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Welcome to Yunnan Agricultural University(云南农业大学)

Yunnan Agricultural University (YAU) is located in the spring city- Kunming. Its predecessor was the Agricultural Institute of National Yunnan University. In 1971, it merged with Yunnan Agricultural Labor University and established the Yunnan Agricultural University. In 1993, it was classified as provincial key universities of Yunnan. In 2003, it was authorized to confer doctor’s degrees. And in 2007, it established the center for post-doctoral studies.   Currently, YAU has 12,041 full time undergraduates and junior college students, 1,371 master degree candidates, 93 doctoral degree candidates, 81 overseas students and 7,931 adult education students. The campus covers an area of 2,156 mu. In recent years, the infrastructure construction of this university has been developing rapidly and the school building area was doubled to 454,000 square meters. The total value of the teaching and scientific equipments is over 520,000,000 yuan. Now, the university has 17 colleges covering the disciplines of crop production, livestock breeding, water conservancy and hydropower, agricultural engineering,..View more

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Welcome to study at Yunnan Agricultural University(云南农业大学)