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Agency Service for Annual Check of Foreign Enterprises in Shanghai

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction For foreign companies in Shanghai that need annual check service, we offer professional advices on materials preparation and the go through the whole procedure for annual check in China.

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With years’ experience in providing annual check service for foreign enterprises in China, we are able to offer guidance in annual check service for various types of enterprises.
Service Object
We are able to help wholly foreign-owned companies, Sino-joint venture, or foreign representative offices to go through the annual check services in Shanghai.
Materials Required for Annual Check
According to the regulated procedure for annual check, our staff will help clients to fill in the application form of annual check and prepare for the materials, which include:
1) A piece of associated report of annual check;
2) A copy of the company’s business license
3) Annual audit report checked by certain accounting firm;
4) Certification for certain business scope with the company’s seal.
Our staff will send the materials for clients to the relevant organization in Shanghai and later clients will get the business licenses with note for having been passed the check.
Service fee is charged by piece, and the general fee is about 350 RMB per piece.