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Cudgel Class for Beginners in China

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Introduction For foreign Wushu lovers without basic skills, this cudgel class will bring them to be familiar with various types of sticks as well as the practical skills og cudgel play.

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This cudgel class for beginners mainly focuses on the basic skills of playing cudgel, accompanying with the study of theoretical knowledge of it, which include the categories of Chinese cudgel and the main gestures in it.
Teaching Objects
This elementary class of cudgel is designed for foreign wushu lovers over 16 years old to master the basic techniques in the whole set of elementary cudgel.
Class Content
The key part of this cudgel class lies at the 32 form in it. And the detailed teaching content includes:
1. Theoretical knowledge of Chinese cudgel such as its categories.
2. Basic techniques in cudgel including hand forms, foot forms, foot position, balance, etc.
3. 32 types of techniques in playing the cudgel, which contains downward strike, cudgel upper cut, cudgel push, cudgel hold-on, etc.
Class Size
Classes will be given in small group with 3-8 people in one group.
Course Time and Length
Class time: Course is available from Monday to Friday or weekend. Each course will last for 2 hours. You can choose to join morning class or afternoon class.
Morning class: 9:00.a.m—11:00.a.m
Afternoon class: 19:00.p.m —21:00.p.m
Class length: 16 classes for about 32 hours (one month)
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is 600 RMB per student. The accommodation and food would be charged additionally if foreign learners choose to live in the school.