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Alteration Service of Legal Person in Shanghai

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction This alteration service will meet the needs of foreign enterprises that want to change their legal person in an efficient way in Shanghai.

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Our highly skilled consultants will help foreign clients to go through the whole process of alternating current legal person. Based on their deep understanding of Shanghai’s situation, they will offer you great convenience.
Service Object
We provide alteration service for foreign-owned companies or representative offices in main districts of Shanghai.
Service Content
Our professional consultants will help foreign enterprises go through the whole process.
1. Filling the application form for alteration of legal person
2. Preparation for the application materials
3. Sending the materials to the local Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce for check
Note: The results would be out in half a month.
Clients will need to pay for some regular fee such as alteration registration and charge for trouble, which is about 400 RMB in total.