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College of Life Science and Technology生命科学与技术学院
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3 Pharmaceutical Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
Life science is regard as the hot area having abundance of opportunities and competitions in the 21st century. The College of Life Science and Technology (CLST) was found on 25 Dec. 2003. It is a remarkable progress that Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) has made in its way of becoming a comprehensive university.
CLST offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programs. At the same time, research centre bases of biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and bioprocess engineering have been form in the college. In the recent 3 years, the college teachers received financial supports from more than 40 scientific and research items of national, provincial and department level, and from international cooperation. And some remarkable awards have been conferred, including 1 item of second-grade prize of National Techniques Invention, 3 items of first-grade prize and 3 items of second-grade prize of national, provincial and department level.
Integrated training model of undergraduate students is another distinctive characteristic of CLST. “3+1” model has been practiced for 8 years, and is approved by domestic high schools. Furthermore, another training model of “Bachelor-Master-Doctor Degree in One Step” is carried out first in BUCT. More than 40 percent students of CLST pass the postgraduate test.
It has been only 10 months since CLST was found. However, I believe, it will become a vital and influenced college by the great effort of all the staffs and students, for our doctrine is “not the biggest, but the best; not comprehensive, but outstanding”.

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