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Welcome to Anhui Normal University(安徽师范大学)

Founded in 1928, Anhui Normal University is not only an institution of higher learning but also one of the earliest universities in the Anhui province. The university has 16 colleges, 7 doctorate programs, 71 post graduated programs and 55 undergraduate programs. So far, there are 35,000 students from different countries in the world, more than 2200 workers and staff members, among them, 550 are full and associate professors.


At the moment, the university has three campuses. It has an area of more than 3,300 unit (about 230 hectares), construction area of about 7.2million square meters. The library has about 2.47 million of books, 1.9 ancient books more than 600 of them are reliable ancient books. It also has domestic and international natural resources and data bank.


The university pays great attention to both domestic and international academic exchanges. It has cooperative relations with America, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Vietnam, Korea, Canada, etc. It also has friendly relations with Institutions of higher education and organizations in Hong Kong, ..View more

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Program Degree Tuition Details
Chinese Language Program Non-degree RMB700/W Details
Chinese Philology Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Art Teaching and Practice Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Comparative Literature and World Literature Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Bachelor's Degree RMB12000/Y Details
Chinese Classical Documents Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Chinese Language and Literature Bachelor's Degree RMB12000/Y Details
Classical Chinese Literature Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Classical Chinese Literature Doctoral Degree RMB32300/Y Details
Curriculum and Teaching Methodology Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Curriculum and Teaching Methodology Doctoral Degree RMB32300/Y Details
Aesthetics Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Anhui Normal University(安徽师范大学)