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Bohai University Confucius Institute at University of Burundi held Mid-Autumn Festival party, the guests had a full-moon Mid-Autumn night together


On the evening of 30th , Sept. Confucius Institute at University of Burundi held Mid-Autumn Festival Party, ministry of Burundi higher education minister, baisc education minister and its advisor, leaders and teachers of University of Burundi, Burundi and China Friendship Association and famous Local people, all onfucius Institute students, local people of Burundi, ambassador Yu Xvzhong of China Embassy in Burundi and other members, representatives of Chinese institutions in Burundi ove 350 people attended the party. The activity introduced traditional Chinese culture to students and teachers of University of Burundi and all the guests through Mid-Autumn Festival party, it also increased impact of Confucius Institute

President of Confucius Institute in Burundi Prof. Joseph announced start of the party in the cheerful music, presidents of Universiyt of Burundi gave a welcome speech, ambassador Yu Xvzhong of China Embassy in Burundi spoke on behalf of Chinese, Bohai University Confucius Institute president Zhang Junxiu made an illustrated and vivid introducation about The origin of the Mid-Autumn festival, the Mid-Autumn festival beautiful legends and the Mid-Autumn festival.

Students from confuius institute perfomed wonderful programs in happy atmosphere. The song and dance prelude to water melody-when will the moon come out, poetry reading Chang E,  Yi Jian Mei Classic song Moonlight In the Town, The Moon Tells My Heart and Burundian song that Volunteer teachers and students sung together won waves of warm applauses. A Chinese guests and Confucius Institute students interative game You describe and I guess was arranged in the show, their wonderful performance made the party more enthusiastic. At last, the traditional dance brought in by delegation Burundian folk art put the show in a high tide. At the end of the party, all the students, teachers and guests took part in Mid-Autumn celebration.

China Embassy in Burundi ambassador Yu Xvzhong gave a speech.

President University of Burundi adressed


President of Confucius Institute Zhang Junxiu introduced Mid-Autumn custom.


Students of Confucius Institute sung When Will the Moon Come Out


Beatiful Tibet dancing


Hot traditional Burundi dance


Chinese guests and students of Confucius were palying the game you describe and I guess


The guests and actor were dancing together.


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