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School of Economics and Business Administration经济与工商管理学院
List of Subjects
1 Economics (Bachelor)   Apply
2 International Economics and Tradition (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Business Administration (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Education Economics and Management (Master)   Apply
5 Business Management (Master)   Apply
6 International Trade (Master)   Apply
7 Education Economics and Management (Doctor)   Apply
School of Economics & Business Administration Beijing Normal University (SEBA) was established in 1979, whose predecessor was the Department of Political Economy. After more than 20 years’ development, SEBA is gradually becoming the school that has comprehensive branches of learning, excellent teachers, and very high standard of teaching and scientific research, providing the nation with large amount of high-quality people. The goal of SEBA had long been to build the best college, the best subject, the best major, and cultivate the best people.
Currently, SEBA has completed a cultivation system from bachelor, master and doctor. It has 6 undergraduate programs, 12 Master’s programs, MBA, 5 Doctoral programs and 1 Postdoctoral center, and one of them is national key discipline, and two are Beijing’s key disciplines. School has also 15 Institutes.

More than 1300 full-time students are enrolled in the school, including about 800 undergraduate students, 400 graduate students, about 100 foreign students. There are about 1800 continuing studied students.

SEBA has accumulated abundant teaching resources by more than 20 years’ development, and has formed an energetic teaching group with reasonable configuration, high quality and strong ability of research. Presently, there are 61 full-time teachers, including 22 professors, 25 associate professors, and 14 lecturers. 84 percent of the faculty have got a Doctor Degree or are working on it. In addition, there are more than 20 external professors.
SEBA emphasizes international academic exchange and cooperation with other universities all over the world, such as America, UN, German, Australia, Japan. Each year, the school sends faculty members to various countries and universities as guest lecturers, visiting scholars, international conference attendants, as well as master’s degree or doctorate degree pursuer. Professors abroad are invited as well to give lectures to bother faculty and student.

Abundant teaching resources, integrated education system, modern teaching establishments and internationalized qualification have made SEBA become one of the best schools of Economics and Business Administration in China. SEBA is always trying to do the best to get further improvement and development.
Length of Study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Master graduate program: 3 years
Doctoral program: 3 years
Application time
Undergraduate students: Application materials are expected to arrive at the Office of International Scholars and Students' Affairs by June 19th 2009.
Master graduate and Ph.D students: Application materials are expected to arrive at the Office of International Scholars and Students’ Affairs by June 15th for the fall semester and by Dec 15th for the spring semester.
Entry requirements
Undergraduate students: Between 18 and 40 years of age; high school diploma or higher academic degree certificate; average grade of B or higher; HSK lever Six or above
Master graduate students: Applicants for the Master’s Degree program should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. 
Doctoral students: Applicants for the PhD program should have at least a Master’s Degree or equivalent. 
Tuition fee (RMB/person)
Application Fee
(per Academic Year)
Undergraduate Students
Master graduate Students
Doctoral Students

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