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Website Localization Service in Guangzhou

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction In Guangzhou, we offer perfect website localization service of reasonable price for you to enter the market in Guangzhou with additional maintenance service.

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A perfect website would make more people know you company and thus improve your brand effect. In Guangzhou, In Guangzhou, we are a professional localization team that specializes in website localization and maintenance of advanced multi-language web sites, including interactive e-commerce sites.
Website type
We are able to offer localization service for various types of website, which include:
1. Company promotion website
2. Product promotion website
3. E-commerce website, etc.
Based on our deep understand of Chinese culture and the reading preference of Chinese people, we are able to offer your company perfect service related with website localization under the effort of our experienced engineers who are familiar with HTMX, XML, SGML, etc.
The content of the localization service includes:
- Distinguishing content from source codes
- Translating original language into target language
- Formatting HTML, SGML and XML
- Eliminating cultural disparity and localizing graphs
- Localizing the materials with the aid of CGI, JavaScript, Java and VB Script
- Use of UNIX, LINUX and NT-based servers, etc
Price (RMB)
Written translation for the website
Based on the regular price for translation
Page development
200 RMB for per page
Graphic design
For simple graphic design, the service is free. Fees would be charged according to the complexity
System design and maintenance