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Shenzhen Exhibition Furniture Rental Service

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction This exhibition furniture rental service will offer you all the proper furniture for your exhibition objects for a successful exhibition in Shenzhen.

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For foreign clients who are going to attend international exhibitions in Shenzhen, we are able to provide high quality furniture rental service for them to perfume well in the exhibitions.
Main Industry
We are able to offer various types of exhibition furniture referring to the industries of machine and machining, automobile and transportation, computer and software, chemistry and energy, communication and electronic, electrical appliances and articles for daily use, etc.
Furniture & Fittings Type
The main exhibition furniture for rental covers several categories, which include:
1. Tables and chairs
2. Show cupboards
3. Documents shelves
4. Cold light lamps, splints, VCD, TV
5. Houseplants, clothes-hangers, etc.
And all these furniture are available in different size and shape, which can fulfill Clients’ diversified needs, while they can also choose furniture that made up of different materials including glass, wooden and so on.
The leasing expenses for the exhibition furniture will be charged by the detailed furniture. Clients will also need to pay additional fee if they need transportation service.