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Welcome to Central Conservatory of Music(中央音乐学院)

Founded in 1950, the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) is located at the former Prince Chun's Residence of Qing Dynasty and merged together with the National Conservatory of Music, the Peking National School of Fine Arts and other 6 departments of music in Universities from 1920s to 1940s in China. The university is among the list of the universities of "211 project", the only institution in Academies of Fine Arts in China, and only key institution of higher learning supervised directly under the Ministry of Education of the State Council among all academies of arts in China.   As an institution of single discipline for training high level musical specialists in higher learning, the Central Conservatory of Music has evolved a complete system of pedagogy embracing courses of all levels starting from elementary classes up to postgraduate programs for master and doctoral degrees. The Conservatory has departments of composition, conducting, musicology, music education, voice and opera, piano, orchestral instruments, and traditional Chinese instruments, academic study, offering unde..View more

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Welcome to study at Central Conservatory of Music(中央音乐学院)