length
Class time: Course is available from Monday to Friday or weekend. Each course will last for 2 hours. You can choose to join morning class or afternoon class.
Morning class: 9:00.a.m—11:00.a.m
Afternoon class: 19:00.p.m —21:00.p.m
Class length: 10 classes for about 20 hours (half a month)
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is 500 RMB per student. The accommodation and food would be charged additionally if foreign learners choose to live in the school.