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Two-bedroom Apartments near Universities in Wuhan

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction If you are foreign students or teachers in China, this two-bedroom apartment will bring you great convenience for its location near school.

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For foreign students or teachers who will begin their lives in Wuhan, these two-bedroom apartments will bring them much convenience for their location near schools in Wuhan.
Various apartments are available near main universities of Wuhan including:
Wuhan University
Hubei University of Technology
Zhongnan University of Economics & Law
Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Hubei University
Wuhan University of Technology, etc
60--100 square meters
1. Well-equipped furniture and living facilities such as gas, cable TV, washing machine, air-conditioner, refrigerator, shower, etc.
2. Perfect supporting facilities such as elevator, security service, etc. There are also supermarkets, banks and restaurants nearby.
1,500 RMB per month
1. When renting an apartment, you need to pay the rent for 3 months in advance and deposit for one month.
2. Some additional fee such as water & electricity fees, Internet fee will be not included in the rent.