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Villa for Rent in Guangzhou

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction Guangzhou villa rental service offers exquisite and well-equipped villas for foreign individuals or families who want to enjoy their time in Guangzhou.

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For foreign individuals or families that want to spend in Guangzhou for a period, we provide exquisite and well-equipped villas in the main areas of Guangzhou and help them to have a wonderful experience in Guangzhou.
Villas are available in the main districts of Guangzhou such as Yuexiu district, Tianhe district, Haizhu district, Panyu district, Baiyun district, etc.
Different villas are available for choice including villas of three-bedroom, four-bedroom, five-bedroom and even six-bedroom.
Living Facilities
Main living facilities include color TV, washing machine, air conditioner, water heaters and well-designed furniture. Villas with various degree of fitment (including common fitment, intermediate and luxurious) are also available.
Supporting Facilities
The villas are also well-equipped with all-round supporting facilities such as internet, cable television, elevator, carport, basement, and garden.
10,000 RMB to 90,000 RMB per month
Note: When renting a villa, you need to pay the rent for 3 months in advance and deposit for one month.